Top 10 digital marketing companies in Bangalore to approach in order to boost your business and ROI

Business marketing services online, measure the success by the percentage of incoming traffic. This traffic gets converted into leads, subscribers, or sales, depending on the intended purpose. This has encouraged many businesses to outsource their digital campaigns to the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore.  If you are searching for good digital marketing agencies to boost the profits of your business and ROI in Bangalore, if your business needs effective online promotion to survive a competitive market, then before choosing any digital marketing agency, look if they understand the goal of your business properly. And this guest post is here to help you find a few top digital marketing companies in Bangalore that can surely push your entire business forward.  

Top digital marketing companies in Bangalore

  • DigiMark¬†Agency¬†


DigiMark is a 5-year-old digital marketing agency in Bangalore that has worked on many digital marketing projects. It is a boutique agency known for delivering quality solutions for its clients. Besides providing services for SEO, SMM, domain registration, web hosting, e-commerce solutions it also has worked for companies in a variety of domains including hospitality, education, real estate, healthcare, and FMCG.  

  • Webenza¬†

Webenza is the newest digital marketing agency in Bangalore. It has been in existence for just three years. Despite a handful of employees, this company has managed to carve a niche for itself in an extremely competitive industry. They mainly focus on SEO services, blogging, and social media marketing. With just a small team and a dynamic work environment, it’s a great place for freshers looking to develop multiple skills. 


  • DigitalLove¬†

DigitaLove which is based in Domlur, has years of experience in SEO, lead generation, conversion, and market research. It is one of the best online marketing companies in Bangalore and has been around for quite some time. Their success in maximizing revenue and profitability through SEO and social media strategies has gifted them with some very loyal clients over the years.  


  • Team Pumpkin¬†

With just few employees, Team Pumpkin has eventually grown up to be one of the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore that works with numerous niches as well as many upcoming brands.  The company is good at branding and does PR for its clients too. When it’s about digital marketing, the agency services branch out to content marketing, public relations, search engine optimization, pay per click, etc., 

  • AdSyndicate¬†¬†

Being in this competitive market for quite some time, it has successfully established its offices in few cities in India. It provides a wide-ranging suite of digital marketing services that include not just traditional services like SEO, and SMM, but also the latest digital marketing tools like chatbots. Some of its prominent clients include Hyundai, and Western Digital.  

  • Treehack¬†¬†

Treehack is best known for providing digital services to satisfy the needs as well as the necessities of the customers. They are not only experts in providing effective and reasonable online advertising solutions but also are capable enough to make extraordinary marketing techniques to drive the number of leads as well as profits for businesses. They have a wide range of portfolios in website designing and Digital Marketing.  

  • Openthrive¬†

Openthrive is also considered as one of the most eminent digital marketing agencies in Bangalore. It focuses on inbound marketing as it has a Hubspot certification in this area. It uses extensive automation and cutting-edge Marketing technology. This company is known for working with start-ups mostly. 

  • 22By4¬†

22by4 is based in Domlur, Bangalore and has the most wide-ranging digital marketing services out there. In fact, if you work with 22by4, you will only need to focus on your product.Because from domain registration, hosting to website development, content management to format of digital marketing, this company takes care of everything else. 


  • Blog works¬†


This agency helps different brands and organizations to engage stakeholders in conversations to share, draw insights, and build communities for business impact. Content Syndication, Brand Storytelling, Designing, Website and Mobile Development, Media Planning, Media Buying are some of the services this agency is involved into. 

  • OMGDIGI Digital¬†Services¬†Pvt¬†Limited¬†

OMGDIGI is fueled with a team of young minds and backed by founder Mr. Ashish Bhat. From Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Lead Generation Services, to Omni-channel Marketing Automation and Analytics, this digital marketing company has everything to serve for. Along they have a crew for Product development, Project Management, Web development and Graphic Designs to offer you all the pieces of a cake. While planning out the strategies, they focus on quality and quirky content that can engage the target audience. When it comes to leads and conversion, they use behavioral structured campaign to get the most out of it. OMGDIGI not only provides the best and innovative ideas to elevate the client’s brand but also works as per the client’s requirement. They do complete research about the client’s business, the competitors, the target audience and provide clients with precise digital marketing strategies. 

OMGDIGI¬†today is standing out of the crowd¬†and has proven to be¬†the most¬†prominent¬†specialist¬†among¬†top¬†digital marketing companies in Bangalore¬†due to the¬†young, genius and smart team who¬†provide innovative, efficient and effective¬†services to¬†clients.¬†OMGDIGI has¬†always differentiated¬†it¬†with¬†its¬†holistic approach to digital marketing services, social media marketing execution and¬†its¬†ability to analyze both tangible and intangible digital marketing outcomes.¬†To know about¬†their¬†marketing project delivery capability, feel free to call them up at¬†080 ‚Äst49534901 or¬†mail them directly at¬†¬†