Top 10 Tools For Android Development

Mobiles and tablets have become the replacement for personal computers and laptops as they are portable and more technological. For this reason, the world of operating platforms has boomed and to be more specific, the android application world.

Android development course in surat is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices. More than 80% of all devices run some version of android software and it has become a fan favourite and many companies opt to form a partnership with google to preinstall android on their devices. This popularity is due to the fact that the interface is user-friendly and can be effectively used even by first-timers. 

1) Android studio

Android studio is the official development environment for the Google owned android operating system. This software is specially made for android and is released by Google hence is safe to use. This software has all the essentials for developing android applications.

2) Android SDK

  • Debugger
  •  Emulator
  • Sample source code
  • Documents for android application program interface (API’s)
  • Required libraries

Android SDK (software development kit) is a group of tools for the development of android based applications. Each time a new android version is released, a new SDK version is also released. It includes the following.   

 3) Instabug

Allows for bug reporting and feedback of performance, this tool is a vital element for all android application developers. Making sure that your product is working both effectively and efficiently plays a huge role in deciding the popularity and revenue generation of it. Surveys and feedback offered by this software can help propel you by helping you to improve your application. It allows for monitoring of issues and pin-point the exact problem making corrections easier and fast. 

4) Fabric

The fabric (now Firebase) platform goes by a simple chain, build your app, improve it, and lastly, grow your business. An achievable feat for any business that goes by it.

Building your app is the easiest part as you are assisted by strong foundation tools such as cloud hosting and user management tools that help to keep up with user logins and password options. Secondly, you get crashlytics which is the official app for real-time crash reporting, valuable feedback on the app’s performance and functionality makes for faster issue resolving.

Lastly, you also get testing features to further try and implement improving factors into your application. Google Analytics is another free offering from this software.

5) Leak Canary

When a programme causes an application to keep a reference to an item that is of no use anymore, it causes an Out Of Memory error crash (OOM). The leak canary software has claimed to have reduced almost 94% of OOM crashes when first released. It works by latching into the Android system and automatically identifies destroyed activities and objects and collects them as garbage, using only these four steps: find the leak, narrow down the leak trace, find the cause, fix the leak. 

6) Unity 3D

Many know this application as the most popular game engine for the development of 2 and 3-dimensional games, but it is also a simulation and visualization platform. The application finds a host of uses in a wide range of fields such as gaming, manufacturing, transport, cinematics, animation, architecture, and engineering. Perhaps the greatest feature is that absolutely no coding is required and the software is up to date on the latest trends such as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies.

7) Gradle

Gradle is a free open source tool that allows you to build any kind of software, using any kind of programming language. Languages such as Java, C++, Python or any other alternative can be utilized. It is a build automation system that allows you to build using the concept of Apache Ant and Apache Maven.

8) Flowup

Complete or partial application development is an offering of the flowup software. Another feature is cloud-based solutions that gives a modern interface and is accessible all day long regardless of your location. This company promises a modern look at all things and is definitely worth trying for all android developers and opts for innovative, efficient, and qualitative methodology in their working process.

9) Mockplus 

Mockplus RP is an efficient prototyping tool for the development of android applications.

Features such as fast prototyping and viewing prototypes by scanning by QR code make this software a widely used one. Prototyping is the designing of a user interface for apps. User interface is a deciding factor in the success or failure of an application, so creating a simple and resourceful UI is important for all developers of any operating system. Everything from window interactions to fonts and layout are catered for by mockplus.

10) Flinto 

This is an application made for android app designing and has made life so much easier if you need inspirational designs for your creation.animation course in surat, scrolling, gestures, sound effects, and micro-interactions are just a few features that flinto exhibits. Not only does it offer all these accessories but it also provides an array of options for each feature.