Top 10 Furniture Trends That Will Rule 2021

Every era has its favorites and, the best thing about interior design is that with every passing year, it is evolving and getting better and bold. So, to know the furniture designs that will trend for the next few years, read this article. Your home reflects your personality and, the furniture should also define your individuality and complete your needs.

Furniture Trends
Furniture Trends

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein.

When it comes to design and interiors, one thing that has always remained constant is evolution. Every era has a touch of innovation and creativity and, the beauty of a good design is that it never becomes outdated. The classic designs are preserved like vintage gold pieces, whereas the new designs reflect the revolutionary thought process of the millennial generation. The design Paradigm is slowly shifting from ornate and heavyweight furniture to transparent and clean geometrically structured light-weighted furniture designs.

While vintage would always rule the furniture market and be the elegant choice of all generations, the hot topics of the 21st generation are related to sustainability and environment-friendly solutions. Thus, a warm combination of modern structures and environmentally friendly designs is what we would get to experience in 2021.

Let’s look at the top 10 furniture trends that you will surely see in 2021.

  • Eco-Friendly furniture

2021 will see a major inclination towards conscious home, i.e., places built without harming the environment. We will see the new age stylish furniture made from recycled products like reused wood pallets, salvaged wood, natural bamboo, old wine barrels, biodegradable fabrics, and many other reclaimed materials. Various new-age brands use these eco-friendly materials to create minimalist furniture with a modern twist.

  • The Cane Comeback

The next in line is Cane furniture. The modern-day millennials have at least one cane furniture in their living rooms. However, the cane is not a discovery of the 21st century; its legacy was first created in England toward the end of the 17th century. When it comes to Eco-friendly materials, the cane is the top choice as it is cost-effective, water-resistant, rustproof, and quite easily available. You can use the cane to create earthy cane doors, cabinets, and a classy reading chair.

  • Bamboo Furniture

Another Eco-friendly material that will trend in 2021 is bamboo. Being the most renewable resource, bamboo is a popular material for creating comfortable, solid, and nature-friendly furniture. You can create beautiful sofas, dining chairs, bookstands, and almost every other piece of furniture with bamboo. Moreover, many people are using bamboo to recreate the coolness of a modern bohemian home with a blend of pastel colors and retro bamboo furniture.

  • Made-to-Order Furniture

The modern category created by the likes of PepperFry and Amazons of the world is made-to-order furniture. The term made-to-order signifies exclusivity. Today’s generation believes in creating a trend rather than following the old, thus Made to Order option is the most popular option today. Here, you can play with shapes, structures, materials, colors, textures to create a splendid piece of furniture that is unconventional and first-of-its-kind. Custom-made designs will rule the interior segment for the next ten years and beyond. Price is no more the leading factor today; things that are unique, special, and high on quality will be on the buyer’s priority list.

  • Go Vintage

While there is a huge audience for modern minimalistic designs, there are still many designers who are enthusiastic about embracing the best of the past. Just like the comeback of vintage cars, vintage furniture will also make a loud comeback. Be ready to see a harmonious mix of modernity and classic designs. Vintage beds made of metal and teak wood, the classic chest, intricately carved center tables, and elegant furnaces will rule modern homes once again in 2021.

  • Geometry

Geometrical designs have always been a part of ancient European culture, but the experimentation of these stylish textures in furniture is a discovery of the 21st century. Modern motives are finding a prominent place in the interior segment. So, get ready to see interior design trends with geometrical shapes and forms that will add balance and an interesting fresh outlook to the home furniture.

  • The Shades of Mother Earth

Elegant furniture in earthly colors will be in trend. Colors like brown, beige, green, grey, and sea blue will enter the smart and movable furniture segment. Creamy neutrals and earthy palette in the living room sofa, the bedroom side tables, and the neutral seating at your balcony will offer your home the aura of peace and harmony. 

  • Curves and Fine Lines

Just not in fashion, even in the interior design segment, curves have found a prominent place. A crescent sofa, a curved armchair, asymmetrical tables, and curvy bed heads are making a grand entry in the design segment. Curvy furniture and feminine lines are going to remain in trend for the next few years. 

  • Transformer Furniture

With homes becoming smaller, the future market belongs to the transformer furniture segment. With a noble mission of maximizing space, this segment is addressing the real need of the customers. A cabinet bed that can become a roll-top-desk in the day or seating pieces that gets transformed into a reading chair are a great innovative solution that can make homes look big and less cluttered. 

  • Flora and Fauna

Let nature enter your homes with some beautiful pieces of natural design. Let them rest in small corners of your chairs, cabinets, and ottomans. Further, add shapes that replicate the species of nature like the designer flower chair, grasshopper lounge, and beehive table lamps. Carry this theme through your upholstered furniture and give your home an inspiring, creative, and soothing touch.

The Bottom line:

“If I had to choose between clothes and furniture, I’d choose furniture.” – Julianne Moore.

Furniture is not just about durability; it’s about your individuality. The era of design replication is over, and today’s generation is eager to create new, bold, and out-of-the-box designs. Smart minimalistic, yet elegant and durable is the choice of the millennial. The role of vintage furniture is still very significant. In 2021, we are sure to see a happy marriage of vintage and modern design.