Top 3 Signs of High-Quality Weighted Blankets

With all of the research coming out these days proving that weighted blankets are an easy and effective treatment for insomnia, anxiety, and stress, it seems like just about everyone is making them. That’s great because it means it’s now easier than ever to find an affordable weighted blanket for yourself or your friends and family. Unfortunately, it also means it can be tricky telling the High Quality Weighted Blankets apart from the cheaply made bandwagon brands. If you’re on the hunt for your own weighted blanket, we’ll make that part easy for you. Here are some of the most important signs to look for to be sure the blanket you’re getting is of top quality, alongside examples from the one company that does it all: Huggaroo.



In case you haven’t heard yet, Huggaroo is a family owned health and wellness company that makes a full range of home health products, from heated wraps for migraines to sensory compression sheets, and of course, weighted blankets. They make products both for adults and for children and use all of their products in their own homes. This is the first sign that Huggaroo products are high-quality products – no one would knowingly choose to make a poor quality product for their own family, after all. A company that can honestly swear by its own products is a company worth trying.


When talking specifically about high quality weighted blankets, there are a few details in particular that will help you sort out the best of the bunch. First and foremost, a weighted blanket does you no good if it isn’t cozy to snuggle up in. One of the biggest ways weighted blankets help with insomnia is by making bedtime inviting again. It takes extra plush fabrics to make that happen, like the super soft Chenille and Minky fabrics Huggaroo uses for all of their cozy weighted blankets. Huggaroo weighted blankets are just the right kind of warm, making them perfect to wrap up in and de-stress at the end of a long day.


Another major element of comfort, and coincidentally a strong test for quality, is the way the weighted blanket distributes its weight. Low quality weighted blankets are difficult to manage, often slipping during use or bunching all of the weight to one side. High quality weighted blankets are built with gravity in mind and designed to be bunch proof. For example, Huggaroo’s weighted blankets keep their weight evenly distributed at all times using sewn in pockets of weight. Instead of free moving weights, which can easily be shifted all to one side, the Huggaroo design locks its weight into place, spread equally all throughout the inner weighted quilt. The inner quilt is secured in place within the plush outer cover using strategically placed ties, and Huggaroo’s latest weighted children’s blanket comes in one piece, all sewn together. All of Huggaroo’s weighted blankets are entirely washable as well, making them a favorite of parents everywhere.


Finally, when you’re seeking out the best quality weighted blanket for you or your child, the actual weight in question is a major factor as well. It goes without saying that children are smaller than adults. That means weighted blankets designed with adults in mind can run the risk of being too heavy for children to use comfortably or easily on their own. When the blanket is designed with a lighter weight, children are able to seek them out on their own and self soothe whenever they need to. Because Huggaroo’s children’s blankets are light enough for young ones to easily maneuver on their own, weighing just 7 pounds, they put the control in the children’s hands and bring them peace. The careful consideration and high-quality Huggaroo puts into designing a second weighted blanket just for children means all the difference in the lives of families everywhere.


If you’re ready to try out a top quality weighted blanket for yourself, you can order any Huggaroo weighted blanket risk-free today with a thirty-day money back guarantee. Just go to and find the right size and weight for you. Sleep well!


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