Top 3 Anti-theft devices that can help you limit loss

Theft is becoming a common crime throughout the world. It might be happening due to increasing poverty or for other reasons. But being a retail store owner, you can’t afford the theft of a single item.

As in retail stores, the profit is very minimal depending on the item you are selling. Suppose you are selling the groceries you might be getting 10$ profit per product. But if one of them costing 100$ is theft, you must be selling other 10 products to fill in the price.

Also, there is no proper management in such retail stores. A store must be equipped with the latest tech gadgets as the is selling. So, to control the theft and examine your products more precisely, we are going to discuss the top 3 anti-theft devices.

Let’s get starts with it;

  • Installation of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are the basic need of all kinds of shops. For the large store owners, it becomes compulsory to have cameras in all the corners. Also, these cameras are not enough, you must be hiring special employees keeping an eye over cameras and customer movements.

Now in a live recording, these cameras would help you in stopping theft. Also, you can thoroughly take action against the thief by watching through your CCTV Cameras.

  • Tethered Display

For the people owning a retail store of laptops and technology gadgets, theft can charge higher losses. Thus to avoid any compensation, you must be careful about theft and such activities in your store. Now it doesn’t matter what’s the size of your store and how many customers visit it daily.

Mainly tethered display means that your technology items must be tethered with your system. You can place them via tethering stands and provide them for checking. This device is being used by many large and wholesale sellers worldwide. It is effective against theft activities. So if a person tries to take out your phone or laptop it would thoroughly start alarming.

  • Installation of people counter

The third and most important device is the people counter. Though the above-explained devices would be helping you in daytime sales, what’s the security for after the closure? Surely you would say CCTV cameras, but these cameras would only take a video rather than alarming.

People’s counter is the only device that can help you check if anyone entered your store or not. This device counts the feet or number of people entering your shop. Thus whenever you see the number of people entering your store, thoroughly call the police. Thus buying a counter would also help you in avoiding theft cases.

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