Top 3 Brands That Uses Aluminum Beer Bottles

What are the top 3 brands that use aluminum beer bottles?

Aluminum containers have many different usage, for drinking, storage, etc. People are more careful when choosing what kind of drinking bottles they will use. Below are the brands that are using aluminum bottles as their beer storage and breweries companies decide to use this kind of material with great purpose. 

1. Budweiser

Budweiser is one of the largest selling beers in the United States and has 5% alcohol volume content. Budweiser beer was introduced by Carl Conrad and Co. in 1876, manufactured by Anheuser-Busch company. Budweiser or the Bud light aluminum bottles were introduced in the summer, Anheuser-Busch company intentionally uses aluminum material for adults. So, adults can enjoy and drink the beer without breaking the bottles since it is made of aluminum.


2. Iron City

Iron city brewing company is one of America’s first and oldest’s breweries that produce lager, and it was started by Edward Frauenheim in 1861.

This company includes the drafts beer package in cans, aluminum beer bottles, and the snap top can. Iron city brewing company is also known as the Pittsburg brewing company was the largest brewery and the most profitable brewery in Pennsylvania. Using aluminum bottles will keep the beer colder and can last up to 30-50 minutes. 

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3. Blue Moon 

Blue Moon was introduced in the year 1995, a Belgian-style beer originally brewed at Golden, Colorado. It has a 5.4 % of alcohol volume content and it is owned by the Molson Coors company. Keith Villa was the creator of blue moon and it was brewed at the Molson Brewery in Canada. 

Blue moon has an ingredient that includes, white wheat, malted barley, orange peel, and oats.

Blue moon can be purchased in cans, aluminum bottles, kegs, or what you call the small barrel. This beer has a variety of flavors with different alcohol volume content. 


Is it safe to use aluminum bottles?

Aluminum bottles are safe to use for drinking and it is a recyclable container that can be used for any beverage. A lot of people said that aluminum bottles are not safe to use. But, one thing that they don’t know is that aluminum bottles are more convenient to use than plastic bottles.

So many people are scared to use aluminum as their drinking bottles container they prefer to use plastic bottles for drinking. Yet, aluminum bottles are more sturdy to use compared to plastic bottles. 

Aluminum bottles are stronger, sturdy, unbreakable, and easy to carry, and eco-friendly. People forgot to realize that it is more dangerous to use plastic bottles than aluminum bottles. 

Why it is safer to use aluminum bottles? Simply because aluminum can be recycled and is easy to wash, carry, and use. It is made of strong, sturdy materials that can’t easily destroy and crush. Aluminum bottles can use time to time and it is a recyclable bottle. When choosing an aluminum bottle for drinking, always check if it is BPA-free and is it safe to use.