Top 10 Must-have Handloom fabrics from India

The Indian textiles area has a very vast variety of fabric crafts found all over India. Each state nurtures its own handloom fabrics online for decades. These fabric arts are considered as strong casual,fizzy, and elevated art merging together to form the most cultured place and styles of all times. 

We have textiles like Cotton, Jute, and Silk reigning the trade between India and the rest of the world since ancient times. Our history with fabrics and crafts is as bright as the shining star. Here we are sharing with you the legacy of textile crafts of India to know what you wear in a decent way.

1. Machlipatnam’s Kalamkari

Each craft has its history that we bring back by the story of artisans for whom there is no other way of passing it on to their future generations. This Kalamkari fabric is hand-picked from a small village in Andhra Pradesh named Pedana. The work of the artisans is acknowledged by listening to the hardest journey of printing Kalamkari and taking it on a 150 km stretch for just washing the fabric and featuring their fabrics in our store.

The Kalamkari prints are being firstly soaked in herbal dyes that are made from various plants, roots, and dried flowers. This work is done on some types of Cotton, Chanderi & Cotton Silk.

2. Banarasi Silk

Banaras is known for its rich history, heritage, and variety of textile crafts. It is one only city that needs no special recognition. We love attending the holy Ganga Aarti and strolling on the ghats of Varanasi. The weavers here are still doing their best to keep the culture of hand made Banarasi fabric alive.

Here you will also find ornamental motifs made from gold zari, that are weaved from any of the two method either Jacquard technique or Kadva weaving that are basically hand weaving forms. Iitokri presents you with mesmerizing variety of Banarasi fabrics online from Hand Woven Kinkhab Silk of Pune to machine work of Katan Silk, you can also buy unstitched suits and dupattas here.

3. Baghalpur’s Ikat

Its each and every yarn is soaked in the sweat and toil of traditional weavers of India. Ikat is the only textile craft that has gained the focus of the fashion trend and interior decor in homes and offices for ages. In these textile crafts, the yarns are dyed in different colors first and then woven together, giving them a unique abstract design in every weave. The artisans follow mostly mathematical designs to weave the dyed yarns in desired patterns or designs. That makes this art unique in its own way. The team of merchandisers and textile designers also work with old age artisans which are spread almost across Pochampally in Telangana, Bhagalpur in Bihar. The artisans bring for you an unparalleled variety of Cotton and Mercerized Cotton Ikat fabrics and beautiful dupattas to choose from.

4. Bhuj and Barmer’s Ajrak

This textile craft is mainly revered among the Khatri Community. This art of Ajrak came to India in the early 16th century. It makes its way from the Sindh province to Kutch in Gujarat. With great work by artisans, it is spread across Dhamadka Village and Ajrakhpur to date. They have a team of textile designers who work with artisans and spread this art across Barmer and Bhuj. With beautiful designs, this art is available in a variety of fabrics like Cotton, Mashru Silk. You will find featured traditional dupattas and fabrics which will steal your heart.

5. Chanderi Fabrics

Chanderi is now a part of Ashok Nagar, Madhya Pradesh from where fabric is highly celebrated in the handloom clusters of India Chanderi Silk. This district in Madhya Pradesh is popular all over India for its hand-weaving technique. The craftsmen here have been interwinding silk, cotton, and zari yarns for decades to produce beautiful Chanderi sarees and dress materials. At itokri we share with you the quality glossy and graceful fabric by making various designs. You will find mushrooms, flower leaves designs all customized by our team of textile designers and local artisans. You can also buy a variety of the best fabrics online that give you Chanderi Hand Block suits, screen print fabrics, and finely printed dupattas.

6. Madhya Pradesh’s Bagh Prints

Ajrak Printers discovered this art of Baghini. Earlier the traces of this textile craft were found in a small village in Dhar, MP that is named Bagh. We bring you this specially crafted fabric from artisans of Bagh who have beautiful hand block prints on Cotton and Silk that are available in running length fabrics, unstitched suits & more only at Itokri.

7. Ujjain’s Batik

This textile is highly admired across the world. It is said that Batik craft originated on Java island, Indonesia. This textile art has its roots dug deep in the Indian soil since the 1st century AD. This is a wax dyeing technique for clothes. It is usually done on fabrics like Cotton, Rayon, Silk, and Georgette. First of all the cloth was washed, and the motifs were either marked or drawn with a pen. Dots and lines are formed with the melted wax on the fabric. The wax runs onto the wooden handle of the tool. After this procedure, the fabric is then dyed and is washed in boiling water to get rid of wax stains. At itokri you will have a variety of Batik fabrics and beautiful dupattas.

8. Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram

In the south, nobody can imagine a wedding or any special auspicious occasion without the ravishing silken drapes from Kanchipuram. All ladies wish to have a heavenly combination of pure mulberry silk laden with beautiful silver or golden borders. Kanchipuram sarees are a must-have for every religious and traditional event. This craft has luscious drapes for various events which have bold and bright shades of green, red, and blue colors. You can also make exclusive “pattu pavadias” which are considered as ethnic skirt and top sets for girls.

9. Rajasthan’s Kantha

This has been the most favorite craftwork of women as this craft decks up fabrics with a contrasting running stitch. The art of Kantha has been very popular among the artisans for the last few years in Rajasthan. It is also famous in Bengal as the birth ground of Kantha. Itokri brings you the taste of east and west together at one place with our enchanting collection of machine-work and handwork Kantha dupattas and Gudadi Kantha.

10. Mysore Silk

Mysore Silk is one of the finest silks produced all over India. This fabric is made from natural silk yarn obtained from cocoons. The full process is conducted under one roof. In this fabric, only pure natural silk and gold zari are used to assure their authenticity. Mysore Silk is so luxurious and lustrous which gives it an amazing feel and drape and a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.

At itokri, you will find an exclusive range of all fabrics online. We always make sure to give you the best fabrics online for your elegant dresses.