Top 3 Hacks for Organizing Your Home this Winter

In spite of the fact that spring is the season for deep cleaning, winter is the time of year to get more coordinated. This is because you have accumulated more things over the holidays and, therefore, need to declutter. So, begin the new year on a productive note, by decluttering your home. The following are top hacks for organizing your home this winter.


Sort Your Winter Clothing


You should start by gathering your boots, scarves, heavier clothes, coats, and gloves. Then, take a quick inventory to see if you need to buy anything else. Only hang items in your closet that you will be wearing. Those items should be organized by color, length, and type, so they will look well-coordinated. Keep similar items together. For example, shirts should be with shirts and pants with pants. Be sure to also keep all the winter accessories together as well. This includes the hats, scarves, and gloves. Any delicate scarves should be placed over the closet door using hooks. Be sure to return accessories, after you wear them, to keep the closet organized. Don’t bunch up your scarves, belts, and ties. A tie rack will be useful for ties. Also, racks can be used for purses and hats. Hooks can be used for storing jewelry. Besides, it’s much easier to choose a necklace to wear, if it is on a hook than in a jewelry box. Small boxes can be used for storing earrings, bracelets, cuffs, and rings. Keep everything neatly organized.


Any items that you are not planning on wearing should be donated to a friend, family member, or local charity. Get rid of any outdated clothing, socks with holes, and other worn items. Also, get rid of new items that you no longer want. A friend or family member may want them. Besides, they will only take up closet space.


Organize Your Pantry


When you are preparing meals this winter, it is always helpful to have a well-organized pantry. You should start by tossing any outdated food items. Any non-perishable items, you are not eating, can be donated to a family that’s in need. Also, group food items into categories. For instance, all the canned vegetables should be together. Another option is to organize the food by meals or ingredient type. You can use bins and labels, to make it easier to access items. Make sure everything is visible, to make it easier to decide on what to cook for dinner. It will also allow you to see what food items are expired or close to expiration.


Organize Your Bathroom


Having an organized bathroom this winter is essential. It will help speed up your morning routine and make cleaning up easier. Start by getting rid of any products that have expired, such as beauty products and medicines. Also, if you have extra bottles of lotion or other items, you can donate them to someone who could really use them. If you have beauty products that don’t work, for your skin type, you can either get rid of them or donate them.


Sometimes, items that you don’t really need can linger in the bathroom. So, you should toss them as well. The counters should be clutter-free. You should place products that you regularly use, on a tray. These can include face creams or toothbrushes. Products that can’t fit on the tray should be placed inside of your cabinet doors.


For the smaller items in your bathroom, use drawer dividers. Q-tips, fingernail files, and eyeliners, are some items that can be placed in the divider. To organize each family member’s items, a caddy will be useful as well. Additionally, hooks can be used to hang towels instead of towel bars. This will make your bathroom look cleaner and more organized.




Since you will not be outdoors as much this winter, you should use that extra time to organize and declutter your home. This will boost productivity and create a peaceful feeling in your home. You will find that it will make a big difference in your daily life.