Top 3 Things You Need to Seriously Consider When Purchasing a New Laptop

The question of what laptop you should buy may be a simple one, but it does not have a clear answer. In every price category, there are too many choices any buyer can explore. In fact, it is safe to say that there is no perfect laptop since users do not have the same preferences and needs.

While an Asus Zenbook may be best for one user, another would prefer a different brand. So, to help you choose a suitable laptop, consider the set of criteria provided below.

Laptop size

Size definitely matters when it comes to laptops. So, before you decide to buy your next device, why not determine your purpose first. By knowing the scope of the tasks that you will be doing on your laptop, you can find the one with the right size. Unlike your laptop’s ROM or RAM, the physical size of your computer is not something you can possibly upgrade later. You will be stuck with your choice upfront, so decide and invest wisely.

Laptops usually start at 11.6 inches up to 17.3 inches. OEMs and brands like Acer, Dell, HP, and Asus offer three different display sizes. The largest is 17.3 inches, followed by 15.6 inches and 13.3 inches. Then again, some vendors sell laptops outside these standard sizes. Examples of these laptop sizes are 14 inches, 12.5 inches, and 11.6 inches.

If your number one laptop rule is portability, naturally, you will want to go for the smaller Windows laptops. These laptops tend to be lighter and thinner compared to their bulkier counterparts. Go for laptops with a screen size of 13.3 inches or 12.5 inches, and 1.5 kilograms or less weight.

Screen quality

You will be staring at your screen for hours, so you might as well get a laptop with excellent screen quality. Do you wish to use a laptop with a touchscreen feature? Touchscreen laptops are quite common these days since they can make tasks more manageable. The only downside with these types of laptops is that the display’s glossiness tends to be undesirable. If your screen is glossy, you will have to bear the discomfort of the screen reflections. If you are editing video content and images, watching content, or gaming, it can strain your eyes.

If you decide that you would want an Asus Zenbook, before you purchase, check whether or not it has the resolution you are comfortable with. While the resolution is a matter of personal preference, you will have a better viewer experience if you go for laptops with Full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution.

Quality of laptop keyboard

If you are using your laptop for longer typing sessions, you need a comfortable and responsive keyboard. It is quite annoying when the keypad sinks, or you type a different key whenever you work. It can easily translate into poor overall user satisfaction. Choose keyboards with full-sized keys and appropriate space in between keys. Go for keyboards with backlight, too. They will become useful when you need to work under poor lighting conditions.

These are essential yet crucial considerations when choosing your next laptop. Make sure to take every tip to heart to have a computer that can withstand hectic schedules and piling workload.

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