Top 12 Benefits of Using Disposable Supplies

Disposable cutlery is an emerging trend that is being a part of every kind of celebration these days. Talking about choosing Restaurant disposable supplies for parties and functions, many people prefer plastic cutlery as it is cheap and easily available. However, there are many disadvantages to using plastic cutlery out of which the significant one is that it absorbs and releases toxic chemicals that can harm a wide variety of life. Additionally, it is made from non-renewable resources which are not friendly to the environmen

There are many reasons why people choose plastic cutlery. It is easily available and is much cheaper as compared to other types of cutlery available in the market. However, the advent of disposable supplies made of wood  is not only disposable but is also much more environmentally friendly. It is extracted from a renewable resource, which means they are environment-friendly and are biodegradable. As far as the price is concerned, these days you can buy high-quality wooden cutlery at a pocket-friendly price from many different companies.

The key importance of disposable supplies

  • The biggest advantage of using wooden disposable cutlery is that it is 100% compostable. You can use disposable wooden cutlery as a compostable resource and help the environment. Many companies deal with disposable wooden cutlery free from any harmful chemicals which means these are completely safe to use.
  • Using disposable wooden cutlery is that wood has its own charm when it comes to food displays. Also, using wooden cutlery in a wide variety of exotic styles and designs allures attention and impresses your clients.
  • Disposable supplies are a much superior alternative when it comes to disposable cutlery made of plastic that is filling the landfills across the globe. Usually, hardwood like birch and maple can be used for making wooden cutlery.
  • Wooden disposable cutlery can be used in indoor as well as outdoor food events. You make it as a part of outdoor events like family brunch or outdoor picnics. The modern wooden cutlery is tough and sturdy, which means you will not face any issue with high-quality wooden cutlery.
  • Wooden cutlery is a highly porous and absorbent material which means it can easily soak in bacteria and moisture from food and water. Therefore, it should not be used for a longer time.
  • There are specific wooden disposables made of Cyprus or Cedar that may contaminate the food with oily resins and strong odors. The cutlery made from recycled wood might not be safe if proper care is not taken during the manufacturing process. Hence, it is important you choose the right manufacturer for e.g. Macdonald Paper that does not use any chemicals or other harmful products while manufacturing of disposable cutlery.

12 Practical Advantages of disposable cutlery

Overall, disposable cutlery is extremely safe for the environment and acts as an excellent replacement for disposable plastic cutlery. There are companies that focus on producing high-quality disposable supplies such as forks, spoons, and knives in a variety of styles to appease the guests.

Here is a list of benefits of using disposable cutlery over using plastic cutlery. Let us discuss briefly one by one.

  1. More hygienic – Using disposable supplies or cutlery is usually one-time use and it guarantees a high degree of hygiene standards. It is especially imperative for the food offered in hospitals where the risk of contamination is generally high.

  1. Convenient & lightweight – The disposable cutlery is much lighter than standard cutleries that are made of chinaware or glassware and as a fact allows to carry it even in big quantities. For the food festivals where the gatherings are in thousands, it would be very hard for the catering to transport a huge amount of cutlery. It is where disposable cutlery comes in handy and plays an important role.

  1. Cost-effectiveness – Many companies do spend a large amount of money on replacing cutlery throughout the year. As disposable cutlery is not durable enough to last long and also goes lost easily. Utensils of standard stainless steel are comparatively expensive up to 1/10. So if a company is supposed to buy a large amount of cutlery for replacing the missing ones or for any particular event with a long list of guests, it is obvious that using disposable supplies is a wiser and cheaper option.

  1. Easy availability – In case you are organizing a buffet and suddenly realize that you don’t have enough elegant cutlery for adding charm, the best option you can turn to is using disposable supplies. You can go to any nearby store and buy affordable disposable cutlery. As shops are more likely to sell disposable cutlery, it is easy to get it anytime from anywhere.

  1. Less hassle – As a matter of fact that the price is pretty lower, you have fewer worries while using disposable cutlery. Just an example, if you go for an outdoor get-together with family, you do not have to constantly watch out for your cutlery.


  1. No need to wash – One of the greatest benefits of using disposable cutlery is that you do not need to wash it. As the disposable utensils are of single-use, you can throw them away once done and it makes things much easier if you have many guests, as well as saves water, time & electricity.

  1. Consistency – While hosting a dinner party or a birthday party, one thing that is obvious for most of us is that we might not have uniform tableware, so everyone would have a different glass, plate, and so on. When you choose to use disposable tableware, the problem can be easily sorted as such cutlery can be bought in bulk and everyone will dine in the same style.


  1. Kids-friendly – As disposable cutlery is much safer to be used by children too, unlike standard steel cutlery, it is less likely to cause harm. Although, children should be always monitored while they are dining to avoid any kind of harmful consequences.

  1. Time-saving – Time is the biggest factor for all of us in today’s time. Using disposable cutlery needs no washing up and saves time. In case you are tired after work and are feeling low, you can choose to use disposables for your family dinner. It is indeed a nice option to have a time and energy-saving option.

  1. Highly convenient – Disposable cutlery is highly convenient to use during all the occasion – be it birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers. From many angles, disposable cutlery is the best option and super convenient, especially if you cater for many people.

  1. Reusable purpose – The best part of disposable cutlery is that it can be reused multiple times. It also saves plenty of washing-up time. It would certainly be lightweight and cheaper than standard chinaware or glassware. Now there are stainless steel coated disposable cutlery, it can be reused up to 10 times and washed in the dishwasher, it appears to be a greener solution too.


  1. Bio-degradable – The best part of disposable cutlery can be biodegradable. It means that the plastic used is of a different kind and degrades in the environment in less time as compared to standard plastic. So utilizing such a type is certainly a better choice for the environment as well. However, you need to be careful when opting for biodegradables, some of them are not strong enough. For example, Macdonald Paper offers resistant biodegradable disposable cutlery that is hygienic and safe.

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