Top 10 things to do in Kerala

Do you know about Kerala? If not, you are on the proper palace; just read this blog and learn some interesting things about Kerala. Kerala is one of the beautiful tourist destinations located on the Malabar Coast..

If you don’t have any idea what are the exciting things that you can do in Kerala, then we have discussed a list of exciting things that you can do in Kerala like

  • Live in a houseboat
  • Attend the traditional function
  • Take a tea field tour

Live in a Houseboat

If you come to Kerala for a romantic visit and have enjoyed the Boathouse, your honeymoon tour package for kerala is incomplete. You can book a houseboat by paying some charges and book a personal houseboat.

You will experience life on the water and capture these beautiful movements for your whole life.

Take a Village Tour

Yes, this one is also one of the exciting things you can do in Kerala. By doing this, you will know the local life of the Kerala people and see the living standard of the Kerala people.

Meet with Kerala people and learn some exciting stories about how people live based on agriculture and Fishing.

Enjoy an Ayurvedic Treatment

Do you love Ayurveda? If yes, then this will be very interesting for you. Kerala people have a deep belief in Ayurveda treatments. They thought this method was one of the most effective healing methods from ancient times.

There are many resorts and Spas where you can visit and enjoy the Spa and massage. You have to pay some charges.

Take some Cooking Lessons

Do you love cooking? And are you a foody person? If yes, this is one of the exciting things you can do in Kerala. Add in your trip plan that is Enrolment in cooking class. Learn cooking some exciting and delicious seafood and many other Kerala traditional dishes.

Enjoy Kathakali Performance

Do you have any idea about the traditional dance of Kerela, which is known as the Kathakali dance? When you perform this dance, you have to wear conventional dance costumes. You can join this dance performance Kathakali center of Kerala.

See the Theyyam Ritual in Action

Theyyam is an art form of the town of Kerala that is Kannur. On this occasion, the people of Kannur cover their faces with a unique masks and dance to a piece of particular music. There are some rituals that the Kannur people on this occasion follow. If you attend this function, you will know all the traditions and understand why the Kannur people celebrate this function.

Enjoy watching Kalaripayattu

Yes, this one is also an exciting thing that you can do in Kerala; you can enjoy the ancient Martial art of Kerala. Enjoy the 60-minute fighting demonstration traditionally and anciently.

Enjoy Snake Boat Race

If you live in India, you have heard about the snake boat race, and this is one of the famous Kerela races performed in the Mansoon season. This is a unique part of Kerela culture; it looks like an Olympic event when they prepare for this event.

Taste Tea

We know that Kerala is the largest producer of tea in India, so when you visit this state,see Munnar Tour Packages for 3 Days you have to see tea plantations and taste the original tea of India

Try Some Toddy

Now you think what Toddy is, it is also known as Plam Wine, a famous acholic drink of Kerela, made from the coconut palm. The hotter food you eat, the more you need to drink, so try other exciting things n Kerela