Top 10 Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2021

The graphic design industry has become a highly competitive market. Entrepreneurs and bloggers want websites that look unique, clean, and exciting. There could be a lot of other requirements that you need to consider. 

Designers should keep up with the latest trends so that they can meet user expectations and provide them with fabulous design solutions. If you do not follow the latest advancements in the industry, then you might not be able to get traction and receive appreciation from clients.

The year 2021 has been unpredictable so far due to the current pandemic. However, marketers have seen growth in the online landscape. More businesses have switched to the eCommerce industry to make a strong living in the lockdown situation. 

As a result, the demand for exotic design ideas has increased exponentially. Understanding the latest design requirements can help make your clients perfectly satisfied. You can provide them with better options only when you already know the nitty and gritty of recent graphic design trends.

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This post is going to walk you through some of the most impressive design trends that you can follow in 2021 and for the next couple of years.

  1. Easy Data Visualization

People are hasty nowadays. They do not have enough time to read through long articles to get the required information. Good data visualization creates a simple illustration that helps users in understanding complex data in easy form.

The main purpose of this particular graphic design trend is not entirely to impress the audience. The core objective is to help people understand difficult things in a summarized way. 

Studies have found that easy data visualization has made communication a lot easier. Business organizations and academic services operating in different countries have dedicated websites to serve the target audience. They need a quick and easy graphical solution to convey their message clearly. Graphic designers can make it happen using the simple data visualization technique.

However, make sure to keep things relevant. Avoid using messy graphics as they are likely to confuse users instead of making things easier to understand.

  • Flat Illustrations

Flat illustrations are now becoming the focus of different brands. They have started using flat illustrations and icons everywhere on the internet. Whether it be their official website or social media profiles, you will observe flat graphic designs.

Nowadays companies don’t prefer designing multidimensional icons. Simple icons based on a minimalistic approach work well to generate the desired outcome.

A graphic designer can better convey a message using simple illustrations and icons. It takes fewer words and less space. 

Bloggers are also showing their interest in flat designs. They have started using illustrations in their blog posts since these are more effective as compared to stock photos. 

Research has shown that people take interest in simple designs that are less distracting. They don’t want to spend time on a webpage that has messed up with so much design.

  • Muted Color Pallets

Another noteworthy graphic design trend that is gaining traction is the use of muted color pallets. Do not get confused if you don’t understand this concept. Let me explain this to you in simple words. 

Muted colors are the ones that have a very low saturation level. They are not shiny and bright like other vivid colors. According to graphic experts, online users feel safe with muted colors. They help visitors feel nostalgic.

One of the top reasons why the use of muted color pallets is becoming popular is the ability to feel organic and natural. It is a basic human instinct to fall in love with things that feel close to nature. 

This graphic design trend is equally famous among all types of businesses. However, brands dealing in health products and addressing wellness issues focus more on using muted colors. Aside from visual benefits, these colors have a positive impact on human psychology.

  • Geometric Shapes

Designers always try to come up with something exciting yet different. Since brands want to look unique, that’s the reason why graphic designers put a lot of effort into making websites look dissimilar from the rest.

The industry sees changes every year. Abstract shapes have been pretty successful in the last couple of years. However, things have started to change now. 

This year graphic designers are focusing on creating geometric patterns and shapes. Usually, they appear with hard edges. The reason is that hard edges help geometric shapes look perfect on muted colors. The combination works well to help brands in achieving their visibility goals.

  • Text-Heavy Videos

The COVID thing has a bad impact on every country. With current lockdown situations going on, it has become hard for videographers to go out and shoot new videos for brand promotion. They can’t sit idle either as this can cause them to lose traction. 

To get things sorted, graphic designers have started to create text-heavy videos. They are easy to create since you don’t have to record anything with your camera and then make adjustments.

On-screen text in videos is a wonderful way to deliver a brand message. Businesses don’t have to hire a whole team of videographers. Text-heavy videos are simple to create using everyday video editing tools. 

Companies that need to provide information regarding their products and services can make the perfect use of this sort of video strategy. 

  • Classic Fonts

Although many innovative font styles have been invented in the modern era, yet no one can beat the charm of old-style classic serif fonts. They are still in the game despite being on the scene for decades.

You might get surprised to know that writers have been using them since the 15th century. Isn’t that amazing? Due to established popularity, classic fonts are considered reliable and elegant. 

People who love feeling nostalgic like to see classic fonts on the screen. They feel comfortable reading text in them. As a result, they are more likely to act upon the message delivered using simple old font styles.

Companies that want to create a trust factor and make people attached to their products or services take advantage of using classic fonts.

You might have observed many companies sending newsletters using old-style fonts. They completely ignore the use of catchy fonts as they feel a bit dodgy to the audience. Winning the trust of users becomes easy when brands write information using classic fonts.

  • 3D Designs

It’s been quite a while since 3D designs have taken over the graphic design world. Thanks to recent advancements in the graphic technology sector, things are getting better every day. 

This is one of those design trends that have brought a wonderful revolution in the graphic industry. The most important aspect is that a 3D design can open doors to endless possibilities. 

The rise of virtual reality and augmented reality is the living proof of incredible 3D design concepts. The demand for this particular design approach is on the rise, especially in the video gaming sector. There are many sought-after Android and iOS games that are based on 3D design concepts.

  • Slide Decks

Social media users are in love with slide decks. You must have seen a lot of them being shared across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms. They help segregate a long message into small portions so that readers can understand the whole concept in a more comprehensive way without getting distracted.

Slide decks contain a number of slides describing information about a specific event, situation, product, or service. They use both text info and graphical presentations to help users understand things well.

Many companies have witnessed the importance of slide decks. That’s the reason they emphasize their use across social media accounts. Luckily, designers have found innovative ways to make slide decks look compelling.

  • Emoji Design

Graphic designers have taken emoji design to the next level. They are way more than what they used to be a couple of years before. Now, brands have maximized the utilization of emoji’s in their brand messages.

Emojis entered the online world as a small graphic image, but now it’s getting popular and becoming part of brand identity. Many renowned companies across the globe are now focusing on the right use of emojis.

They are not just limited to on-screen visuals, but now you can see them printed on product packages. They help companies in making their users feel great under different circumstances. Human emotions in the form of interesting small images work well to switch moods. 

Designers now create dedicated emojis for different sectors such as fashion designing, health, business, interior designing, online marketing, and more. You can choose emojis that best fit your brand tone or style.

  1.  Use of Nature

Using different elements of mother nature makes designs simply perfect. People feel attached to nature. They start taking interest in graphics that are based on natural themes. That’s the reason many companies ensure using natural elements in their graphics.

No matter what a business is selling, using a natural image style can always help in bringing more visitors and generating extra leads. 

In most cases, natural design elements are used in the product packaging to make it look cool. However, there are many other areas where the same thing is applicable.  


The graphic design industry has never been the same. Change is the name of the game. Brands choose designs according to their tone and style. They always need something different and unique to stand out from competitors. 

Graphic designers should keep an eye out for the latest trends so that they can create graphics according to the rising expectations of users. The above trends are getting extremely popular across the globe. Brands can ensure meeting their targeted goals following the latest graphic design drifts.