Top 10 google chrome themes

Chrome is the most popular browser because it offers a more exciting theme to keep you from getting bored. It’s also super easy to install, and customizations are available for users who want them, making your computer feel new every day!

What are google chrome themes?

Theming is the coolest new thing in web development! You can change your browser’s look with themes packaged like regular extensions but don’t contain any JavaScript or HTML code. There are many awesome ones at The Chrome Web Store, so look for yourself today!

Top 10 google chrome themes

Chrome has a wide variety of themes to offer, from colorful and straightforward schemes up to more artistic or landscape-like layouts. The customization possibilities are endless! Here’s our top 10 favorite Google Chrome Themes for you. All these themes have been hand-picked by our team. that you can use to customize your browser:

  1. Rose
  2. Black Red Shards
  3. Abstract blue
  4. Sahara
  5. Nebula
  6. Nordic forest
  7. Lamborghini Cherry
  8. Flying paint
  9. Branches
  10. Zelda dark


The “Rose” theme paints your browser in light rose hues while remaining unobtrusive to the browser’s overall appearance. If you want to be “chic,” or if you’re theming your whole operating system around that color, it’s one of today’s best Chrome extensions!

Black Red Shards

The Black, red shard’s theme is a midpoint between the default Chrome look and an even darker, more jarring alternative. The good blacks and dull grays that this color scheme offers make focusing on your screen easy no matter where you are in windows or how much content there is to view at once!

The most exciting part about using black backgrounds with dark grey accents. Accent colors pop out nicely for users who love vibrant festive looks but need something edgy enough without being overbearing like other styles. It might be plus, when combined, these two tones make everything from icons down into buttons stand apart clearly so they can’t escape attention.

Abstract blue

Here’s an elegant dark theme based on abstract blue shapes reminiscent of smoke swirls. It has a simple yet beautiful interface with visible controls that can be accessed easily without looking at any confusing symbols or numbers. Still, it also includes branding in the bottom left corner, which some users might find distracting – so know what you’re getting yourself into before downloading!


Sahara is next on this list and follows a similar style to previous articles. You’ll find a number of dark colors that are easy on your eyes in Sahara, along with beautiful night sky graphics for an even more immersive experience!

Although there isn’t as many varieties in patterns or bold color choices within its design as some other themes have offered, I would still recommend giving these options a shot if you haven’t already done so since they fit right into what makes up most parts. While not overwhelming at any point during use, some others might be towards certain hours where things tend to get intense anyway (like nighttime).


A nebula is also a good option if you want something like Galaxy-View.

Nebula has a more consistent color palette than Galaxy View while retaining those excellent views. If you love space or watching the stars, Nebula might be the theme for you.

Nordic forest

With its excellent lighting and colorful graphics, this theme is a refreshing reminder of the joys of nature. The browser header continues in that same bright color scheme with muted images, so they’re easy to read–perfect for those tired eyes!

Lamborghini Cherry

There are many different car themes for your google chrome that you can find in the Google Web Store. The Lamborghini theme with a cherry color is perfect if you love cars! If this sounds like something of interest, then go ahead and make yourself at home in one of these high-end auto environments today.

Most users love sports cars, but they may have trouble finding a vehicle that matches this one’s unique design style.

The colors look great together in this image – it stands out well on top of my screen!

Flying paint

Flying Paint is the perfect Chrome theme to set on your computer and forget about until you need it. It has a vibrant, modern design that will catch anyone’s eye when they open up their browser for new windows – which makes this an essential tool in any busy professional’s arsenal!


The branch is an excellent theme for those looking to set their website apart. The design features an elegant Sakura branch against the soft pink hue of our default color schemes, without any additional changes in fonts or button styles across your site!

Zelda dark

If you are looking for a dark theme and enjoy playing The Legend of Zelda, then I have just the thing! This Chrome browser has an attractive design based on Nintendo’s famous game. It makes it perfect for playing in bed or while reading at night when your screen brightness is turned down low.

How do I get and install a Chrome theme?

The chrome theme is simple to download and install. It is easy to obtain in four simple steps:

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner and head towards the settings.
  3. Navigate to Appearances and then Themes. To see a preview, click on them.
  4. If you like the theme, click the Add to Chrome button.

You are done with this.

Play with different themes 

Chrome has so many different profiles that you can customize it to your liking. With themes, one of which is the ability for any profile’s background image or colorization–you won’t ever get confused about where things are because they all look different!

Nowadays, I use several Chrome profiles: my settings in order make things easier when browsing; work-related ones like showing alerts on top instead of distracting me with flashy graphics.


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