Top 3 Lightroom Presets

A wedding is an emotional and memorable event of a human life. Every person wants to store this memorable event through the videos or pictures. In order to make this special moment more special and more memorable, a photographer needs to capture beautiful photos that will remind this couple about the most important day of their lives.

There are some things that a photographer can maintain while taking a photo to get beautiful images. Every wedding photographer tries to maintain those things to ensure attractive photos and highlights the best aspect of the photos. But there is a much easier way to produce beautiful wedding pictures into a few minutes. The easier way is editing photos after taking this and the Lightroom presets make this editing process easier than the manual photo editing process. 

All of these presets can play with the light of the photo and can create special virtual weather which will give your photos a better look in your wedding album, social media or on portfolio. It is very hard to Design a good-looking wedding album when you are working with hundreds of photos while editing them together. Photoshop provided us a solution to get rid of this painful process with lots of Lightroom presets.

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Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a photo editing software of Adobe. Editing and organizing thousands of photographs at a time is very challenging. But the Adobe lightroom converts this hard work into an easy task.  This software is very popular and trusted by the photographers all over the world. This software is easy to use and can create stunning end-results with your photos.

Lightroom is mainly created for helping photographers to edit, manage, organize, store and also share photographs. Adobe Lightroom provides a lot of built-in presets for editing and managing images. You can also download plenty of presents from wed, because it is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud suite. It is a fully paid app but you can use it as a standalone app. The plenty of presets collection of Creative Cloud make it a more popular editing tool. 

If you want to enhance wedding photos instantly those will look professional, you need to download a few Lightroom presets. Now, we will help you to pick the best 3 lightroom presets that will help you to optimize your wedding photos quickly. However, here you can buy lightroom presets on Sleeklens.

1. Wedding Presets Vol

Wedding presets vol.1 is a very popular lightroom wedding preset. This preset of Lightroom will make you able to produce memorable and stunning wedding photos within a few minutes. This preset pack contains 30 professional Lightroom presets. All presets will help you to highlight the best aspects of your image and will give a unique atmosphere in your photograph. The presets will provide accurate skin tones also.

2. Vintage Wedding Lightroom Presets 

People may have some different thoughts about celebrating a wedding party. If anyone is planning for a vintage wedding, don’t be worried. This vintage wedding lightroom presets will help you to create the atmosphere. You will get a total 11 attractive and easily customizable presets in this pack.

3. Love Story Lightroom Presets 

You will get unlimited presets collection into the Love Story Lightroom presets pack. All of these are perfect for editing wedding, couple and portrait photography. You will also get various types of soft and matte filters in a variety of styles with nostalgic sepia tones .

4 Tips for Editing Wedding Photos in Lightroom

Editing  wedding photos is very different from editing other types of photos because they need additional attention and particular coordination. These tips will assist to gain that success.

1. Edit RAW

When editing wedding photos, first and Paramount you need to use RAW images.RAW file format provides a sort of a blank canvas for your wedding project and compresses photos to minimize size and quality unlike other formats.

Make sure the preset makes non destructive effects as well as look if it upholds RAW images before using them even while using Ligjtroom presets to optimise photos.

2. Optimize Exposure

Lightroom consists of a dedicated tool for simply coordinating the levels of exposure in images. However,  to gain the proper exposure, you require to  receive advantage of the other coordinating tools as Shadows and Highlight.

To gain the accurate level of exposure in wedding photos, most photographers use an easy trick. They simply create highlights that look brighter along with shadows that look darker. 

3. Use Brush and Clone Tools

Retouching is the best way to make perfect adjustments using Photoshop. But, Lightroom has additionally some handy tools you can use to general retouching.

You should apply  the clone tool to retouch skin as cleaning blemishes.The brush tools are also beneficial for hide-and-seek with retouching skin.

4. Use the Right Presets

Lightroom presets offer the entire editing process easier and permit you to develop and improve different photos apart from a hassle. 

Moreover, presets are further used to affix stylish filters with toning effects to wedding images. Just ensure to use the appropriate filters and coordination that match the theme of the weeding.