Top 3 HR software for diversity and inclusion -What are their specifics?

Do you wish to support a diverse workforce at your organization? It will require a multi-pronged strategy while including the right tools. HR and business leaders should keep in mind that using a technology on its own will not be sufficient in executing a diversity & inclusion strategy. However, the use of the right diversity and inclusion tools or software solutions can help in supporting the strategy in multiple ways. 

The use of the right diversity and inclusion software solutions can help in uncovering and avoiding bias during the interview & recruitment process, training employees on recognizing bias, and tracking the progress of the organization towards achieving its goals. 

The diversity software market has an increasing number of choices. These would range from dedicated tools most organizations already have or can acquire easily to the ones requiring a full-scale implementation process. 

What is a Diversity Recruiting Software?

A reliable diversity recruiting and inclusion software solution allows companies to automate the manual process of sourcing qualified talent or applicant pools for current as well as future openings. The tools are helpful for HR managers, HR personnel, and recruitment professionals for removing unconscious bias during the entire recruitment & interviewing process. Recruiting diversity and inclusion solutions make use of Artificial Intelligence for improving job descriptions, identifying qualified candidates, and exporting full candidate profiles, amongst other tasks. 

Diversity and inclusion software solutions can help in offering tools for boosting all sources of information that might be leveraged against the candidate. The sources of information can include name, gender, background, and educational backgrounds. The highly inclusive hiring platforms mostly come up with features for creating and distributing unbiased job descriptions, managing and tracking applicants, and organizing applicant data. Diversity and inclusion recruiting solutions are easily implemented in HR departments while being integrated with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), recruiting automation systems, and job boards. 

Towards qualifying for inclusion in a reliable diversity recruiting software category, the service provider should be capable of:

  • Designing for improving diversity throughout the hiring process
  • Eliminating unconscious bias from the respective candidate funnel
  • Identifying candidates from under-represented groups
  • Measuring diversity hiring candidates

Importance of Diversity and Inclusion Solutions for the HR Department

Top diversity and inclusion software technology will offer assistance to an organization in creating a dedicated workplace that is capable of empowering people from all diverse backgrounds. A diverse workforce is regarded as great for the entire society, and great for business as well in the manner that CFOs are going to appreciate. As per a study report, companies having more diverse workforces tend to perform better on financial grounds. 

Diversity and inclusion hiring by HR managers makes sure that you have access to a balanced and fair hiring process. This is achieved by bringing in applicants from all diverse backgrounds. To top it all, diversity and inclusion software tools make it even simpler. To help you get started, we have come up with the detailed list of the best diversity and inclusion HR software solutions for your organization.

Best Diversity and Inclusion Software 2022

Here is our list of unbiased reviews of the best diversity and inclusion software solutions for HR teams 2022:

#1 ChartHop

One of the most striking features of ChartHop is that the company had started out in the form of an organizational chart software organization. Through several years, the company has evolved itself into a leading organizational management platform. Throughout the process, the company has made sure that the platform continues providing everything that a dedicated HR department would require for building a diverse and inclusion team.

The platform of ChartHop is available with high-end DEI dashboards that are rich with pre-made reports customized by industry experts. It is also possible to create customized reports while tracking how the initiatives will evolve with time. You can also share trends without disclosing private data that might be sensitive. 

In terms of the overall pricing, ChartHop comes with the per month fee on a per user basis. The most standard plan of the service provider is known to start at around $3.50 per month for every user. Additionally, there are two more plans in the given pricing spectrum –Scale and Grow. 

#2 Untapped

With Untapped, the recruiting teams are allowed to supercharge the respective diversity efforts with talent and analytics sourcing platform capable of integrating with the ATS. 

Untapped helps in discovering and tracking diverse applicants –all from the ATS or Application Tracking System. The recruiters are known to follow the already set-up workflow for ensuring job postings. Once you will start getting on with different CVs, job applicants are made to fill up a supplemental questionnaire as defined by the existing HR or hiring team. The questionnaire is capable of capturing more than 75 diverse insights into the demographics and skills of the applicant.

From the available data, it is possible to filter out the desired talent pool on the basis of work experience, skills, demographics data, and so more. It can help you in understanding where under-represented candidates might be falling off –along with focusing your overall efforts on the right applicants for meeting diversity and inclusion hiring goals.

#3 Jopwell

Jopwell serves to be a holistic platform that helps companies with the respective DEI initiatives. They are capable of achieving the same in three unique steps –connecting with under-represented candidates, accessing the resources of Jopwell for learning more about diversity and inclusion hiring, and applying the existing knowledge to attract the best-available talent.

The mission of Jopwell is to advance the careers of Native Americans, Blacks, and LatinX professionals that is achieved with the help of the dedicated community –The Well. For HR managers, it serves to be a great platform for building the respective employer brand with the given populations, and also for sourcing top-quality applicants from diverse backgrounds.


The use of the right diversity and inclusion software solution by HR teams can help an organization scale its overall growth and success in the modern competitive era. So, choose the right one!

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