Top 2 Simplest DIY Sew Dresses for a Child

Find out how to easily sew unique and comfortable girls dresses with this guide. All the Patterns are easy to sew, even for beginners.

lifting your baby girl a dress, you have made yourself has a magical effect on your mother-daughter bond, plus you don’t have to spend much time and money for such projects. Girls dresses are an excellent choice for sewing beginners as there are a variety of simple patterns that you can easily tackle. Unlike making pants, you don’t have to do the tricky fittings and fiddly sewing. Check out these girl dresses sewing ideas if you are up for the challenge.

Making a Dress from a T-Shirt

One of the easiest ways to make girls dresses is starting with a shirt (t-shirt, tank, etc.) and adding a skirt at the bottom. Adding a skirt to a shirt only involves sewing straight lines. This way, you avoid the difficult parts of making a dress like the neckline and the sleeves as they are already done.

Apart from the ease of sewing, making a dress out of a t-shirt also helps save money through recycling used shirts or making something good from a thrift store find. Follow the steps below to make this dress.

Step 1: Get your t-shirt and cut off a chunk of its bottom so that the remaining part reaches the girl’s natural height.

Step 2: Get another fabric and make a skirt by folding it into half and sewing down one side.

Step 3: Use pins to mark the centre front, centre back and the sides for both the skirt and the top.

Step 4: Sew two rows of basting stitches along the top part to gather the skirt. The stitches can be about ½ inch and ¾ inch from the top edge.

Step 5: Pull the threads to gather the top of the skirt until the size matches that of the t-shirt’s bottom.

Step 6: Keeping the t-shirt right side out and the skirt inside out, slide the upper part inside the skirt and match up the bottom with the gathered top edge of the skirt.

Step 7: Attach the skirt to the top using a stretch stitch or narrow zigzag stitch.

Step 8: Find a narrow elastic that is approximately the length of the girl’s waist and sew it around the seam allowance. This makes the dress more appealing.

Step 9: Finally pull out the gathering stitches and hem the dress.

Making a Pillow Dress

A pillow dress is an alternative to making a dress from scratch if you don’t want to use a t-shirt. These dresses are not made from pillowcases as the name suggests, but they are made from a rectangle fabric that resembles the pillowcase shape. The advantage of this dress is that you can cut your pattern pieces without printing them out.

You only need to know how big to cut the pieces. Follow the following steps to make a pillow dress.

Step1: Cut the fabrics to fit the dress

Step 2: ensure the selvedges match up and cut the fabric in half up the side.

Step 3: Fold the two sides over and fold about 1/3” on each piece then iron it down.

Step4: Fold it over again and iron, and repeat it on the other side for both pieces.

Step 5: Sew all the sides using a ¼” allowance.

Step 6: Make the casting for your ribbon, leaving extra room around the ribbon and for the seam on both pieces.

Step 7: Stitch both pieces down along the bottom of the casting and make the armholes.

Step 8: Use pins to mark the starting point and sew inside the previous seam to the bottom of the dress on both sides.

Step 9: Open the seams on both sides and iron.

Step 10: Hem the dress using a 1” fold and sew the hem down.

Step 11: Feed the ribbon through the casing for both sides and heat the ends to prevent fraying.