Top 20 Ways to Develop Content for your Brand


The quality of the content is directly correlated to a Brand’s Value as well as positioning. A  good content can set you apart from your competitors and help create a long term brand equity and also create a connection with your audience. All successful marketers know the art of developing engaging content, but aligning it with your SEO strategy is still an under explored domain. With 5+ years’ experience in Content Marketing & SEO, & having implemented these synergistic approaches of Content & SEO at RankJacker SEO, here’s a list of 20 ways to develop quality content for your brand. This way your brand will be able to invoke a positive response from your followers.

  1. Have Clear Content Marketing Goals

The first step in choosing the right marketing strategy is to have a clear marketing goal. All your success metrics are dependent on your goals. Make achievable targets and don’t be over ambitious at the start point. As you grow you can raise your level.

Make an outline plan of how to prepare and deliver your content. Start with building a content portfolio and promote it through various channels. It will attract new visitors to your content and you can keep a tag on them.

  1. Plan for Dedicated Research

Once you have set your goals, find out who will connect to your brand and why? Select a list of topics that will be the start point to launching your brand. The best content is one that educates or transforms the audience.

Research the demographic profiles and dig into the location, education, gender, and age. Find out about the belief system and interests of your target audience in order to connect with them.

  1. Keyword Research is Critical

Once the goal is set and initial research done, you must brainstorm into your keyword to align your content with your content marketing goals. Start with a list of relevant topics and associated keywords, using keyword research tools is an effective way to save time.

The list needs to be refined and made as small as possible. Make a spreadsheet to keep topics and related keywords. Low density and long tail keywords work well to start.

  1. Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar keeps a tag of your posts and reminds you about the coming events. Content calendar is a tried and tested technique to increase productivity and plan your weekly events.

A content calendar helps you plan and brainstorm ideas for your next event. It also increases multitasking and eases out work by dedicating responsibility.

  1. Be Consistent in Publishing Content

Online research proves that people start with their campaign but soon lose interest and stop posting relevant content. Consistency in posting content is critical for content marketing strategy.

A content calendar is a great way to be consistent. Another way is to create content in bunches and publish as per your content calendar. You can select at least four topics per month, prepare them and publish them on a weekly basis.

  1. Review and Reply to all Comments

One of the most effective ways in content marketing is to engage your audience. Comments not only improve your engagement metrics but also generate new ideas. It gives a clue about what your customers are looking for.

Have a dedicated team and time to respond to comments. You can also go a step ahead by adding a CTA at the end of your posts.

  1. Keep a Tag on Your Competitors

Keeping a tag on your competitor’s site will give you a fair idea about trending topics and target audience. You also get a fair idea about your upcoming topics which are not yet covered.

A good way is to sign up for your competitor’s newsletter. It gives you access to topics, strategy, and target audience. If the content is inspirational, there is no harm in learning from your intrants.  

  1. Link Your Brand to Trending Topics

Lookout for current and trending topics that relate to your brand. A relevant hashtag will help you find more followers. This particular content marketing strategy works well with social media posts.

It is important to stick to your niche when discussing trending topics. You will find current topics on social media and in blog posts.

  1. Reviewing Other Products Helps

Even if you do not sell a product, reviewing related products will help you find followers. Product reviews are a versatile way to develop extensive content marketing. Tweets and product review posts will expand your viewership.

You can go a step further and ask your audience about the new product. A regular review feature will attract more followers and potential customers.

  1. Try Idea Generation

Idea and topic generation platform is a great way to keep your content marketing strategy alive. After sometime you may run out of ideas and struggle for the right content. There are blog idea generator platforms that you can use like HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator.

  1. Personal Stories are Influential

Keep yourself updated with success stories built from the scratch. These are valuable stories not only for your brand but for your audience as well, the best part is there is no effort required to develop or research these stories.

The story can come up as a narrative or a video. In addition, interviews and personal stories are also an excellent way to tell personal success stories. These stories will surely inspire your audience and attract followership.

  1. Look for Bestsellers in the Industry

Researching success stories will give an insight into the content marketing strategy that has worked in the past. This will also prove a valuable lesson to your followers and build your reputation as an expert.

It will be great to look for bestsellers in your industry and relevant niche. However, other industry startup success stories will also serve as good educational content.

  1. Build an Email List

Your content must reach the right people, statistics show a high percentage of people do read emails and ignore text messages. Emails are a proven way to be in direct communication with your audience. Building an email list is critical to keep a tag on your subscribers and deliver your content.

There are many options to build a subscriber list. A few with low costs are MailChimp, Active Campaign, and ConvertKit. Start with a low-cost option and as your list and brand grows you can choose other options as well.

  1. Contest and Giveaways is a Proven Strategy

Giveaways and conducting contests are proven content marketing strategies. It not only creates potential engagement but also improves your subscribers. Data shows that more than 90% of comments on Instagram are related to contests.

Contests can be either user-generated or hashtag related. All giveaway prizes should be related to your brand. You need not throw away prizes every month, but on specific festive occasions it works.

  1. Create Optimal Video Clips

Video content has become a critical point for content marketing. Most brands do feel videos are costly and complicated. However, video clips need not be long and monotonous; for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, very short clips of 30 seconds are enough.

If you are running tutorials and DIY videos then make a detailed video and post it on YouTube. You don’t need a full blow-up commercial. Short and creative clips are good enough to keep your followers engaged.

  1. Team up with Other Brands

A content marketing strategy works well in a win-win situation. Teaming up with other brands creates a cordial setup for both parties. A good co-marketing strategy can be in the form of webinars or joint marketing campaigns.

  1. DIY Tutorials are great for YouTube

YouTube not only gives you a platform to showcase your content but also gives scope to monetize your efforts.  If you are good at DIY tutorials YouTube is a great platform for your brand.

 Another good example is Buzzfeed’s Instagram videos of small DIY steps. All videos are optimized to a minimum length and comprehensive.

  1. Conduct Interviews

Interviews from experts in your industry is a proven content marketing strategy. Educative and informative interviews will bolster your viewership for a considerable time. Get in touch with experts and schedule an interview.

You can even publicize the upcoming event and let your followers frame questions. Prepare graphics that can be easily shared on various channels.

  1. Conduct Audience Poll

Shout-out campaigns and audience polls are other great content marketing strategies. With more appreciation you give your customers they will publicize your brand. Audience polls also give you an insight into the minds and likes of your customers.

  1. Publicize Beneficiaries of Your Brand

Your Brand is your identity and your responsibility to showcase it. Show people the positives about your brand. Let beneficiaries speak about your brand and how it has impacted their life. Advertising is a different ballgame. Here you have to highlight to your audience what your sole objective is.

Create stories at regular intervals to highlight positives about your services or product. But remember, stories should be genuine.


Right content marketing strategy is a proven way to get people to know your product. It not only engages your customers but also creates a loyal community of followers. We hope these 20 ways will help develop content for your brand.