Top 11 Magento Web Development Companies in 2020

Magento is a flexible e-commerce platform with customization tools. It requires development skills to maintain and set up your specific Magento store. Those with no technical background might find it a little bit difficult and complex and would need external help. If you plan to set up our e-store, better to hire a Magento developer. They will install, configure, host, and develop your e-commerce business.

Get the right Magento web development support if you are a small business with a shoe-string budget and resources. Below is the list of top 10 e-commerce companies in the world that can provide you your dream Magento store with the best of their skill:

Magento Web Development Companies in 2020


Best Magento Web Development Companies

1.CMARIX Technolabs

CMARIX Technolabs is one of the leading Magento development companies in the market.
We offer a wide range of services with a team of skilled developers with a keen knowledge
of the eCommerce platform. For exceptional results, our developers use different tools.
Moreover, we take active steps to know your business intimately in order to set up your
online store via Magento.
CMARIX breaks the customer attention bar by delivering Magento web development
services that are sure shot to make your eCommerce – a success. With a wide array of
exciting features, Magneto is a reliable eCommerce platform.
If you want to make your business more functional and user-friendly, choosing Magento is
an excellent idea. In this matter, our certified Magento developers can help you out.

Why Choose CMARIX?

  •  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, CMMi Level 3 – in process
  •  Outsourcing Simplification*
  •  3 levels of Code review
  •  Experience of 1100+ Web Application Development
  •  290+ Mobile App Development
  •  24 x 7 Support & Maintenance
  •  Pro-actively working with Startups & Enterpreneurs
  •  Dedicated R&D team

United States

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Contact no- +91 800-005-0808
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1. Atharva Systems

Magento is one of the most renowned Content Management Systems suited for eCommerce platforms. There are over 25000 operational websites on this platform out of which 12% are on this e-commerce platform. Atharva Systems uses this technology to offer its customers the best eCommerce solutions. Such stores are easy to use for both administrators and customers.

There are many benefits that Magento developers of Atharva have to offer to their customers. It includes scalability for millions of products, a flexible architecture, and easy orders. These advantages are the spine of your eCommerce business. When it comes to providing a wide range of e-commerce development services, Atharva rules the roost. It has been reigning over its competitions and has established itself as a pioneer in this industry.

2. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is an 8 years old Magento development company. It has a strong team of certified experts to deliver the best products. They aim to help their clients to raise their eCommerce services and handle the e-stores with ease. They value their customer experience and loyalty. To chase this goal, ScienceSoft has built Magento flexibility, functionality, and integration capabilities.

For instance, there was a famous Magento-based project launched by ScienceSoft for a US fashion retailer. It became one of the most viewed components in the large-scale project ordered by the US fashion retailer. The project was to attract more customers. ScienceSoft created an e-commerce store with many corporate tools for better customer experience.

The ScienceSoft Company believes Magento as the front-end functional theme that can manage the visual output of it. The custom makes you feel that you own the website and build the capabilities of a purchased theme. ScienceSoft excels in displaying the customers’ brands and products in an appealing design.

3. Brainvire

It is an IT consultancy company and a Digital Enabler. Brainvire handled over 1800 web projects and 500 mobile applications for many businesses. Some of the frameworks that work with are Node.js, PHP, and Python. Some of the popular brands that brainvire helped are landmark Group, Walt Disney, and Eagle Hills. It also has partnerships with Magento, Microsoft, Odoo, AWS, and SAP.

For instance, this company worked on the project Shopper’s Stop which is the online store. The client’s needs were productivity improvement and order management. Brainvire made use of their best employees to develop an order management system to ensure that the flow is quicker and easier. The page load time reduced from 13 to 1 second.

4. Absolute Web Services

Absolute Web Services is the maestro of eCommerce development, marketing, and design. Their team consists of 55 specialists that work with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

For instance, Mig Vapor’s project is the prime example of the AWS successful deals handled by this company. This company sells evaporators, electronic cigarettes, and other major accessories. The customer demanded a product-oriented website to increase his sales. Absolute Web created a shopping cart using Magento development so that customers can find the products that they are looking for and get orders in a few steps.

Spirited Gifts serves as another example which is an online alcoholic beverage gift shop. The task was to develop an easy-to-use and alluring design for the website. Other features included engraved bottle options that people could choose while purchasing them.

5. Elsner Technologies

Elsner is a web and mobile app development company that deals with digital marketing services and design. The company has 150 certified Magento, Google, and ISO specialists. They have managed many projects for the USA, Australian, European, and Indian companies.

For instance take a look at Magento’s online store, Tufferman that serves as a home and industrial provider. Elsner took up the project of building a better-navigated site. It had specific products, improved ordering emails, with filtering options.

6. Vonnda

This company offers services of smart digital strategies, fast, reliable, and secure websites. The company does a remarkable job of building and maintaining eCommerce for varied sized businesses. Magento is the default technology that Vonnda uses to build easy-to-use and robust websites.

For instance, one of the projects that the company worked on is the website of Cameron Hughes Wine on this platform. Vonnda got the task of building an easy-to-use and automated alcohol compliance tool. This needs to build on the ShipComplaint and Magento eCommerce platform. The website had features like custom search checkout, automated fulfillment processing, and dealer locator to name a few.

7. HTMLPanda

HTMLPanda is another e-commerce development company operating since 2014. With headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, this company converts the designs to PSD format. Their certified experts feature many custom development of Magento extensions, modules, and themes. Some of the HTML Panda customers are Huawei, HP, Intel, and Philips.

One of the projects that HTML Panda worked on was the June and Julian eCommerce website. They made the website the most responsive it has ever been. But, due to the alluring layouts, June and Julian got the recognition it deserved and looked good on any device.

8. Polcode

Polcode has onboard expert developers and analysts with more than 14 cumulative years. They all have experience in magento 2 ecommerce. They are popular in Europe and Poland and one of the best over there. Polcode is the first choice for many businesses. They offer services like, building an all-new website or perform a Magento 2 upgrade.

Dock & Bay is one of their projects that they worked on. Their job was to deliver a customized eCommerce platform. This should allow for easy international purchases. They also added features like SEO friendliness, Custom Modules, Automatic currency recognition, etc.

9. Hire Magento Geeks

Another Development Company, MagentoGeeks, offers design conversion and impeccable eCommerce development services. With customers across the world, this company offers services of PSD to Magento conversion. They also develop new websites and power up small stores that are on the rising curve with decent customization.

There are around 125+ professional developers who have more than 5 years of experience in the Magento platform. They have served more than 1500 customers and have completed more than 3500 projects.

10. Web4you

Web4You is a Canadian-based e-commerce development company. It specializes in Web Design, digital marketing, and web development. The developers have 8+ years of experience in helping small and medium businesses in promoting their products. They work on three determining principles: tailored, affordable, and simple. The company provides SEO, content marketing, and eCommerce solutions. These are on Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify platform.

ILLIN Tools is one of the major projects the company has worked on. They offered the service of creating a simple and enticing website with an interactive interface on Magento.

11 .Aureate Labs

Aureate flagged in 2009 with a clear vision of serving best to their clients with the latest technology solutions. They claim to have the latest tech-stack with modern deliverables on Magento web developmemt, Magento migration, and Magento Hyva frontend development, . Aureate as a top Magento web development company, also delivers customer focused digital commerce experience for global brands using Headless Commerce approach. That results into best in class CX, increased conversions and speed. In the last decade, Aureate Labs have delivered more than 300 stores and they are counting. Their innovative solutions also including open-source PWA frontend for leading eCommerce platforms and they have great knack in hosting PWA meetups and webinars to empower the community.


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