Top 10 Must-Have Women’s Ensembles For Your Wardrobe To Look Trendy In 2022!

Nowadays, the basic nature of youth and adults is to scroll and scroll and look for new trends, be it in fashion or tech or nature or life. We tend to check out every recent trend, and then if we can spend that much money every day, we do so! 

When we think about fashion, we make a statement every day we step out for work, college, or a party. And to make a statement, you need to have an outfit that’s a simple chronology.

But have you ever thought of the question of whether you need that many outfits in your closet or have you just done with picking up a few basic trendsetters, and are you good to go with your companies every day? But what are these basic trendsetters? Are they a trench coat? Is it a knit sweater or an LBD? Or is it a little bit of everything! 

We Indians live in a climatic change environment, so basically, we need a little bit of summer and a little bit of winter. But the main focus here is what exactly you and I need to fit in this summer and winter cavity. The things we need to do in this cavity should surely inhabit “basics” because the basics can be formulated to incorporate into multiple outfits with the added advantage of being playful with colors and stark designs. 

This list of what to have and what not to have in your wardrobe is never-ending because these trends change now and then. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to invest in such items that are hard in forming an outfit every time cause that way, you will be stuck and eventually go for another basic thing you could go for in the first place. 

Remember to keep in mind that these fashion trends are just a way for the industry to develop its designs and innovation, but that does not mean you and I have to follow them and invest in everything new that comes up every year. It is just a matter of picking up some statement pieces and having the knowledge to mix match elements and boom you are the star! Going with some basics will help, and we will be good to go for the rest of the year! Are you in search of the best brand online? Check out the latest collection of women’s clothing and fashion accessories on Na-Kd

Here is a list of 10 must-have Women’s ensembles for your wardrobe to expand your style game and oomph!

  1. Black Blazer

A good piece of black blazer always wins the show. This masterpiece works every time be it your board meeting or your college presentation or even a night out! You can pair it with your baggy jeans to make it a casual day gear; another outfit recommendation can be a classic black pantsuit, or you can add some jazz by pairing the black blazer with your dress to make it a chic outfit for the night. 

Investing in a fitted longer blazer is a smarter way to go rather than opting for a cropped blazer or an oversized one. Keep in mind to go for a perfect fit but not a tight fit because if you’re going to carry it all day, it should have enough room for breathing; the shoulders should be loose enough for your arm movements. The sleeves should be long decently to cover your wrists but open enough, which can be rolled up too for a casual day look.

  1. Light Cardigan

A light cardigan saves a windy day or an afterparty. A simple breezy cardigan can be helpful in summers, too, because cardigans come with a lightweight fabric that is not bulky. A simple neutral hue cardigan can be a good option for your wardrobe so that layering it is easy with other items. 

  1. Denim Jacket

Denim is lovely; we know that, right! The denim jacket is no exception. Owning a denim jacket is mandatory for having that perfect balance in your wardrobe because you can make it a denim outfit altogether by pairing it up with jeans or going over a dress to make it an open business. One should opt for a loose-fitted denim jacket if making it the first investment because then you can use it as a layer over your outfits. Later you can also go for cropped jackets or oversized ones for some extra jazz!

  1. Boot-cut Jeans 

Boot-cut jeans are back in trend, and obviously, we know how crazy the world went with these jeans back in the day. From Hollywood to Bollywood, boot cuts were everywhere! And obviously, the reason they are back in trend is because of how the fit looks when worn how easily it can amp up the look by making the person taller and leaner. You can pair them with a blazer, shirt, bodysuit, or a basic tee, and you are good to go for the day.

  1. Black Trousers

This is a must-have wardrobe essential that you can pair with a shirt or blouse for a formal glance, or you can pair it with a bling top or corset for that added jazz during the night out. Investing in a nice pair of black trousers is another option to start your wardrobe but do keep in mind to go for well-fitted trousers from the thighs and hips, having enough room for leg movements but should be a little flexible from the bottom. 

  1. Leather Jacket

This is a game-changer in anyone’s closet because of how edgy it looks when paired with anything! If you wish to get that sporty, edgy vampy look, trust no more and add one leather jacket in your closet, and you won’t regret it. 

  1. Wrapped Dress

This silhouette is amazing in your essentials as it works on all body types. The plus-size women are sometimes uncomfortable wearing a dress because of the size and fit issues, but a wrapped dress can save you from such hassle. We love how seamlessly this dress wraps around the body and hides every unwanted inch of it. You can jazz up the outfit by adding a pair of heels or a comfortable look; you can go for a couple of sneakers. 

  1. Striped T-shirt

After investing in a basic black and white t-shirt, invest in a striped t-shirt because strips help you look a little bulkier, which is a major concern for many skinny girls and women. And if you are worried that you will look even wider because of the strips, try and go for thinner striped t-shirts, which help balance the look when paired with jeans and a blazer.

  1. Shirt Dress

Dresses are essential, and so is a shirt dress. It looks classy and makes a great work outfit when you don’t want to wear a pantsuit or trousers. Although many shirt dresses come which an attached belt, you can always add a statement belt to amp up the look for your important day!

  1. Tank Tops

If you love layering, you have to love tank tops! Tank tops go with blazers, cardigans, sweaters, shirts, and the list is never-ending. If you don’t like sleeves on a hard sunny day, you can wear them. If you are not comfortable wearing tank tops because of the straps, you can add a silk scarf around your neck and it will look stylish. Also, you can switch your bottoms to change the look, and trust me; it will look good with every item you wear.


Become a fashion-forward; choose the best of what you want at Na-Kd With the points mentioned above, you can choose what is best suited for you. There is no way you need to own everything mentioned above; it was only as a reference guide to amp up your wardrobe essentials!