Top 10 Most Visited Cities in The World Which You Cannot Afford to Miss

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The following are the top 10 most visited cities worldwide. These are the places where most people from different parts of the world like to go.

1.  Paris – France

With around 15.6 million people flocking to Paris every year, the city has secured the top position in the most visited cities in the world. Undoubtedly, this is the most prominent place that comes into the mind of travelers when they consider visiting Europe.

Paris is known to be a ‘chic’ city worldwide with old churches, stunning architecture, spectacular monuments, romantic cafes, art galleries, and a lot more. Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower are popular sites in Paris that every traveler dreams to see at least once. Catacombs shouldn’t be ignored either!

2.  London – United Kingdom

The number of people flying to the capital of the United Kingdom every year has risen to 14.8 million. This is one city on the globe that you will never get tired of. With amazing sights like Hyde Park, London Eye, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, etc, there is always something available for your entertainment.

3.  Bangkok – Thailand

With 10.84 travelers finding their way to this exotic city, Bangkok has become one of the top cities visited by millions of people every year. This is one unique city that radiates cultures of the ancient world and the trends of modern lifestyle. The beautifully structured Buddhist temples are scattered around the city among skyscrapers. Khao San Road is indeed the highlight of the tourist city. For your comfort, stag, and hen weekends can be booked with Eclipse Leisure.

4.  Singapore – Singapore

The city of Singapore is visited by around 10.1 million people every year. This city is developing and will soon become a tropical tourist hub that will portray the best of New York, London, as well as Paris in one place. This country has set perfect textbook examples in becoming a successful city and tourist destination in a very short period.

5.  New York City – USA

Visitors total 9.5 million or more every year in New York City. Known as the ‘city that never sleeps, it has its own distinct, unique personality. If you haven’t yet visited the Big Apple, you are still leading a very incomplete life. Regardless of the number of trips you are planning to the city, you will always find something exciting and new to discover. If you like stag and hen weekends can be booked with Eclipse Leisure.

6.  New Zealand

The city stood at number 6 on the list of the most visited cities throughout the world with 7.94 million people flying there every year. If you want to experience a city where ‘the east meets the west, no other city other than New Zealand would come up to your expectation. You will experience the most reliable public transport in this region. To know more about the best New Zealand places, see here.

7.     Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul is the 7th most visited city with 7.05 million people heading to the city each year. Istanbul, also called Constantinople, is the capital city of Turkey. People visit here to witness the Blue mosque and the highest quality architectural gems like Hagia Sophia. The Topkapi Palance and Grand Bazar are must-visit places in the city.

8.  Dubai – UAE

Dubai is a city known for its two historic buildings – the most expensive hotel in the world: Burj al Arab, and the tallest building in the world: Burj Dubai. More than 6.9 million people visit the business hub every year. While the city is the first choice for a shopping spree for many foreigners, with Palm Islands, the city is expecting to grow its number of visitors in the coming year.

9.  Shanghai – China

Shanghai is the most prominent city that has established itself as an international hub in East China. The blend of western customs and Chinese traditions will make your visit to this exotic city memorable forever.

10.  Poland

Of all the visited cities in the world, Warsaw, Poland is one of the most frequented. Tourists are drawn to its rich history and amazing architecture, which has been well preserved over time. There are also a number of great restaurants and bars in the city that cater to different palates – making it a perfect destination for foodies and sightseers alike. The city is known as the home of polish castles and palaces based on thousands of years. With great historic monuments, this city is indeed a must-visit. Here is a short guide article to know more about polish castles and palaces in Poland.

So, which one of the following places are you planning to visit next holiday? Get your bags packed and set out for the most desirable destination for your next holiday.