Top 3 Reasons for Using a WordPress Theme Detector

Are you a WordPress website developer or planning to start a blog, but you haven’t found yet which theme you will use for your website/buyer’s website or your blog? If yes, this article is written for you with the direction of the best Google Chrome extension of WordPress theme detector. You can also read this article if you have enough interest in website development, WordPress themes, and plugins.

Nowadays, over 42% of WordPress websites are made by WordPress because of easier maintenance, customization, and so on. You can build your own, too, using WordPress. You can also find many of your target site designs and quickly know which theme and plugins they used to design the site.

Introducing WordPress Theme Detector

The WordPress theme detector is a web extension or tool that analyzes websites to identify the theme and plugin you are currently viewing. You can view any website’s plugins, themes, and content management systems by clicking your theme detector extension.

You can find a lot of tools that can help you. Among them, the Themesinfo WP Theme Detector can be your best choice.

Themesinfo as your WP Theme Detector

There are many reasons why you have to choose the Themesinfo WP theme detector.

Free to use: Themesinfo WP Theme Detector (to install this extension in your browser, click here and then click the red “install now” button on the right top of the page) is entirely free to use and will help those who want to know any websites themes and plugins detail information with links.

Easy one-click operation: You do not need to search all over WordPress themes and kill time. Themesinfo WP Theme Detector enables you to detect themes and plugins used on any site with a single click. Just install and pin this tool with your web browser. After that, click on the pinned icon when you need to know your current browsing page’s theme and plugin info.

Fast and correct information: By clicking the icon of your installed ThemesinfoWP theme detector extension, you can know the following details of your current viewing site if that was built by WordPress:

  • Theme Name
  • Author Name of the Theme
  • Number of websites that are using the theme
  • Theme homepage link
  • Author page link
  • Short info about the theme
  • Plugins list that is used on the site

Themesinfo allows you to locate a WordPress theme used on any WP site without broad descriptions or sophisticated coding. The site is intended for individuals who wish to learn more about WordPress sites, such as SEO specialists, web designers, bloggers, and web admins.


A WordPress theme detector extension is generally used to find WordPress themes and plugins. Themesinfo extension will help you in every step of detecting and selecting your chosen website’s theme and plugin info. You might be able to determine the WordPress theme used on a blog using this Themesinfo WP theme detector tool, and some plugins might even let you extract the theme’s specifics.