Top 3 Most Effective Trade Show & Event Products

As trade show season is quickly approaching, Marketing Managers and Small Business Owners will be embarking on their annual quest of finding and acquiring the right advertising products to showcase their company’s offerings. It can be a daunting and tedious task for both seasoned trade show participants and newcomers alike, but this article should help demystify the journey to a great trade show booth. Our list of the top 3 most effective trade show products includes the solutions that have stood the test of time and are known to get proven results out on the trade show floor.

#1 – Pop Up Displays

Ahhh the good ole pop up display. If you are familiar with trade shows, you are definitely no stranger to this versatile asset. Like the name might suggest, pop up displays are not exclusively for pop up shops, but can be used in almost any type of advertising event setting. Pop up trade show displays come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. From 20ft pop up displays that rival any billboard on the street to 5ft pop up displays that you can place on a tabletop, you can find just about whatever options to fit your needs and design preference. One major concern for trade show participants and marketing managers is the ease of transport of their displays. No matter what size or shape (you can opt for a spunky, modern curved style), pop up displays are extremely portable and super easy to set up. This is due to the design of their frames, which are made of a lightweight aluminium that retracts into a rolling case allowing for ease of transport. The case can also help keep your pop up display hardware nice and safe so that you can continue to use it for trade shows and events to come. Lush Banners offers a 12 month warranty on most pop up displays and a limited lifetime warranty on premium pop up trade show displays. So should anything ever happen to your investment, you can rest assured that it is protected under warranty.

#2 – Custom Table Covers

Custom table covers are pretty much a no brainer when it comes to advertising at a trade show or any other marketing event for that matter. They are the quickest way to alert a potential customer or client to your business’ booth and they are abundant on the trade show floor for good reason. Not all trade show table covers are created equal though. There are different styles of custom table covers to choose from; it all depends on preference as they all serve the same overall function. You’ve got your regular tablecloth that simply drapes over the table. Then there’s the fitted table cover which fits snugly around the corners of your table. For the tightest fit, you should opt for the stretch table cover which uses tension fabric polyester material that stretches over the table like one of those textbook covers you used in elementary school. All of these options can come with a full-back or open-back design in case you would like to store items underneath the table for easy access. All variations of custom table covers also come in different sizes. You can opt for the default 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, or 6-8ft Convertible size options, or choose a custom size of your own. It is good practice to take an accurate measurement of the table(s) you plan to use at the event to avoid purchasing a table cover that will not work for your set up. Custom table covers are digitally printed seamlessly so that your graphics are not separated by any sew lines. This creates a clean and professional look, especially and the stretch and fitted table cover options.

#3 – Tension Fabric Displays

Similar to pop up displays, tension fabric displays are also a fan favorite among trade show aficionados and have earned themselves a staple position at trade show events. Likewise, tension fabric displays also come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs and preferences. Some of these shapes include straight, curved, and s-shaped options just to name a few. If you would like to get fancy with your booth design, there are also more sophisticated shapes to choose from. Go with a full circle tension fabric display to set up a small meeting room that can create an atmosphere of privacy and intimacy. Or go with the 20ft tension fabric display that can be combined with two more to create a grand presentation worthy of a runway set. With tension fabric displays, the choice is truly up to you. Rather than a retracting metal frame, tension fabric displays employ the use of lightweight aluminum tubes that snap together very easily and are covered by a stretchy yet durable polyester tension fabric. This construction makes for a large format printed graphic that is lightweight yet sturdy, and an all-around beautiful display. Just like the pop up displays, tension fabric displays are portable as they also fit into a hard rolling case for easy transport. Both pop up displays and tension fabric displays come in single or double-sided options depending on your needs. Lush Banners offers a limited lifetime warranty on premium models.

Whether you are an experienced trade show champion or a newbie just beginning your journey, procuring the right products to get your company out there has never been easier than before. This article should give you a couple of things to start considering when planning out your booth design, but if you find yourself with unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800)-818-3050. Lush Banners also offers trade show planning services so you can focus more on your message and having the right resources for your next big event. Now that you know a couple of your best bet options, check out the site to do your homework and start planning ahead for your next trade show or event!