Top 10 Underrated Social Media Sites to Promote Your Content in 2019

There are more than 2.5 billion social media users worldwide. Imagine the website traffic if you got access to even 10 percent of this number, it will be huge no doubt.


Gone are the days when only search engines were responsible for website traffic, these days social media has emerged as an alternative of search engines and is capable enough too. No matter if you don’t know what the heck SEO or website monetization is; you can still manage to drive enough traffic via various social media platforms.


Almost every business big or small is now investing their time, energy and resources in social media marketing. There are hundreds of social media channels available but most people target only a few of them including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat, etc.


The other lesser-known social media platforms are often underestimated and this post is dedicated to those platforms. These underrated social media sites have huge potential and can provide great returns if utilized well. Let’s start this list of top 10 underrated social media sites to promote your content in 2019 and build your online presence.





Social media isn’t just a medium of communication these days. The algorithm of each social media is different and each one can be utilized differently. As for example, Pinterest is different from Facebook and Twitter in every aspect and thus it can be treated uniquely.


With Pinterest, you can promote your product/services, build links and create your own brand name. This underrated platform will help you to increase your online presence easily.


Forget search engine rankings, if you have a huge follower base and active profile in Pinterest you can rank on the first page of search results. If you have a business-related to graphics then there will be no other social media sites other than Pinterest will be useful for you.




Quora is also one of the most underrated social media platforms. It is clearly not a type of place to make friends do chatting and upload pictures. Quora can help you establish your identity online and boast your expertise according to your industry and niche.


Quora’s marketing power is often underestimated but you must not do the same. Quora is a unique platform which works on active engagement and sharing knowledge. Create your profile according to your expertise which outlines your education history and professional resume.


Answer questions, be worthy of Quora and engage with other users to build your connection and credibility. Quora is the perfect place to make your own mark and build your brand identity.


3.Facebook Messenger



Promotion on Facebook and Messenger are completely different things. Many people don’t even know that they can promote their content and blog on messenger also.


The best thing about promoting content on Messenger is that it comes with integrated chatbots that help users improving customer service. No matter if you own a big or small business if you are not helpful to your visitors it is possible that they may not come to your website next time.


On the other hand when customers or visitors feel valued and get help through a particular website the chances of their revisit increase. That’s why Messenger is considered as a unique social media platform which helps in cultivating a loyal customer base easily and efficiently.




Flickr is practically not a social media but it can help you build your website’s online presence. Images have become a powerful tool these days and nobody can afford to ignore this.


Many people consider Flickr as only a collection of images available online but it is more than that. You can rank your website higher on Google image search by monetizing your blog’ images properly and with Flickr it becomes easier.


The best part of Flickr is that it allows you to add description and website links with your blog images. This makes it easy for you to build awareness for your blog in an easier and effective way.





Nothing makes you more professional than LinkedIn. It is a multipurpose social media site where you can create blog posts, share links, build connections and hunt job. LinkedIn was launched on 5th May 2003 and in just a few years it becomes the largest network of professionals more than 645+ million.


LinkedIn has become a global platform for experts and professionals living in 200+ countries and places worldwide. This social media works within a simple mission of providing a platform to the world’s professionals. This will help them connecting each other and being more productive and successful.




If we are talking about underrated social media sites then it becomes necessary to include Tumblr. Founded on February 2007 Tumblr has a huge user base and more than 480 million blogs have been published over the years.


Tumblr is like a canvas where its users are allowed to show their creativity and enhance productivity. You can post images, texts, GIFs, audio, video or even can make your own GIF. The demand and versatility of visual content have increased a lot over the years and Tumblr will help you stand in the crowd.





Just like LinkedIn, GuestCrew is also a place where you can connect with professionals according to your niche. The best part of this platform is that you can share your links, stories and blog posts in no time just because of its easy social sharing button and easy interface.


GuestCrew is a kind of crowd speaking platform which helps you in managing your social media posts in more better and organized way. No matter if you don’t have millions of followers on social media you can reach the masses easily.




As same as Flickr, Minds is also not a conventional social media platform where you can simply create an account and start posting your stories. Minds is a multifunctional platform that works on cryptocurrency algorithms and allow it, users, to create blog posts, promote content and build their network.


If you are an internet marketer, blogger, online influencer, SEO expert etc then Minds will be the perfect place for you and your business. This platform has more transparency compared to other social media sites and brings new opportunities to even new users.


Minds is a decentralized platform and work on Blockchain technology which makes is a unique and more revolutionized social media channel.





What will be better than sharing your stories and content on the 5th most visited platform in the US? Reddit can do wonders and provide unexpected results.


Different social media sites are used for a different purpose but Reddit is an all-round performer. No matter whatever you want to share (except nudity), you can do that easily and will also get huge attention in a matter of seconds.





You won’t believe but YouTube is just behind Google in an aspect of search engine rankings. If you or your business isn’t on YouTube you are clearly making a huge mistake. YouTube can be the best platform to promote your content online. Keep one thing in mind that visual and image speaks louder than texts and that’s why you must make an effort to utilize the power of visuals via YouTube.


Bottom Line:


Social media is boon for those people who are aware of its power. When it comes to top social media sites people often prefer Facebook and Instagram but the world of social media is bigger and diverse other than few countable social media sites.


You must create a list of top underrated or less preferred social media sites to promote your content to enhance engagement, increase sales and boost traffic.

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