Top 4 Benefits of IoT Solutions for Elevator Management

The world is in the digital era, Smart and IoT devices are rapidly gaining mass adoption, and elevators are no exception. Most new and existing industrial, cooperate, and residential buildings are going along with the trend to adopt elevator IoT solutions, which is of no surprise as a result of the numerous benefits building users stand to gain from this solution. In this post, we go into details of some of these top benefits which building users and owners stand to gain from utilizing IoT solution for elevators.

Common problems associated with the operation of elevators

Before we delve into the benefits of elevator IoT solutions, let us first take a look at common inherent dilemmas that are usually associated with the operation of elevators. The aforementioned serves to set the scene for why IoT solutions for elevators are essential. The problems connected with the use of elevators mostly fall into breakdowns and malfunctions due to mechanical and electrical issues, and we would delve into them in detail, some of these issues include;

  1. Elevator shutdown as a result of power failure, due to fluctuations in the system’s voltage.
  2. Bearing malfunction can result in motor failure and potential breakdown.
  3. Worn out sheaves which create a ripple effect of wear on elevator ropes, which causes further wear on the sheaves again, eventually leading to Elevator malfunction and shutdown.
  4. The decline in elevator performance and functionality, due to the introduction of particles from worn-out machine parts into lubricating oils.
  5. Malfunctioning of an elevators’ electric motor as a result of misalignment between the motor drive and the shaft

Benefits of IoT solutions for elevator management

All of the problems mentioned above ultimately lead to additional costs due to continuous repairs and elevator downtime, which in turn affects the end-user. The adoption of elevator IoT solutions for its operational management goes a long way to prevent most of these problems associated with elevators and saves building owners’ money over the long run. Let us take some time to explore these perks.

  1. Ease of monitoring operating conditions

The implementation of an elevator IoT solution involves the regular exchange of data from the elevator, on the current operating performance, which can then be analyzed with information on optimal elevator performance to ascertain its working state.

  1. Predictive maintenance 

Predictive maintenance adopts a proactive approach to elevator maintenance by making use of real-time data collected from the sensors present in an elevator to forestall and prevent breakdown. Data obtained from elevator sensors like; heat, friction, and/or noise are analyzed and processed into actionable information on an elevators’ condition to determine if maintenance needs to be carried out, which can now be scheduled appropriately.

  1. Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

Another perk of adopting elevator IoT solutions is that the information derived from the analyzed data gotten off an elevators’ sensor enables elevator technicians to diagnose issues before-hand, this translates to faster repair time, lower cost, and greater overall efficiency of the repair process.

  1. Real-time notifications

Some IoT devices can even send real-time notifications to the manufacturers, elevator installers, building facility manager, or any other involved party preliminary diagnostic abnormalities to alert them of potential issues as they are detected. This extra step goes a long way in preserving the life span of an elevator.

Other benefits of elevator IoT solution include; Provision of behavioral insights and the avoidance of unnecessary downtime.

The use of IoT solution for elevators has a wide range of benefits, some of which we have covered in this post. One of the major ways of employing elevator IoT solutions is through the use of an industrial cellular router. The Robustel R3010 industrial cellular IoT gateway comes equipped with cutting-edge technology to deliver an excellent solution for elevator operational management. As Robustel is a Chinese based award-winning manufacturer of quality IoT and M2M devices, you can work with them at ease.