Top 13 Cybersecurity Companies One Must Know

Why Cyber Security

With increasing technology, the demand for robust and rigid security defenses has also increased in the market. It is estimated that cybercrimes will create losses of around $8 trillion in 2023. It could reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. Yes, it is a very huge amount. When the world is bearing such big losses, it is safe to say that sophisticated cybersecurity has a very important part to play in the field of digital security.

There are various organizations that provide cyber security at different levels. Each company has its own perspective on cyber security. One can get different tailored solutions from different organizations. However, in a market of such a huge size, it is quite difficult to decide which organization you should go for.

In this blog, we will learn about the best cybersecurity companies available in the market. To help you navigate through this growing market, we will learn about the best recommendations from a plethora of cybersecurity companies. We will distinguish them based on their innovation, revenue, growth, Security tests, and certain other factors.

List of Top Cyber security companies

·         Cyber Cops

We live in a tech Savy world. Although technology is supposed to be a tool to make our lives easy, some people use it for malicious purposes too. Under these situations, Cyber Cops will be the best help you can get. Cyber Cops is a well-known organization in the field of digital security. They will be your tech partners and will guide you on how you can maintain the shield of security for your digital presence. They can also do a tech audit for your company and let you know if you are not adhering to any guidelines or provisions. They have a team of professionals who offer compliance consultation and training to help you easily secure the information of your clients and other sensitive data. They understand that the workflow of each organization is different, hence they provide tailored solutions for every organization. Cyber Cops understand the threats and analyze the worst-case scenario simulations to provide technical solutions.

·         Manage Engine Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central is an app that can help you in managing your enterprise’s IT structure from endpoint management to end-user security. It can help you with streamlining and scaling every IT operation. It includes multiple functionalities that cover enrolling/onboarding and retiring on multiple devices across different platforms simultaneously. It gives you features such as performing patching, distributing software, deploying OS, keeping track of hardware/software inventory, distributing software, and remotely troubleshooting end-user issues along with shielding them from cyber-attacks. They offer a 30- day trial period on unlimited endpoints too.

·         Fortinet

Fortinet is a network security vendor that is quite famous for its rigorous testing. It is one of the major reasons that this organization has landed on our lists. The strongest area of the organization is their network security however, they are very capable in other key security areas like SIEM and EDR too. Fortinet has converted its expertise into a leading position in adjacent market like SD-WAN. They have a very high customer satisfaction rating in key areas like product capabilities, value, ease of use and support, that have given them a way into the small business markets.

·         Cisco

Cisco is a well reputed networking pioneer that has made its mark in the market of network security. They have a business of $4 billion that is growing at a rate of 9% every year. Their clients mostly want to have their firewall, endpoints and other security solutions. They have annual sales of $50 billion because of the multiple domains they are operating in. An expanding network security portfolio and early leadership in the important zero trust market are two noteworthy achievements.

·         CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike is a one stop solution to all your digital safety requirements. Whether it is a security breach, ransomware or cyber-attack, CrowdStrike can save you from all of them. It has kept a very strong position in the competitive market of EDR and XDR that has secured its top position. Their revenue is expected to grow from $2.2 billion to $3 billion. Analysts have estimated a growth of 58% over the next five years. Plenty of buyers have continuously shown interest in CrowdStrike’s products and services. The 11-year-old company proved its worth by fending off a SolarWinds-related attack. This gave CrowdStrike the top position in MITRE MSSP evaluations.

·         Zscaler

Zscaler has a broad cloud security platform that gives it the high ranking in the field of emerging trends like zero trust edge security and secure access service edge. They can help you accelerate your organization’s digital transformation by helping you strengthen your security posture on all fronts.  It has improved massively in the last few years and has secured the spot amongst the best cyber security organizations. It is estimated to have a revenue of $1.53 billion this year. The growth rate is projected to be about 53%. It helps organizations to prevent cyberthreats and data loss along with providing fast and reliable zero trust connectivity to apps remotely.

·         IBM

We all must have heard this name somewhere or the other. They have desirable R&D capabilities that have played an important role in capturing a huge market size. Whenever digital security is mentioned, IBM is one name that is preferred by most enterprises. They have an expert grasp in the field of UEM, SOAR, SIEM, IAM, Encryption, database security, and managed security. The client rating goes above the roof for the company. It is always the first preference for analyst firms like Gartner. The biggest strength of IBM is their ability to do massive research with in-depth exploration under any topic.

·         Trend Micro

Trend Micro puts together an impressive portfolio for unusually strong appeals for SMBs. The organization is quite famous for its strong independent test results. Their main competitors have faced a number of acquisitions and spinoffs, that is proof of Trend Micro’s excellent performance. The company boasts $1.6 billion in revenues and has projected a growth rate of 12%. Trend Micro is one of the first gen antivirus vendors. The organization is strongest in endpoint protection where Gartner has declared it as a leader for more than 15 years. The company has also built a strong XDR, application, cloud and network security business too. The customer satisfaction ratings are always high for this organization. It provides good value, ease of use and capabilities that make Trend Micro the best alternative for SMBs.

·         OKTA

Okta is a leading organization in identity and access management, and zero trust markets. The organization had its challenges that included breaches but is well positioned in the market. It provides a unique value proposition as a quick and easy way for organizations to get started with the implementation of zero trust. Okta has regular customers because of their easy to use, deploy and manage products. The company is expected to cross the $1.83 billion mark this year and a long-term expected growth of 25%.

·         OneTrust

OneTrust has a valuation of $5.3 billion. It has an annual revenue of $669 million. Investors have invested around $993 million till now. This might not seem like a good thing, but from a business point of view, it makes sense. It is safe to say that the investors have gained a bargain. In the huge market of cyber security, OneTrust is becoming identical to any blue-chip company with time.  

·         Rapid 7

This organization has combined a strong vulnerability management platform with SIEM and threat detection capabilities. The organization puts huge emphasis on value and ease of use that drives the company towards growth. An estimated growth of 52% is projected in the long run. The organization has expertise in SIEM, SOAR, MDR, VMaas, Vulnerability scanning, Breach attack simulation, application security, DevSecOps and UEBA. It is amongst the most transparent and open cybersecurity vendors when it comes to pricing.

  • Proofpoint

Proofpoint has cleared the $1 billion revenue mark before Thomas Bravo bought the company in 2021. Proofpoint focuses on end user’s security. They provide Email protection, network sandboxing, security awareness training, cloud protection and many more services. It moved into security awareness training in 2018 after the acquisition of Wombat Security. This step has put Proofpoint in a good position to fight the biggest security vulnerability, that is; mistakes done by company’s end users.

·         KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is an early leader in cybersecurity awareness training. They gained the advantage of being the first mover in all the important markets that needed to provide training for their employees. They understand that employee errors continue to be the cause of most of the cyber-attacks. The user reviews have been very positive, which shows that the company is one of the leading enterprises in the industry. KnowBe4 was acquired by Vista Equity for $4.6 billion. The factors that set it aside are its security training, Phisher Email security and an award that was given to the company for the best product. They can take care of both big and small businesses.

This was the list of top cyber security companies that are helping organizations and businesses with their digital safety. All of them are equally reliable and provide their best services.

However, if you talk about a personal favorite, I will go for Cyber Cops because they do not work for you, they work with you. They will guide you through the whole process and inform you where you are lagging behind. With this, I hope that you would have enough options to take proper care of digital security. Companies like Cyber Cops are all set to help you combat cyber threats and cybercrime in the best way possible.

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