Top 10 Reasons You Have Swollen Feet, According to Doctors

Swollen feet aren’t anyone’s idea of fun. We put our feet to so much work, though, that it’s really no wonder why many of us suffer from swollen feet. If you’re wondering what causes swollen feet and how you can prevent it from happening again, here’s a list you’ll want to check out. Go over the most common reasons for swelling, so you’ll know what you should guard against.

Standing for Hours

If your work tends to make you stand for hours, that’s one of the most common reasons for swelling. If you aren’t moving much while you stand, then the muscles in your legs along with your ankles and feet don’t contract. That slows down the blood flow to and from your feet, which leads to swelling.

Sitting for Hours

Likewise, if you sit for hours on end, that reduces the blood flow to your feet. Think about how you sit, too. If you often sit cross-legged, then that means pinched blood vessels, which again leads to reduced blood flow.

Too Much Salt

Sodium results in high water retention levels. If your salt intake is more than 2,300 mg per day—which is about a teaspoon—start cutting back. The blood vessels in your legs and feet will thank you.


Many women get swollen feet during pregnancy because of compromised circulation. Also, your body releases the hormone relaxin during pregnancy which relaxes and enlarges your pelvic and foot joints, leading to the swelling.


One reason why you’ve got swollen feet might be due to your weight. If you are obese, then that’s probably why your feet are too big. The fat deposits in your legs derail the circulation of your blood. It’s close to when one pinches a garden hose. That’s what happens to your blood vessels.


If your ankle or foot is hurt, that could lead to inflammation which is the body’s response to an injury. If your foot looks extra-large, that’s because the blood brings along the cells and fluid to the site. The cells contribute to the healing and recovery.

Hormone Fluctuations

If you’ve got PMS, then that could be another reason for the swelling. Use of any hormonal contraception or undergoing hormone replacement therapy can also put your system out of whack and result in swelling in your feet.


You could be taking medication that’s making your feet swell as an unfortunate side-effect. For instance, heart drugs open up blood vessels and that means the blood flows more freely, which makes swollen feet much more likely.


A skin infection can also lead to swollen feet. If you have diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, that puts you at a higher risk of contracting that infection. Any of these infections, too, can escalate given the compromised blood flow in your legs to your feet.

Heart Failure

If your heart isn’t pumping enough blood to your system, that’s one of the reasons why you’ve got swollen feet. Have any heart troubles checked out so you’ll know what’s wrong and what could be done to improve your condition?