Top 10 Universities for STEM Programs Abroad

What are STEM Programs?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and most majors in these fields are classified as STEM degrees. The options are varied and include most of the degrees in science and engineering as well as lesser-known degrees like Animal Science and Nutrition, Agronomy and Crop Science, Urban Forestry, Mining Technology, etc.

STEM courses are at the top of the list when it comes to significant wide fields of study. The majority of the top study abroad university are well-known for their STEM degrees and internship opportunities in the industry. Students from all over the world who are looking for the best universities to pursue degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics spend a lot of time researching. Finding credible information becomes a daunting task with millions of search results at your fingers. To make this journey convenient for you we have come up with top universities worldwide.

1.     California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is well-known for its scientific and engineering programs. Caltech is one of the greatest engineering schools in USA as they have 38 Nobel Prize winners, pioneered silicon chip design, found the positron, discovered gravitational waves, invented the pH meter, and more.

Biology & Biological Engineering, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Engineering & Applied Science, Geological & Planetary Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy are the academic departments at Caltech.

2.     Massachusetts institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best universities worldwide. MIT has almost 100 Nobel laureates among its ranks, as well as numerous Rhodes, Truman, and other scholars, and a distinction from a number of prominent rating organizations. MIT has five schools and 30 departments which offers STEM Programs such as Architecture and Planning, Engineering, and Science. There are numerous amazing research facilities, labs, and opportunities available, allowing for maximum focus on discovery, hands-on learning, and real-world invention.

3.     Colorado School of Mines

If you are looking for the best universities in USA especially for STEM Programs, then Colorado School of Mines is the right place for you. The goal of Mines is to enhance the understanding of earth, energy, and ecology. And, in order to accomplish this STEM disciplines and degrees are their specialties. The school is likely to have every kind of engineering that you require. Some of the top STEM Programs of Mines are: Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Chemical Engineering

4.     Worcester Polytechnique Institute

The educational model of the institute has a simple motto which includes “theory and Practice”. The institute has 14 departments with over 50-degree programs. The WPI educational model features hands on learning, project-based learning, global immersion, personalized and customized courses, and team-based learning, which makes the model a distinctive element of the school. This educational paradigm not only develops exceptional engineers, but it also requires students to take responsibility for their lives and education from the start.

Engineering, computer science, mathematics, biology, physical sciences, and other disciplines are available at WPI. The school is well recognized for its engineering program, which is well suited to the educational philosophy of using project-based learning to engage with real-world challenges.

5.     Rice University

Rice University is a Houston-based private research university. It is known for its applied sciences and research, with 62% of undergraduates involved in research. The School of Architecture, George R. Brown School of Engineering, and Wiess School of Natural Sciences are three of Rice’s eight schools dedicated to STEM fields. In terms of stem degrees, there are numerous possibilities to consider. Rice’s Office of STEM Engagement (R-STEM) not only produce results like inventing artificial hearts and Nobel and Pulitzer and National Medal of Science award recipients, but it also supports, promotes, and train students.

6.     Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University was founded in 1885 to train mining engineers and was the Upper Peninsula’s first post-secondary institution. What started with four staff members and 23 students is now a top study abroad university and a thriving technology school with 7000 students and 120 undergraduate and graduate degrees in largely STEM fields.

Students at MTU use service learning to create nanosatellites, improve prosthetic ankles, and connect robots with children. With a median salary of $60,000, students also have the sixth highest beginning salary in the country. You’ll have access to cutting-edge technology and research equipment due to approximately 20 research institutes and centers. Another distinguishing feature of MTU is its setting and location.

7.     Steven Institute of Technology

Steven’s location, surroundings, and facilities reveal a high level of research, enterprise, and innovation activities. The Maritime Security Center (MSC) and the Systems Engineering Research Center are two national research centers housed within SIT. Stevens Venture Center, which offers possibilities to those interested in business technology and applications. The most common STEM major is engineering, but there are many more options. For instance, research and training includes Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, data science and information systems; life sciences; and resilience and sustainability, etc.

8.     Missouri University of Science and Technology

Founded in 1870 as a public research university, Missouri Science and Technology continues to head research and lead in STEM Programs. The university is best known for its engineering program, so if you are looking for best engineering colleges in USA, in that the university is the best fit for you. The college features undergraduate engineering and computing degree programs, as well as 19 master’s and doctoral degree programs in engineering and computing. However, engineering isn’t the only discipline involved. The school is consistently ranked for undergraduate research and graduate programs. Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure, Enabling Materials for Extreme Environments, and Smart Living are four of Missouri S&T’s Signature Research Areas.

9.     St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College is a top university in Canada for computer networking and technical support program which is ideal for students who are interested in computers, but doesn’t love advanced math and physics. This diploma program includes cutting-edge and classic technology classes, as well as on-the-job training with a local company during the final semester. Students will be prepared for technical support roles in a variety of industries as a result of the program’s mix of course work and work placement. Client/server computing, enterprise networks, administration, and internet management are examples of these.

10.  Clarkson University

Engineering is Clarkson’s STEM focus, although the school also offers computer science, mathematics, biology, and other STEM degrees. There are numerous research centers and possibilities at CU. Data analytics, STEM and entrepreneurial education, healthy world solutions, and the next generation of innovative materials are some of their signature research topics. CU students engage and work with nearly 380 active partners in business, government agencies, chambers of commerce, and research groups, all of whom have a global perspective.

To wrap up, there are thousands of universities and destinations to chose from, this blog represents a small portion of top universities worldwide with STEM Programs as their specialties and main focus of education. Obtaining a STEM degree involves a lot of effort, discipline, and sacrifice, but the result is enormous. Scientists are transforming the world, and graduates in STEM subjects are in high demand. Pursuing a STEM Program from a top study abroad university provides you an added advantage as an international degree from a reputed university/ college is always as asset that can open your paths for different opportunities.


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