Top 10 Derma Companies PCD Franchise in India

Dermatology Manufacturing or marketing Companies selling prescription-based drugs or OTC Derma products directly to wholesalers/Retailer & hospitals, clinics, cosmetic centers, Patients, and others, where the “others” category includes research and clinical laboratories, nursing homes, and ambulatory surgical centers accounted for 59.4% share in the market generated revenue of $14.2 billion in 2017. And the concept of Direct Medicine selling in Bulk with Resale Rights is called PCD Franchise in India.

Derma Current Market despite a dip in sales between March to May 2020 still growing at 8–9% CAGR & forecasted to reach $ 34.7 billion Industry in 2023. There are lucrative & well planned Derma Products Marketing & Franchise opportunities in the market to play a vital role in Medicine Marketing & Supply Chain Process. Derma Product Manufacturers & Suppliers offers FDA, WHO, DCGI approved Cosmetics and Derma Drug Range for PCD Franchise & Contract Manufacturing/ Service in India.

The below listed best 10 Derma Companies are engaged in manufacturing & Trading antibiotics; Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antiviral agents; and enzyme inhibitors. Products Offered by these Top Derma PCD Franchise Companies in India cover therapy areas; Psoriasis, biological therapies, tumor necrosis factor antagonists, atopic dermatitis, malignant melanoma.

Top 10 Derma PCD Franchise Company in India—

Factors listing these Companies in Best10 Derma PCD Franchise in India:

WHO-DCGI & FDA Approved non patient Derma Drug Range

Wide GMP Medicated Cosmetology & Dermatology Range

Monopoly PCD Franchise Rights & Free Promotional Support

Strong PCD Franchise Network of more than 500 Associates

To Dermatologists Recommended Product Line

Here are the Top 10 Derma Company for PCD Franchise in India

10. Ellanjey lifesciences:

Ellanjey an ISO Certified Chandigarh based Pharma Company Supply high quality selective 10+ Cosmetics & Derma formulations with 100+ General Antifungal, Antibacterial medicine range for PCD Pharma Franchise in India.

9. H & Care Incorp:

H & care Incorp an ISO & CRISIL Certified one of the leading Traders & Suppliers of Skincare, Dermatology, Anti fungal GMP medicine range of 30+ in excellent quality & composition accuracy. H & Care Incorp produce 400+ formulations into Multiple Medicine segments like Derma, Gynae, Pediatrics & more.

8. Nidus Pharma:

Nidus Pharma is a Rajasthan based globally integrated Derma & Cosmetics PCD Franchise Manufacturing company that fulfills unmet medical needs across the world. Nidus Pharma has more than 50+ Cosmetics, Derma products ranging from Anti Acne, Skin dermatitis, Hair care range, Body Lotion & Cream in various compositions.

7. Jabs Biotech Pvt. Ltd.:

Corium is Jabs Biotech division. Corium deal in WHO-GMP Derma Range. Here you can find the wide range of derma prodcuts, Skincare therapies medicine for Pharma Franchise. Corium offers 20+ Cosmetics & Derma products in excellent packing. Jabs offers extensive Men’s & Women’s Cosmetic range in its Derma Division “Corium” for Pharma Franchise in India.

6. Medcure Organics Pvt. Ltd.:

Medcure Organics Pvt Ltd is one of the renowned dermatology company in India. Medcure is producing high-quality 60+ skincare ailments for fungal infection, sunburn, hair loss, acne, eczema, and many more. Medcure is poviding Monopoly PCD Franchise for their Ethical Branded Dermatology Drug range in India.

5. Dermazen Pharmaceuticals:

Dermazen Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, a leading Skin Care pharma company in India. Dermazen Pharmaceuticals introduce its vigorous attentiveness to dermatology from freedom of various dermatological problems such as Acne, Eczima, Contact Dermatitis, insect bite, Fungal infection, Sun Burn, Hair loss, Vitilogy, Melasma, Psoriasis.

4. Biozoc Inc:

A Chandigarh based Herbal Cosmetics & Dermatology PCD Franchise Manufacturers & Traders in India, having Manufacturing Units in Kharar & Derabassi, Punjab. Biozoc Inc offers Derma Products Third Pary Manufacturing Services at best Price in India. Biozoc has more than 70+ Branded dermatology, Ayurvedic Cosmetics & beauty products for PCD Pharma Franchise in India.

3. Canbro Healthcare:

Canbro Healthcare a Karnal Haryana Based Dermatology PCD Franchise Company Trading most affordable Cosmetics & Derma range in GMP Manufacturing standard & innovative Packing for Monopoly PCD Franchise Distribution Ship in India. We offers the most affordable PCD Franchise starts only from 15000/- Monthly on a monopoly basis across India.

2. Silhos Pharma Ltd.:

Silhos Pharma a Limited Business house producing FDA, DCGI & WHO approved Derma Drugs, Skincare Products, Anti allergic, Anti fungal medicine in premium quality. Silhos Pharma Ltd. is a well known and a popular name in Indian Domestic Pharma Industry when it come to quality & Product Packing. Silhos Pharma is incorporated in Ambala, Haryana & having Marketing at Multiple Cities in India. Silhos Pharma has a strong network of PCD Franchise Pharma Professionals working with Silhos actively to promote its Branded Derma & Cosmetics Products on monopoly basis & earn good profit out of it.

1. Cosmederma Remedies | Derma Franchise:

A leading Dermatology Company in India strongly focused on manufacturing & promoting FDA, DCGI, WHO approved Cosmetology, Dermatology Productrange at best Price in India. Cosmederma offers extensive range of Skincare products like Cream, Lotion, Moisturizers, Derma Tablets, Powder, Antiacne, Dermatitis, Skin Nutraceuticals, Antifungal, Anti Allergic Products in more than 100+ Compositions for PCD Pharma Franchise in India. Cosmederma Remedies offers GMP-WHO Derma Products Third Party Manufacturing services at best Price & on time delivery of Products in India. Cosmederma offers Business Opportunities to Dynamic professionals working as PCD Franchise and willing to Promote Cosmetology & Dermatology Branded Ethical Products by providing Monopoly PCD Franchise to Individual or Team.

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