Top 10 Video Chat APIs for Video Chat Apps

Video chat apps are among the most used methods by people to stay in contact with their loved ones. The ability to see your loved ones, no matter how far they are, is very important for people. So, if you are building a free video chat platform, you will need an excellent video chat API or SDK. 

It is also possible to integrate a video chat API into your already existing chatting platform to add a video chatting function. Continue to read the article to get a detailed overview of the top 10 video chat APIs and SDKs available in the market.

Part 1: What is a Video Chat API and SDK

Part 2: Why We Should Choose Professional Video Chat API & SDK

Part 3: Best 10 Video Chat APIs for App Integration

Part 1: What is a Video Chat API and SDK

A video chat API is a type of API that allows you to add video chat functionalities to a web or mobile platform. APIs, in general, are third-party code blocks that will enable you to add specific functionality to your web or mobile project easily. It saves you from having to build that functionality from scratch. So, if you have a digital platform that requires video chat functionalities, video chat API is the optimal solution.

Unlike APIs, SDKs are sets of tools required to build an app with certain functionalities. So, a video SDK is a software development kit that allows you to build a video chat platform easily. It contains different tools like libraries, debuggers, compilers, APIs, and others tools required to build the best video chat application

Part 2: Why We Should Choose Professional Video Chat API & SDK

When adding video chat functionalities to a web or mobile app, there are many benefits in choosing professional video chat APIs or SDKs. The first and main benefit is the cost and time saving compared to building everything from scratch. The video chat API or SDK can also be easily implemented and integrated with an app on any platform.

Most of the APIs or SDKs come with scalability options and can easily be scaled according to your needs. To make themselves more attractive to developers, most APIs and SDKs also contain many extra and important features regarding that functionality, which can be very useful for you.

Part 3: Best 10 Video Chat APIs for App Integration

Many video chat APIs and SDKs are available on the internet, all claiming to be the best in the market. Below is a detailed overview of the 10 Video Chat APIs we believe are the best.


ZEGOCLOUD offers a great and easy-to-integrated video chat API that you can use to add video chat functionalities when creating a video chat app. It allows users to create one-to-one and group video calls, live-stream their video calls, or do live broadcasts. You can use it to share screens, send files, create video conferences and webinars, record videos, send virtual gifts, etc.

Image name: zegocloud-1.jpg

Image alt: zegocloud video chatting api


  • It provides a face beautification feature during video calling to improve your video chat experience.
  • You can record your live calls and save them for future use.
  • The video calls are maintained at high resolution to enhance the video calling experience.
  • During a video call, you can share your screen with other users.

Price: HD: $3.99/1000mins; Full HD: $12.99/1000mins



The video chat API offered by can be used to integrate video chat functionalities in apps within minutes. Its maximum limit for participants in a video call is 100K, but only 25 participants can turn on their cams or mics at the same time. However, in calls with up to 1000 participants, all can use their mics and cameras. You can live stream your webinars, fitness routines, gaming videos, etc.

Image name: daily-2.jpg

Image alt: video chatting api


  • It supports live-streaming for platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, MUX, Amazon IVS, etc.
  • The maximum number of participants that can be added to a video call is up to 100000.
  • For video calls, you can easily customize the background color, text, icons, etc.
  • You can have localization support in over 15 languages when using video chat API.

Price: $0.004/participant/minute


3. CometChat

CometChat video chat API can be used to add video chat functionalities to apps being built on Android, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Vue, React, Angular, etc. It is easy to integrate and has detailed documentation for help in the integration process. The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature allows users to get authenticated and use a single set of login credentials. Other features include webhooks and bots, file sharing, custom messages, etc.

Image name: cometchat-3.jpg

Image alt: cometchat video chatting api


  • You will be able to see the indicators for typing, reading, speaking, and online presence.
  • It allows you to make one-to-one video and voice calls and text chat groups. 
  • The communication on the network is end-to-end encrypted to protect users’ privacy.
  • The live stream feature can be used to broadcast your videos and audio calls.

Price: Startup: $149/month; Growth: $399/month; Scale: $749/month


4. Video SDK 

Video SDK provides a video chatting API that can help you add video chat and calling functionalities when developing video chat applications. It allows users to live stream and record their audio and video calls. You can create group video calls, video conferences, chat rooms, etc. The camera and mic permissions can be modified, and it provides indications for the active speaker. 

Image name: video-sdk-4.jpg

Image alt: video sdk video chatting api


  • During a group video call, you can pin a participant to connect with him.
  • You can change the video call resolution to make the video calling experience smoother.
  • It allows you to share your screen with other participants during a video call.
  • Your video and voice quality can also be controlled to enhance the video call.

Price: Video Call (SD): $0.002/participant/minute; Video Call (HD): $0.003/participant/minute; Video Call (Full HD): $0.007/participant/minute


5. SendBird

The video chat API of SendBird is used to create video chat applications across multiple platforms. It provides features like one-to-one and group video and voice calls, cross-platform sync, push notifications, chat analytics, typing indicators, etc. During chats, it provides many features to keep the users engaged, and they can receive messages when offline.

Image name: sendbird-sdk-5.jpg

Image alt: sendbird video chat api


  • It allows you to customize calls’ metadata by adding subject lines, labels, tags, etc.
  • You can use the advanced chat moderation feature during live streams.
  • The voice and video calls have high quality, clear sound, and no lag
  • Video and voice calls can be made across cross-platforms.

Price: Peer-to-peer: $0.0014/minute; Server-relayed: $0.0035


6. offers you a video chatting API that can be used to create a custom video solution. The API is fully customizable and easy to integrate with your web and mobile apps. Its simulcast feature allows users to control the resolution of video calls to avoid video lagging. During a video call, the background can be blurred, or you can define a custom background.

Image name: dolby-6.jpg

Image alt: video chat api


  • It provides support for HD video chats at up to 30fps, and this feature is compatible with all devices.
  • You can capture and share screens across all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.
  • When recording videos or live streaming, you can choose a customized layout.
  • The RTMP or Real-Time Messaging Protocol allows you to live stream your videos on multiple platforms.

Price: 1 – 300k minutes per month: $0.00450; 300k – 3M: $0.00383 


7. Agora

Agora free video chat APIs provide seamless integration for web and mobile apps. It allows you to create a fully customizable video chat platform for your project with real-time features to improve voice and video chat quality, like analytics, content moderators, 3D audio, noise suppression, etc. The API is easy to deploy and fully scalable.

Image name: agora-7.jpg

Image alt: agora video chat api


  • The video calls are high quality and free of stutter, jitter, and lag, even when the network is bad.
  • It lets you record your video and voice calls with complete control over file format, storage, and quality.
  • Videos are multi-track, makings them easier to control and edit when ensuring quality.
  • You can share screens and files with other users on the platform.

Price: HD: $3.99/1000minutes; Full HD: $8.99/1000minutes


8. GetStream API

The video chat API of GetStream can add powerful video chat features when used during the development of a video chat app. It provides a fully customizable UI kit and many options for integration. The API works smoothly on multiple platforms like Android. React. iOS, etc. Its main services include push notifications, video calling, video conferences, live broadcasts, etc.

Image name: getstream-8.jpg

Image alt: getsream video chat api


  • The video calls are fully encrypted and have ISO 27001, SOC2, and HIPPA compliance.
  • Using a dashboard, you can monitor the quality of live calls.
  • It is possible to set up video and audio chat rooms with ease.
  • You can edit and delete messages, and it provides support for emoticons and reactions.

Price: Contact Sales


9. Vidyo

Vidyo’s video chat API provides quick and easy integration for adding video chat features to web and mobile video chat apps. It allows you to build interactive virtual communication platforms on the Web, iOS, and Android. The API works as a SaaS platform and provides features like end-to-end encryption, screen sharing, enterprise video management, video meeting rooms, and many more.

Image name: vidyo-9.jpg

Image alt: vidyo video chat api


  • It provides completely secure video group calls and video conferences. 
  • You will get up to 4K quality videos during video calls.
  • The video meetings can be held with up to 16 participants in HD quality.
  • Webinars and live broadcasts can be held with ease using this API.

Price: Team: $14.99/host/month; Enterprise: $15.99/host/month


10. Apphitect

Apphitect provides a video chat API that allows you to create video chatting apps and websites easily. The API is fully customizable and can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud. It provides complete security by complaining with standards like AES256, OC2, HIPAA, TLS, and GDPR. Its significant features include screen sharing, language translation, SIP calls, VoIP calls, push notifications, etc.

Image name: apphitect-10.jpg

Image alt: apphitect video chat api


  • You can create group video calls and video conferences using this API.
  • When making video conferences, you can fully manage the conferences regarding their participants, schedule, etc.
  • It provides an interactive live broadcast feature to enhance your broadcasting experience.
  • Your video and voice calls can be recorded and stored for future use.

Price: Contact Sales


The demand for communication applications, especially video chat apps, will increase with the increasing number of internet users. It means building your web or mobile platforms with video chatting functionality or adding it to existing apps is beneficial.