Top 10 Online Spanish Courses: 2022 Ultimate Guide

Online platforms are the best way to learn Spanish, with online tutoring platforms like AmazingTalker, you can find online Spanish tutors in a matter of seconds, Spanish classes near me also available. Below we have done the work for you by compiling a list of 10 of the best online language learning courses, including comprehensive courses from AmazingTalker.


1. AmazingTalker – Various Spanish lessons with native speakers

Difficulty: Beginner

Comprehensive lessons with native speakers

Available On: iOS, Android, Main website

Price: $14/ 25 mins ~ $24/ 50 mins

Time to complete: at least 25 mins

Description: For beginners looking to get their start with the Spanish language this course is perfect. 

What we like: A wide variety of tutors

What we don’t like: Could potentially take a while to find a tutor you resonate with

2. Babbel – Digital Spanish Lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

perfect learning experience for those on the go.

Available On: Android,  iOS & Main Website

Price: beginning from $15 for one month and $7 for 12 months.

Time to complete: no limit 

Description: The app offers users the opportunity to learn through a host of mediums such as online podcasts and live lessons.

What we like: Easy to use, Can be used anywhere

What we don’t like: Only available on mobile

3. Pimsleur – App-based Spanish Lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Fun and interactive courses.

Available On: Android, iOS, Main Website

Prices: All packages cost $150

Time to complete: at least 16 hours 

Description: Users can access learning methods such as the use of flashcards, role play, and fun games here

What we like: Lessons are compatible with all mobile devices, Comprehensive lessons

What we don’t like: Can be expensive

4. Lengalia – Spanish Grammar Online: Absolute beginners

Difficulty: Beginner

Learn everything from the basics to its most complex aspects at your own pace.

Available on: Main Website

Price: from $6 for a 12-month course or $34 for a 1-month course.

Time to complete: 1 – 12 months.

Description: Lengalia offers lessons that begin with the very basics of Spanish

What we like: Courses offer a full understanding of Spanish from grammar to intonation, Perfect for any experience level

 5. EDX- Basic Spanish

Difficulty: Beginner

Business Spanish.

Available On: Main Website

Price: $126 for the full 4-month course.

Description: The course offers learners the opportunity to earn a professional accredited language certificate. 

What we like: Languages are taught by accredited university lecturers, Languages learned can be used in a professional setting

What we don’t like: Limited amount of courses available, Not much flexibility in the time that is needed for lessons 

6. Duolingo – App-based Spanish lessons

Difficulty: Beginner – advanced

Learn everywhere.

Available On: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Time to complete: no limit

Description: Learn by using a smartphone.

What we like: Extremely user-friendly, The user is in complete control of the learning pace

What we don’t like: Lessons tend to provide only the basics

7. Superprof – Various Spanish languages taught by native Spanish speakers

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

pairing with the perfect tutor.

Available On: Main Website

Price: $8 to $20 per hour

Time to complete: depends on the student and tutor

Description: This platform allows you to browse through the profiles of native Spanish speakers around the world and find the tutor who you feel will best resonate with your needs.

What we like: Private, personalized lessons, Tutors can be chosen by the residential city they live in, More freedom in choosing the price that best suits your budget

8. Let’s Learn Spanish – A1 Beginners (level 1-3)

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

In-depth understanding of the Spanish language.

Available On: Main Website

Price: Prices for all Level 1-3 courses are charged at a $282 once-off fee

Time to complete: 2 week/ 10 week lessons.

Description: Perfect for those looking for accredited lessons, this platform brings together some of the best qualified Spanish tutors to bring lessons that are in line with GCSE and CEFR standards. 

What we like: Lessons available for all expertise levels, Lessons are professionally accredited

What we don’t like: Prices could be considered expensive

9. Lingoda – Subscripted Spanish lessons

Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced

Fully accredited lessons, available 24/7.

Available On: Main Website

Price: $11 dollars per class → monthly subscription/ $8 per class → Marathon Courses package.

Time to complete: Users can sign up for month-to-month lessons, choosing when to complete them or for set packages of 3,6, and 12 months.

Description: The platform gives students a host of lessons that will have them speaking the language fluently with a native accent.

What we like: Online classes are available 24/7, The choice between group and individual classes

10. Coursera – Small Talk & Conversational Vocabulary

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

For travel or medical situations

Available On: Main Website

Price: free

Time to complete: 1 Hour

Description: This course is perfect for anyone looking to achieve a well-rounded understanding of Spanish in order to more easily converse with natives on their travels.

What we like: Lessons can be tailored based on the desired real-world use, Free course enrollment

What we don’t like: The lesson is only one hour long

Take control of your Spanish lessons

Hopefully, this information will help each reader find the course that is best suited to their needs, which Amazing Talker offers. Not just Spanish tutors, AmazingTalker also offers high quality online Korean tutors, online English tutors, online Japanese tutors, online French tutors, online Chinese tutors, and English classes near me.