Top 4 Advantages of Damascus Steel Wedding Bands

Damascus steel is one of the most unique metals that feature liquid-liker distinct wavy patterns. While this material is used in wedding bands, the root of Damascus steel is ancient. 

Damascus steel was a very popular weapon material and the sharpness the hardness of the material is greater than steel. This is the main reason why people used to use Damascus steel blades. Additionally, it’s been believed that Damascus steel blades were sharper than any other steel or iron weapons.

Damascus steel vanished in the 19th century, but the metal was reincarnated in 1998. Nowadays, wedding bands created from Damascus steel are gaining massive popularity. 

But, are Damascus wedding bands worth the investment? In this article, we will discuss the top 4 benefits of purchasing Damascus wedding bands. 

They are Affordable

A major advantage of purchasing Damascus wedding bands is the price. Damascus is a material that is created by combining with inexpensive metal alloys. However, you need to be extra careful while purchasing Damascus wedding bands so that you can choose high-quality rings. Although there are some cheaper wedding band material options available in the market, they might trigger skin infections. Apart from that, extra cheap wedding bands won’t look good on your finger. 

The price of Damascus steel wedding bands varies but you’ll get a good quality Damascus wedding band in the $500-$1000 range. You can get code here.

They are Durable

Many people question the durability of Damascus steel as well as the wedding bands made from them. Remember that Damascus steel is long-lasting and heavy. Not only the rings are scratch-resistant but also an optimal choice for daily wear. 

As per Vegas Forge, Damascus steel is very strong. If we look at the origin and history, swordsmiths used Damascus steel as the primary material for their blades. As it is not a flimsy metal, it can last for a lifetime. 

However, while purchasing Damascus steel wedding bands make sure you choose steel with etched patterns. You should avoid choosing surface-printed patterns as they might flake off. 


Just like any other pieces of jewelry, wedding bands also result in wear and tear that requires maintenance. One of the best things about Damascus wedding bands is that they’re very easy to clean. You just need soapy water to clean off any residues. This way you can easily recover the shine of your wedding band. 

You can also use the soft bristles of toothbrushes or cleaning brushes to scrub grime and dirt. However, you need to clean your ring once or twice a week depending on how frequently you wear the wedding band.

However, don’t expose your Damascus wedding bands to harsh chemicals as they can tarnish or cause the breakdown of the material.

They Don’t Oxidize or Become Rusty

Many people assume that Damascus wedding bands become rusty over time. Although it’s a fact that Damascus steel does rust, if you purchase a high-quality Damascus wedding band, it will not rust. Additionally, when ordering your ring, make sure the Damascus wedding band has high-quality iron alloys. 


These are the top 4 benefits of purchasing Damascus wedding bands. The unique pattern of Damascus wedding bands makes them super attractive. Don’t forget that Damascus wedding bands cannot be resized. Hence, take extra precautions while measuring the size. 

Faisal Rafique

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