Top 4 Free React Templates That Are Worth More Than 100 Dollars! – Detail Review

Free react templates are life savers, especially when you don’t have enough budget to buy premium templates. You can utilize these react templates to create your websites, dashboards, apps and much more. Everyone loves to have some free stuff and same goes for dashboard templates.

React dashboard templates can give you better insights over your business analytics on a single dashboard. This helps business owners make the right decisions because they can track and monitor performance in real-time. Nowadays most people prefer using react templates over others due to the performance.

Why create everything from scratch that takes much more time, effort and costs a lot? So, don’t bother wasting your time or other resources and give your next project a kickstart with the best react templates. Here we’ve gathered a list of top 4 free react templates that are worth more than $100. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

Flexy React Material Admin Lite Template

The first on our list is a carefully crafted admin template with minimalist design. Flexy react admin lite template has more than 100 font icons and ready to use widgets. You will also get 6 months free updates with this template and different chart options as well.

Its free version comes with seven different page templates and has already integrated plugins. This offers a free basic dashboard for all the insights of your business and has more than 10 UI components. Don’t worry about creating your next project from scratch because this template has everything you need.

So, download react templates now to get started and you can upgrade to the premium version anytime you want to use much more amazing features of this template.

Flexy React Material Admin Lite Demo

Flexy React Material Admin Lite Download

Monster React Admin Lite Template

Now we have a monster react admin lite template that can be used to create a very attractive admin dashboard. Its free version comes with ready to use widgets, and different chart options. Monster react template has a SaaS Base CSS and is built with React-strap version 9.

Just like Flexy template it also has more than 100 font icons and 10 UI components. It has 7-page templates, and you get free updates for six months. If you are searching to download free react templates, then this should be on your priority list. This free react template has integrated plugins and a few chart options as well.

Architect UI Dashboard Free React Template

This is an amazing and powerful UI dashboard template with a minimalistic design. Architect UI is open-source and free for use. It comes with more than 150 components and 9+ designs for dashboards that gives you a lot of flexibility while designing.

You don’t have to worry about widgets, components, and elements because it already offers you enough variation to create your project with existing stuff.

Not to mention that “Architect UI” free dashboard template has more than 200 color and layout variations. Its multi-color scheme gives you complete control for customization of content, sidebar, header, and footer.

Architect UI is fully responsive and works very well on all devices of different screen sizes. This template has at least ten color schemes for every theme, giving you plenty of options.

Its free version gives you enough flexibility to complete your next project. But obviously for complete access to great features you can upgrade it to the pro version when you have enough budget. So, download the free react template now to get started.

React Reduction Admin Dashboard Template

Next on our list is another free react template that must be on the list of top four. React reduction dashboard templates are loaded with numerous widgets, components, charts, elements, cards, and pages. Even without any modification or customization it has such a beautiful looking dashboard that you must consider.

React reduction template is open-source and completely free for use. It has a very sleek, attractive, and professional look that makes it very hard to ignore. This free admin dashboard template is built using React & Bootstrap 4. So, do take this template while making the final decision.


We hope that this was helpful for you in finding free react templates for your next project. Above mentioned are the top 4 best react templates, first template being the best. So, choose wisely and if you still have any queries or confusions please do let us know in the comments section down below.

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