Top 10 Natural Home Remedies to Boost Ovulation and Fertility

There is nothing more satisfying and delighted for a woman than being a mother and giving birth to a child. Some women conceive easily while some take a bit longer time to get pregnant. If you and your partner are ready to become a parent and want to make it happen soon, we believe you should read this article. We are going to discuss some of the natural home remedies to help you conceive and meet your dream to have a baby. These are not full-proof remedies but they can at least help you along the way. Also you can consult with doctor by nearest IVF centre.

Many women don’t consider some factors when it comes to conceiving’s, such as sperm quality, ovulation, and diet and lifestyle. Consider these natural ways to boost your fertility and ovulation.


  1. Pomegranate

It is a very effective fruit to improve blood flow to your pelvic muscles. It improves female fertility also helps to thicken the uterine lining while helping to prevent miscarriage. Take similar amounts of pomegranate bark and seeds. You can also take a teaspoon full of pomegranate powder every day for a few weeks. 


  1. Dates

They are rich in vitamin A, B, E, iron and various vital minerals. They are packed with all vital nutrients and they may be helpful to conceive and get pregnant. You may want to grind up to 10 to 12 seedless dates with coriander roots of 2 spoons. You may also add its paste to cow’s milk and boil a cup. You can take this blend after your period for a week to improve fertility.


  1. Maca Root

It is really very helpful to treat infertility in both men and women. It helps balance hormone levels and improves fertility. Take ½ tsp of its powder with a cup of warm milk or water. You can take it for a few months but leave it after getting pregnant.


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  1. Cinnamon

This exciting spice helps in improved functioning of ovaries and also helps remove infertility. It is helpful to cure PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, one of the major causes of women’s infertility. You can add a tsp of its powder to a cup of warm water and take it for a couple of months.


  1. Banyan Tree Roots

They have been a very helpful home remedy to get pregnant. You can take the powder of banyan tree roots with warm milk for 3 days after the period. Follow this process for a few months to get results. 


  1. Vitamin D

Due to the lack of vitamin D, you may suffer miscarriage and infertility. So, it is very vital to meet the needs of your body for vitamin D. According to several scientific types of research, deficiency of vitamin D causes female infertility. So, you can go for early morning walk for at least 10 minutes to bask in the sun or simply eat foods rich in vitamin D like cheese and egg yolk.


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  1. Garlic

Eating garlic is one of the best home remedies to conceive. Garlic really improves fertility in women. You can simply take up to 5 cloves and chew it. After chewing, drink some warm milk. Repeat this step every day in winter months to improve the chances to conceive.


  1. Rock Salt

Rock salt helps fight infertility in women and you can use it to improve the odds of getting pregnant. Take a full spoon of rock salt and pour it in 750ml water. Drink it early morning before sunrise for up to 3 to 6 months to get results.


  1. Mustard Paste

Follow this easy and simple home remedy to improve the odds of getting pregnant. You can add the mustard paste to your daily diet effectively after the 4th day of the menstrual period. Mustard really helps improve fertility in women but you shouldn’t overdo it.


  1. Alum

It is one of the best home remedies for pregnancy. If you are having regular periods and trying hard to get pregnant, alum can work well. Take a small piece and it should be covered with cotton. Put it into the vagina before bedtime at night. Do it regularly till the cotton comes out without any milky layer. Once it comes out clean, it shows that you can get pregnant.


Bottom Line

We hope these remedies will help you improve the chances of conception. These remedies are also expected to work in irregular periods. But you should ask your doctor or Gynaecologist before following any of the above routines.