Top 10 Most Popular Football Jerseys Of All Time

Nothing is more empowering and tribal than players and their die-hard fans proudly sporting their jerseys. If you want to get familiar with the most popular football jerseys of all time, you have landed in the right place. Jerseys play an important role in the sports world.

It is a shirt that members of the team wear to showcase their affiliation with the team. Each player has their name and dedicated number imprinted on this t-shirt. Besides names and numbers, logos of the team and the team’s sponsor are also patched on it.

Wearing this shirt helps the audience to easily distinguish between the opponents. The creator of this amazing garment is one of the most famous American personalities, Kit Carson. This is also the reason Jerseys are also called after the name of their inventor.

We have compiled a list of the ten most iconic football jerseys of all time. So without frittering away further time, let’s look into all of them.

1. Chelsea – English Premier League

Chelsea was ranked among the highest-grossing clubs last year. Chelsea sells approximately 1,525,000 shirts to their worldwide fans almost every year. Chelsea has partnered with Trivago for the manufacturing of t-shirts.

The logo of Chelsea has a blue circle along with a lion rampant, and inner and outer gold borders are visible. In the year of 1983, Chelsea got their first-ever sponsor.

However, in today’s time, it has got sponsorship from three prominent telecommunications companies, Nike, and Zapp. They all are paying an enormous amount of cash to get mutual benefits.

If you don’t like the latest Chelsea logo and want to wear the classic version, get it made by a custom patch maker. Pick the most suitable patch maker by researching a bit on the internet to achieve your desired logo.  

2. Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund, a german well famous soccer club secures the ninth position on our list. Borussia got its first-ever sponsorship from the city of Dortmund in 1974. As their team showed a fabulous performance that attracted another sponsorship for the next two seasons till 1978. Borussia has sold 1,205,000 shirts to not just German fans, but fans from all over the world from 2019 to 2020.

Their shirt was modified last year and this version is pretty modern compared to the previous ones. The puma logo is situated on the chest and a yellow strip appears on the black apparel making it professional and eye-alluring.

3. Manchester City – English Premier League

Manchester secures the eighth position on our list as they have the most popular football t-shirts of all time. Their biggest sponsors include the English premier league winner, Man City, Nissan, Etisalat, and Etihad airways.

Manchester City made an official statement that claimed that they earned $336 million from 2019 to 2020. The sky blue shade of their kit with white toned logo and shimmering details makes it the most eye-appealing.

4. Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga

The Bayern Munich kit is also among the most popular soccer clubs around the world. Considering the latest update, Bayern Munich sold 2,575,000 t-shirts in 2021. They not just earned millions of dollars, but also signed some of the richest sponsorship deals.

One of the oldest sponsors is the German sportswear Adidas since 1965. However, this year Bayern also decided to update its apparel and its admirers warmly welcomed the latest version.

5. Juventus FC – Italian Serie A

Juventus FC partnered with their first partner, which was a manufacturing company known as Ariston in 1981. As Juventus FC got so famous, they attracted world-famous companies such as Nike, Jeep, and Adidas for sponsorship.

Among Juventus FC, the Christiano Ronaldo Juventus kit became the top-rated. Their last update revealed that Juventus sold abPout 1,615,000 shirts globally.

6. Paris Saint-German – French Ligue 

1986 was the year when Paris Saint-German started accepting sponsorships for their kit. Considering the Forbes report, ParisSaint–German generates 201 million dollars every year by merchandising its shirts. Their fans are in deep love with their player, therefore, they are ready to buy the kit at any price.

These days shopping for merchandise has become easier due to online platforms. Therefore, whether you want to buy PSG or a football jersey UAE, it is easier by placing an order on online shopping platforms.

7. Liverpool – English Premier League

Liverpool was the one who introduced the trend of getting kit sponsorship to the soccer world. Hitachi made it possible in 1979 and inspired other companies to fund sports clubs. As the fame of Liverpool increased, so did its number of sponsors.

They generated a massive amount of money by selling over 1670,000 shirts in the last 12 months. Lurid orange, ebony, and off-white toned Liverpool shirts are available for their fans.

8. FC Barcelona – Spanish La Liga

FC Barcelona is one of the prominent Spanish soccer clubs that was the first one to refuse to display the funder’s logo on their kits. They started displaying the funder’s logo once again after finalizing a $1.5 million deal with none other than UNICEF.

After this deal, they never refused but rather started accepting deals from other prominent companies, such as Nike and Qatar airways.

9. Real Madrid – Spanish la Liga

Football buffs know that Real Madrid gets the most-highest paying sponsorships. They started accepting funds in 1985. Their first partner was Parmalat, but Adidas, Emirates Airlines, and Mahou are also their partners these days. Real Madrid Club sold more than 3,120,000 shirts in 2020 and has introduced the latest version of their iconic kit recently.

10. Manchester United – English Premier League

And here we come to the most popular football jerseys of all time, Manchester United. Red Devils have partnered with the most prominent partners, such as Vodafone, AIG, and Aon.

Manchester United generated a revenue of 290 million dollars by selling their kit every session. One can easily assume why we have ranked them as the first number. Though their shirts cost an arm and a leg but still are greatly appreciated by their fans.


And that’s all, folks! This was the list of the ten most iconic football jerseys of all time. We described all the major things that help you get familiar with the broad picture of each one of the above kits. Thank you so much for poring over our blog. We hope you enjoyed the reading journey.


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