Top 10 World-Wide Pod Vapes You Need Be Aware About

The market has been flooded with pod vapes with the increasing popularity of the latest e-cigarettes on daily basis. Obviously, now the choice has been very hard to buy the one which delivers the complete value of the purchase. For this purpose, we’ve taken the jump in the pool of tons of the latest pod devices and picked the best top 10 worldwide pods of 2022.  

Enlisted are the pod system vapes selected based on convenience, compatibility, battery, and flavour tank assembling.

Top 10 latest Pod Vapes of 2022

  1. Drag S Pro
  2. Lost Vape Ursa Baby
  3. Caliburn A21
  4. Mi-Pod 2.0
  5. Caliburn AK2
  6. SMOK Nord 50
  7. SMOK Novo 4
  8. Wenax H1
  9. Vaporesso Zero 2

1st– Drag S Pro

The Drag S Pro is a prevailing and adaptable pod vape. It has designed with a bright, full-colour screen that displays vital vaping figures. It has assembled with a built-in 3000mAh battery that features adjustable wattage up to 80W. Together with, the Drag S Pro gives the user advantage of both buttons activated and draw firing so the user can vape the way he likes. 

Moreover, assembled with two coils: a 0.15ohm coil graded for 60-80W and a 0.3ohm coil graded for 32-40W. The Drag S Pro is compatible with the entire line of TPP coils. These coils make to regulate nicotine e-juices. In addition, these coils, deliver nice, warm vapor and wonderful flavor. 

2nd– Lost Vape Ursa Baby

The Lost Vape Ursa Baby ultimately design for thrill enthusiasts. This pod device is cased in a way that it seems like directly coming from the end game. The Lost Vape Ursa Baby is the best pick-up for a pod system.

These pods can use for regular or nicotine salt e-liquids as well. Similarly, the built-in 800mAh battery enables at least a day full of heavy vaping. The Ursa Baby charges speedily thanks to the Type-C USB charging port so the user has nominal downtime.

3rd– Caliburn A21

The Caliburn is the best definition of a compact pod system vape by Uwell. It possesses all elements which a user is looking for. This device has a very slim and smart, ultra-portable profile. It delivers a fine MTL draw and an excellent flavor release. Plus, the ultra-low output wattage of 15W that the 520mAh battery provides long, all-day usage — even for heavy vapers.

Even more, Surprisingly assembled with a large 520mAh battery and operates with both draw-activated firing and a single firing button as well. Additionally, an LED battery indicator to detect when it’s time to recharge is a plus. All things considered, these refillable pods will hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and are easily refilled by taking away the dip tip.

4th– Mi-Pod 2.0

Apparently, the Mi-Pod 2.0 is a stylish and ultra-compactable pod device, Due to its all-in-one box design, it’s super easy to use. Just fill up the pod, slide the power switch on and gasp on the nozzle and the Mi-Pod 2.0 will start producing vapors and you’re ready to chase clouds.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 is fitted with a 4 LED battery indicator to beware users of how much your battery lasts. The Mi-Pod 2.0 structures an eye-catching and sleek design, available in four exciting shades. To extend this, the Mi-Pod yields a wonderful flavor that is beyond expectation. The Mi-Pod 2.0 is one of the best hassle-free device categories.

5th– Caliburn AK2

The Caliburn AK2 Kit is a great way to onboard the vaping journey. Chiefly, it especially features beginners with the advantage of the sober design. A window is added in the design for the user to check the level of e-liquid just like elf bar 5000 wholesale. As cen be seen, it can hold 2ml e-juice capacity due to the meshed-H 0.9ohm cartridge pod. It can be charged with any USB type-c charging port.

The Caliburn AK2 comes with replaceable pods with two 0.9Ω pods that can vape both regular nicotine e-liquid and nic salt e-juices. Afterwards, after about 2 weeks of usage, you can just replace the coil with another pod, once it is burned out. The pods are available at a very affordable price. 

6th– SMOK Nord 50

The Nord 50 is the latest addition to the Nord device portfolio. This device has received some innovative upgrades to take the skyrocket height in the vaping industry. In the same manner, it also assembles a massive 1800mAh battery and features adjustable wattage up to 50W.

Significantly, the Nord Pod is built-in with a 0.6Ω coil and a 0.23Ω coil that is meant to be used with regular nicotine e-liquid. The user can fill two different e-liquids and simply switch to the pod to vape diverse flavors. Last but not the least, the Nord 50 with its long battery life, amazing flavor, and versatile airflow, has got into the top 10 list of one of the best pod vapes of 2022. 

7th– SMOK Novo 4

The Smok Novo 4 is a modest, stabilizing resin-like wood pattern pod vape. It’s a fine device for easygoing personalities. It just requires inhaling from the mouthpiece to vape and clouds. The pods have a capacity of 2ml of e-liquid and indicate e-juice level.

Furthermore, the Novo 4 packs the same, replaceable 800mAh battery. Thereafter, this lasts for longer than 2-3 days if vaping moderately. The battery is quickly rechargeable using the Type-C USB port. This device comes with a leak-proof advantage. The side casing of the pod was filled for extra security and greatly assembled with no space for the e-liquid leakage.

8th– Wenax H1

Identically, the Wenax H1 is a boundless pod vape, manufactured for both beginner vapers and experienced ones. Its bright shade and sleek design gravitate everybody who takes up a glance at it. It’s a quite similar product to Airbar lux disposable vape and the greatest feature of the Wenax H1 is the ‘leak-guard’ system of it. It’s a true claim the leak-proof device.

Moreover, Wenax H1 impressions are very nice in the hand of the user. It comes with a 0.7Ω coil for MTL. The draw is silk smooth and the flavor is next-level. The Wenax H1 proves itself a high-performance device.

9th– Vaporesso Zero 2

The Vaporesso Zero 2 designed for ultra-modern users of this technological era. This pod vape gives the vibes of coming directly from the space to the holder. It comes with built-in coils along with refillable and replaceable pods.

The design is futuristic, the shell finish with a combined 10 layers of distinct IML which shaped to be streamlined. Correspondingly, When the user inserts/removes the system or takes a draw, the LEDs light up from deep within the device bringing innovative vibes. All these mentioned above amazing features bring Zero 2 to the list of top 10 pod vapes of 2022.


The XROS MINI is a mini and ultra-portable pod device. It’s designed in a lightweight and compact manner. Its embossed patterned lift appears to be stylish and gives grip to hold. This features wattage and is perfect for mid to high-strength nicotine e-juices or even vaping with nicotine salts. The pod has a 2ml tank capacity. All you need is a quick glimpse at the pod to know the need for more e-liquid and battery life. Particularly, the XROS MINI features a nice tight MTL draw, much tighter than many of the competition on the market. Since it doesn’t have wattage adjustment or airflow control but it’s an easy-to-use device with no performance issues