Top 10 Vaping Gadgets to Look Out For In 2020

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Vaping is a good way to wean yourself off cigarettes. It reduces one’s chances of cancer and lung disease when compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Over time vaping has become a culture worldwide. Vapes and E-cigarettes were being sold across Asia for a long time and in 2007 they were introduced in the United States of America. After being popularized by YouTubers like Ethan Klein or H3H3 aka “the vape god”, “vape-nation” gripped the world.


With the advent of E-cigarettes and their popularization on social media, E-cigarette companies have been constantly innovating. If you are a smoker who wants to switch to vaping or are already part of the “vape nation” you might be interested in the best-vaping gadgets available to man.


The Vape Box


The vape box is a customized vape designed for the H3H3 podcast. Almost the size of a human torso, the vape box is designed neither for style nor practicality. The giant vape device can be seen sometimes on the H3H3 podcast when Ethan wishes for a guest to see it. It is very obviously a prized possession and it is treated as such.


The vape box was a labor of love and is quite possibly the biggest functioning vape in the world. With handlebars on the side to carry it with, green exterior and purple lights. the vape box (or vape MOD as it is lovingly called) is a force to be reckoned with. People like famed author and professor, Jordan Peterson, can be seen using the Vape box on the podcast. Unfortunately, the vape box is not widely available on the market and is meant to be beheld at a distance.


For those that want to endeavor themselves and really want a vape box, never fear. For you can actually find instructions for the creation of the famed vape box online. The vape box consists of 150 batteries and packs quite the punch. Both for your lungs and for your wallet. However, the smoke clouds are nothing less than magnificent. This vape is rated 420/10. But you might want to look for something else at vape Melbourne.


Juul Vapor


Perhaps one of the best-known kinds of vape companies, Juul has consistently been coming up with the most popular vapes. The Juul Vapor is also known as the iPhone of vapes. Owing to its huge demand in the market when it was released in 2017.


Air Vape XS


This vape was groundbreaking because of its slick slim style when it was released in 2018. The successor of the Air Vape, the Air Vape XS has a bundle of accessories built-in like a precise temperature control system and vape chamber.


Smoke Alien


This vape is an absolute pocket rocket. Compact and small but it produces the densest smoke clouds possible. Very popular amongst those that want to show off their vape skills at parties and nightclubs, the smoke alien is very flashy indeed.


Special K Vape


This style of vape is amongst the new generation of vapes. A very 2020 design, packing a great flavor and long battery life. Special K really is special in that it is one of the most well-rounded vapes around. With 12-hour battery life and just 2 seconds of heat up time, the Special K lets you know that in this modern age, you really can have the best of both worlds. Due to its ergonomic design and power-efficient battery, it is one of the safest options if you are about to spend the day outside.




The Eleaf is a different kind of vape. It is not made for party tricks and does not aim to overwhelm the user. The Eleaf is for when you decide to spend the day at home and do a little recreational vaping. It is designed for a smooth flow and subtle taste. It is a simple straightforward vape with a three-button vape navigation system.


Mig Vapor Morpheus


Despite the intimidating name, the Mig Vapor Morpheus is quite the humble vape pen. With a stainless steel and copper fiber build, the Mig is durable and made for longevity. With a 14-hr. battery life and only 1 second of heat-up time, the Mig is more than capable of challenging the big boys of vaping.




Khan. This vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer that is meant to be shown off. A red and green design and 16-hour long battery life make it one of the most enjoyable vapes to carry in your pocket. The Khan is a versatile and dynamic vaporizer that can be used for functionality as well as for showing off.


Innokin Pocket box


This is the new breed of vapes. This vape is the epitome of the new wave of aesthetic simplicity. The Innokin Pocket box does not have any controls and settings. It only has the engage button which is very “back to the basics” where vapes are concerned. The design of the vape is very small. It is enough to fit in your fist and is smaller than most conventional vapes. But packs quite the punch.


The Innokin Pocket box is not just a vape, it also signifies a change in philosophy. Instead of focusing on making the vape itself flashy, the pocket box is for those wanting to be more subtle. For the vape enthusiasts that prefer nuance, the pocket box is in the market.


Aspire SkyStar Revvo


To end this list, we have the Aspire SkyStar Revvo. Despite the wordiness of the name it is very simple for the user to use. The Revvo is made with every contingency in mind-from overcharging to reverse polarity. And it accounts for every one of these issues. It is amongst the safest new entries into the vape market and its modern design and unique look make it a good last entry to this article.




Whether you choose the KHAN or the Mig, vaping is a fun pass-time to have. As the world has changed and developed, the world of e-cigarettes has also evolved and become safer and more fun. It is still advised to limit vaping to recreational use in places where people are okay with it though. Happy vaping!