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No one is here who does not like to look good obviously, everyone wants to look decent. But as we know the time has come when people are facing a shortage of time, so it is quite difficult to maintain their clothes by washing, ironing, and dry-cleaning them daily. 

But now we are living in an era that is fully covered by technologies and laundry services apps are one of them. So if you are planning to develop a laundry app for your business then you need a laundry app development company that will help you from each perspective.

At the current time, competition is high in every sector. Laundry apps are not behind it. Numerous laundry apps are available in the market here we will discuss only the top trending laundry apps.

  • Dirty Laundry 
  • By Next
  • OX Wash
  • Washmen
  • TaskRabbit
  • Flycleaners
  • 2U Laundry
  • Rinse
  • 24 Tidy

Dirty Laundry 

Dirty Laundry app is one of the best laundry app services in the market these days. Its rating and reviews are the symbols of its reputation in the market.

You can schedule your date and time. They will pick up your dirty clothes and after properly cleaning or dry-cleaning they deliver your dress to your home. 

You can add instructions before giving them to clean like a variety of your dress and quantity.

  • Proper Navigation Available
  • 24*7 service available
  • Working in all major cities

By Next

This new app is a combination of Cleanly and NextCleaners and delivers house cleaning and garment protection alternatives. 

They offer dry cleaning and standard laundry, with next-day delivery, and also allow users to select preferences for washing, detergent, and drying.

So if you have a plan to execute your laundry app choose the best laundry app development company in USA.

  • Real-time monitor available 
  • Review and rating option
  • Chat available

OX Wash

OX Wash delivers a variety of services you can do a self-pick or using the app you can ask for delivery at your place.

You can schedule your date or time according to your convenience. They believe easy and eco-friendly dry cleaning and quality washing cost should not be an arm and a leg. 

Thousands of users use our excellent services weekly, from pickup to washing to delivery. 

  • Real-time notification
  • Same-day or next-day delivery facility 
  • Multiple payment options


Washmen offers on-demand cleaning and washing. It is one of the finest apps in UAE & Asia. They provide 100% hassle-free and contactless. 

Here you can select a date and time with your comfort. you can ask them to deliver clean clothes to your door and get them on your own, to protect the clothes you can mention the quality of them.

  • Different types of services are available 
  • Available in all big cities of UAE & Asia
  • Push notification for all updates is known for its superb quality service & its rating or huge reviews are the symbol of its dignity, but it is not responsible if your clothes shrink at the time of cleaning or washing, to prevent that situation you can add your quality type before giving them to laundrymen. They also allow users to check their laundry clothes’ live location and also you can chat with the delivery agent.

  • Super quality 
  • Excellent delivery 
  • Exclusive offers to their consumers


TaskRabbit is an excellent on-demand service available in all big cities in the USA. It offers a variety of services like self-pick-up, location tracking, in-app chat, and real-time notification when a new update comes in the TaskRabbit app. Numerous payment options are available in it.

  • Unique registration process
  • Live navigation
  • Multi services available


FlyCleaners is a fantastic laundry delivery app that gives several facilities you can choose any date and day to give your dirty clothes any type of quality they have like woolen, thin, jeans, and more. They allow you to bring and take by yourself or ask them to deliver to your door. In the app, you get multiple payment options, fast delivery, push notifications, and more things.

  • A variety of services are available
  • One day delivery 
  • Option available for winter or summer clothes

2U Laundry

It is well known in the USA and has offered numerous services for the last 5 years. Here you get plenty of services like selecting the time and day on your own, you can complete your payment by any method.

  • Get various payment methods
  • Real-time navigation
  • Exclusive offers


It is known for its excellent laundry services in the market and believes in delivering quality content for its users. You can save money using cashback offers and referral codes. Real-time chat is available if you have any concerns then ask on the chat bar and also the search bar available to find nearby laundrymen.

  • Best price 
  • Save time
  • Available for 24 hours

24 Tidy

24 Tidy is a big name in the laundry services in market the USA & has thousands of satisfied clients in their big list, giving the best deals at regular intervals. Here various payment methods are available. You can select any one of them. 

  • Super fast delivery
  • Best quality services
  • Numerous payment gateways


In this blog, we discussed the top 10 trending laundry apps with complete details of what type of services they are providing and how they work. At the current time, the laundry business is on its boom & investing money to develop a laundry app for your on-site laundry business can be a great idea today. If you have any plans for your business then you can take help from an experienced mobile app development company.

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