Top 10 things to do in Morocco

This country has fully preserved its originality. It can surprise you with its colorful traditions, fragrant cuisine, and the bustle of the markets and streets.

Despite the fact that Morocco is only a couple of hours flight from European cities, this country has fully preserved its identity. It can surprise you with its colorful traditions, its flavorful cuisine, and the bustle of the markets and streets. Read today’s article about how to make sense of all this diversity and not to miss anything important. These are the top 10 things to do for you holidays in Morocco.

Get lost in the labyrinths of FesĀ :

Medina is the heart of an Arab city. The labyrinths of narrow and intricate streets, mosaic fountains, beautiful mosques, the noise and aromas of markets, and craft shops create the unique flavor of the medieval quarter. Everything here looks the same as it did centuries ago, which is why the Medina of Fez is a UNESCO heritage site. Walking around the neighborhood, absorbing its unique atmosphere and watching scenes of local life is an endless experience.

Visit tanneriesĀ :

One of the attractions of the ancient city of Fes are the tanneries, which are easy to find by their peculiar smell. Here craftsmen separate leather from wool, soak it, dye and dry it in order to turn it into products of amazing beauty. It is a manual labor without any mechanization or automation – the process of making leather has not changed since the Middle Ages. You can see all this from one of the viewing platforms located on the terraces of the stores or on the roofs of the houses surrounding the workshops.

Try the tagineĀ :

Tagine is not only a traditional Moroccan dish, but also the way it is prepared and the name of a special cookware. This Moroccan delicacy is prepared from any meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Everything is stewed in its own juice over low heat in a clay pot covered with a high cone-shaped lid. A proper tagine should be cooked over charcoal, with spices, honey, and berries. The unique taste of the dish fully justifies the long wait for its preparation.

Visit the HammamĀ :

Hammam can be found in every area of every city in Morocco. For Moroccans, the hammam is not just a bathhouse, but a part of culture, a place where ritual actions are performed. The locals believe that not only bodily but also spiritual purification takes place here. To wash here, as a rule, they use soft clay or soap, which you can bring with you or buy on the spot. For a spicier experience, you can use the services of a bath attendant and, in addition to simple water procedures, make a clay wrap or massage with aromatic oils.

Try your hand at the art of bargainingĀ :

Bargaining is a special way of communication for the Moroccan. When you come to this country, you must remember that you have to bargain everywhere, using all your skills and methods of persuasion. At first it may seem difficult. But once you bring down the price you get a taste for it and start haggling just for fun.

Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of Djema el-Fna SquareĀ :

In the center of Marrakech, in Djema el-Fna Square, the traffic does not stop for a minute, day and night. Strolling artists, fortune tellers, beggars, snake charmers, astrologers, acrobats – you can’t meet anyone here! During the morning hours it’s relatively quiet, but in the evening the aromas of spices, fruits and cooking bring a huge number of people and everything turns into a mystery of light, sound, smell and taste. After walking around the square, you can sit in one of the restaurants nearby to watch everything happening from the side, slowly sipping Moroccan tea.

Enjoy the taste of Moroccan teaĀ :

Tea preparation and consumption is also part of Moroccan culture. Green tea, sugar, and mint are poured over boiling water and kept on low heat for a while longer. Tea is also poured in a special way by holding the metal teapot high above the glass so that the stream is long and the drink foams a little. Moroccan tea is fragrant, tasty, digestive, and a relief from the heat, just what you need in this North African country.

Climbing Jebel Toubkal PeakĀ :

For a break from the hustle and bustle of Arab cities, you should go to the highest peak in North Africa, Jebel Toubkal. This highest point in Morocco is located in a national park near Marrakech. Jebel Toubkal is considered an easy climb. The views from the summit are spectacular and you can even see the beginning of the Sahara sands. Of particular interest when climbing the mountains are the mud-brick villages on the slopes, mountain passes, rivers and waterfalls.

Spend the night in the desertĀ :

Climb a camel and take a local guide to spend the night in a tent among the sand dunes of the Sahara. It’s worth it to see the incredibly clear starry sky and to be alone with nature. On the way to the overnight stop at Todra Gorge, famous for its cliffs, Berber villages, and date palms. The sunrise in the desert is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, many tourists admire Morocco desert tours, they camel trek and spend the night at Berber tents.

Relax on one of the country’s golden beachesĀ :

The most famous beach resorts in Morocco are the cities of Agadir and Essaouira. The beaches here are wide, with golden sand. The Atlantic waves crashing near Agadir are a great place for surfers. It even plays host to water-skiing and surfing tournaments in May. There’s a constant breeze in Essaouira, so the waves are always high, which isn’t great for swimmers but is great for windsurfers.


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