Top 10 Deals To Do in Hilton Head Island with Youngsters

If you’re exploring Hilton Head Island in South Carolina together with your little ones or pets, then excursion awaits!

This island is loaded high in adventures and what to do. With over 12 miles of stunning white sand beaches, lively towns and amazing wildlife– you’ve almost got way too many choices.

Listed below are several of the best things to complete in Hilton Head Island with little ones:

1. Take a Dolphin Boat Expedition

Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Hilton Head Island is home to a great deal of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. These creatures are great fun and enjoy swimming right as much as boats! They enjoy interacting with Hilton Head Dolphin Tours.

Imagine the appearance on your face the second the kids are gawking to the eyes of a beautiful smiling dolphin! Take your pet too!

2. Appreciate The Super Fun HarbourFest

Shelter Cove’s HarbourFest is one of the best things to complete in Hilton Head Island with little ones.

From June to September every year, the island town comes alive to amuse families from near and far– with live music, live entertainment, arts and crafts, face painting, food stalls and so much more.

It’s ensured to create your little ones have a fun day trip! Oh and … the fireworks!

3. See Fireworks!

All throughout the summertime, HarbourFest has fireworks every Tuesday night. These exciting nights of celebration are perfect for families with little ones of all ages.

Be warned though, Hilton Head Island is well known for becoming chaotic on firework nights, with parking and traffic a nightmare.

The best way to see Hilton Head Island’s fireworks is to have a Hilton Head firework boat trip.There, you can settle-back and loosen up with the best seat inside your home!

You’ll also see stunning views of the harbor and wildlife. All ages like it, that’s why it’s one of the best things to complete in Hilton Head Island with little ones.

4. Head Over To The Elusive Vanishing Island

Vanishing Island is a popular sand bar out in the water hidden by the tide all day, except for 1.5 hours.

On those elusive sands, you and the kids can collect sand dollars and other shells that aren’t seen elsewhere in Hilton Head!

With stunning views and wildlife, the only method to reach the beach is on a Vanishing Island boat tour.

You will want to bring your pet too? They’ll like it!

5. Get Crabbing!

Crabbing is one of the very most popular things to complete in Hilton Head Island with little ones. The salt marshes are home to tonnes of crabs!

Your children will learn about the ecosystems that support marine life while having a mad time pulling up a crab from the water.

You can find lots of hotspots for crabbing, mostly present in the calm inland waters on a Hilton Head crabbing boat tour.

6. View Harbour Town Lighthouse

Located within the vacation community of Sea Pines, Harbour Town lighthouse is one of the very most iconic landmarks on Hilton Head.

Developed in the early 1800s, this red and white striped structure is in the centre of Harbour Town. From here, you can grab a bite to eat, have a boat tour or look at the boats.

7. Take a Excursion to Savannah

Our Historic Savannah Cruises give you the possiblity to take the little ones to the historic ports of Savannah and never having to book holiday accomodations there. Instead, we’ll take you there and back one day!

You’ll experience dolphins and sea birds on route before disembarking at the old riverstreet of Savannah. There you can explore important historic locations, shops, see giant container ships and more.

8. Build Sandcastles

The pristine, creamy white beaches of Hilton Head are perfect places for sunbathing and … Sandcastles!

You will want to have a sandcastle competition with the household? Whoever puts together the very best gets to choose the next thing to do in Hilton Head Island!

9. Eat Fresh Seafood with a Coastal View

Hilton Head Island is home to plenty of super delicious restaurants, all with fantastic views of the ports, Low Country waters or the Atlantic Ocean. You are able to enjoy fresh seafood (mmmm) while relaxing in style.

10. Watch the Beautiful Sunset

Finally, don’t underestimate the beauty of a Southern setting sun. As sunlight fades within the horizon to the Atlantic, you’ll see gleaming, vivid colors. Think stunning purples and glowing oranges.

Don’t worry, the little ones won’t get bored– have a Sunset cruise boat tour and you’ll see dolphins, sea birds, harbor lights, stingrays and so much more. Let’s go!

Boat Tours in Hilton Head with Youngsters

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