Top 10 Floral Suggestions For Bridal Bouquet

A bridal bouquet gives satisfaction by bringing happiness to the wedding. This is the collection of flowers the bride holds while walking down the aisle. This is a memorable moment for both the bride and groom. 

You can make it more lasting by choosing a bridals bouquet ideas. At the same time, the ribbon that tied the bouquet together signifies fellowship. The bridal bouquet is a complementing addition to the bride’s elegance or wedding theme. Here are some wedding bouquet ideas for love for eternity: 

1) Sunflower Bridal Bouquet

The bridesmaid bouquet of sunflowers appears as a sign of steadfast trust in a world filled with love. As if soulmates were sharing secrets, each petal mumbled tales of affection. Think of the bride strolling in a way that reminds you of a dreamy world, her bouquet a splash of joy against her dress.

These sunflowers are not ordinary blooms. They serve as the most dazzling exclamation points in the love story. Not only petals but promises and events weaved into a colorful testimony of eternity were also included in the blossoms. 

2) White Hydrangeas Bridal Bouquet

A fluffy, globular white hydrangea from the greenhouse perfectly fits your wedding flowers. Do remember to choose your ribbon color according to your liking. On their wedding day, brides have a lot to handle. Therefore, it can be a good idea to use diy wedding centerpieces of hydrangeas to make a lovely and easy-to-carry bridal bouquet.

These flowers are famous for their voluminous blooms that look like beating hearts. Hydrangea flowers depict gratitude, grace, and beauty.

3) Carnations Bridal Bouquet

Carnations bouquet are often chosen for bridal bouquets due to their durability. They don’t need water and can last up to your entire precious day, being the focal point in a bouquet. Carnations are the most reliable choice that plays a crucial role in your bouquet design. 

Carnations are an exceptionally beautiful flower that conveys love, joy, and affection. With its extensive range of colors, white bridesmaid bouquet carnation becomes an ideal floral for a bride’s bouquet. These flowers can be used for almost all types of floral adjustments at your wedding.

4) Calla Lilies Bridal Bouquet

Calla lilies can coupled well with roses to create an intimate bridesmaid flower bouquet . But other than roses, you can also pair them with full blooms like peonies and hydrangeas. Calla lilies with greenery like eucalyptus are a perfect match for any occasion. Make it look great by adding a bit of frail with structured callas to an arrangement.

Calla Lily displays purity and innocence, adding a classy look to your wedding. These flowers are popular because of their unusual trumpet blossoms. The soft-scented calla lilies symbolize resurrection, rebirth, innocence, and admiration. They are available in various colors, like orange, pink, yellow, and purple for bridesmaid bouquet ideas. 

5) Star of Bethlehem Bridal Bouquet

Associated with purity, innocence, truth, and honesty, leaving an imprint on your guests. Apart from their eternal beauty, they are also known for their lasting nature. They can last up to a month if cut accurately, placed in water, and kept away from the sunlight. These flowers are not only beautiful, but they are also tough.

These flowers are perfect for wedding flowers for bridesmaids and can stay healthy for up to a month if you take good care of them. To do so, you should cut, water, and keep them away from the sun. With these simple steps, you can enjoy their beauty for longer.

6) Rose Bridal Bouquet

Roses are the token of love and purity. These are the first choices for most couples because they are like other blooms. It has an extensive range of colors available in the market. For your wedding day, you can twist it to create a beautiful and unique small bridesmaid bouquet. 

Depending on your wedding theme and color scheme, you may create harmony with the various types and colors of roses in your bridal bouquet. Each color of rose has its significance. So, you have plenty of color options with roses to choose from for bridesmaid bouquet ideas. 

7) Daisy Bridal Bouquet

Wedding arrangements can exhaust you, and last-moment nervousness is unavoidable. While deciding on the bridesmaid bouquet ideas, you have come across many floral bouquet ideas. Daisy can boost your mood by spreading cheerful vibes to the wedding. These flowers are the most used flower of all and are available all year round. Combining these flowers with any other flower is possible due to their wide range of colors.

8) Gardenia Bridal Bouquet

Gardenia depicts secret love, beauty, joy, and purity. You need to glue Gardenia’s short and small stems with the bouquet for wedding bouquet ideas. This way, it will be easy for the bride to manage the bridal bouquet without fretting about cutting down the stems.

They are often ideal for summer weddings and are known as luxury wedding flowers. You can make a beautiful bridal bouquet by combining these fragrant flowers with others. This will create a unique and visually pleasing arrangement with  this bridesmaid bouquet ideas. 

9) Jasmine’s Bridal Bouquet

Jasmine is the best choice for bridesmaid bouquet ideas if you want a strong and unique scent. This attractive flower represents purity, innocence, admiration, and respect. They tend to open during the evening time and release their pleasant fragrance. You can combine jasmine with other flowers to include exquisite effects in your bridesmaid bouquet ideas. 

10) Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Orchids are classic and exotic bridesmaids bouquet inspiration flowers, giving any bouquet a unique and tropical touch to your wedding. These flowers reflect beauty, refinement, love, and luxury.

Orchids are often counted among the top expensive wedding flowers. These are the preferred choices for most couples around the world. You can use various types and colors of orchids to create harmony with your color palette or wedding theme.


This article offers a few ideas for bridesmaids bouquet trends for brides, but it’s important to remember that your wedding day doesn’t have to be restricted to these choices. There are plenty of other flowers to explore and experiment with. The bridal bouquet is representative of new beginnings.

The bridal bouquet is also important with the traditional perception. For years, brides have thrown their bouquets over their shoulders to a group of single women in a tradition known as the bouquet toss. At weddings, catching the bride’s bouquet is thought to bring good luck to the person who catches it. Bridesmaids can have their bridesmaid bouquet ideas , but they should be in colors that match the wedding’s.