Top 10 Data Science Companies to Work For

Today, most individuals spend time on their mobile phones and computers for work, gaming, browsing, shopping, or social media activities. The 24/7 connected devices generate massive data for the companies. Businesses want insights from this vast data using Data Science and AI/ML for more intuitive modeling. This has carved a marketplace for various Data Science job roles with different learning paths.

Data Science and AI are fast emerging as essential skills across all job domains. They are in high demand today. According to a LinkedIn job market survey, Data Science is one of the fastest-growing careers, with 11 million Data Science-related positions expected to be created by 2026. 

However, Data Science practitioners require a broad set of skills, and very few professionals have the necessary qualifications to be successful Data Scientists. A standalone grad or post-grad degree may not suffice. You may need to top it with a certification earned at a Data Science Bootcamp, learn the necessary tools, and get your hands dirty on real-world projects.

Why are Data Science Certifications Relevant

Data Science supports the digital transformation journey of businesses. It trains systems for automation and ingestion of vast data for analytics and predictive modeling.

The business value of Data Science is thus significant, and companies are hiring Data Science graduates and certified professionals in various Data Science roles. These job roles are based on the industry type, organization size, the nature of business, and the requirements of AI models. 

So what to do once you have gained your Data Science certification? 

Check out these top hirers and their open Data Science positions. Make yourself career-ready by ensuring you fulfill the job criteria.

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Top Ten Data Science Companies to work for

The Data Science job market is a growth market, expanding very fast. Most global companies are hiring for multiple Data Science positions, sometimes advertising hundreds of Data Science and machine learning-related openings.

The list below features the top companies with Data Science openings and sample job roles advertised. These are global companies with steep career growth for wannabe Data Scientists.


Industry – IT, consulting, and business process services

Sample job roles – Data Scientist Lead, India Head-Data Analytics & AI Alliances, Marketing Manager for Data & Analytics, Apps & Data, Data Analytics Architect, Data Scientist-Predictive Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Data Scientist Lead, Data Science-Architect, Machine Learning-Consultant, Data Science-Consultant-Operation Research, Data Scientist-Predictive Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Data Analyst, AI Cognitive-Big Data Architect, Data Science Lead, Python for Data Science (SAS)-Lead.


Industry – Wealth & Asset Management, Accounting and Professional Services

Sample job roles –  AI And Data Science Manager for Technical Consulting, Data Scientist-Data Analyst, Strategy and Transactions Data Science Manager, Data And Analytics-CRL 2.0 Data Science, Assurance Data Analyst, Data Scientist-RI, Data Analytics Visualization Specialist, Data Scientist Manager, ML Engineer, DPS Lab Data Scientist, AI/ML Engineer, Automation Central Data Scientist Manager, Associate Consultant-Tech Consulting-National-Data & Analytics, AI/ML Architect, D&A-Data Analytics, CRL2.0 IA-Data Scientist (Python, AI / ML / NLP)


Industry – Accounting and Professional Services

Sample job roles – Data Science Senior Consultant, Data Science-Analyst/Consultant-A&C,  Data Science Consultant, Junior Data Scientist, Go-to-Market Sales Leader For Data Science, Data Analyst, Analytics & Behavioral Insights-Senior Analyst, Data Analyst, Analyst/Sr. Analyst- Marketing Data Analytics, CMG-GPS-Marketing-Analyst-Data Analytics,  A&A-Data Scientist-AI POD¸ Data Scientist-Manager, Senior Analyst / Analyst-Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Analytics–Manager.


Industry – Technology, Cloud

Sample job roles – Data Scientist, Front-End Engineer For Measurement and Data Science, Data Scientist II, ES Tech Machine Learning, Program Manager–Analytics, Data Scientist–Risk Mining, Data Science Manager ES Tech Machine Learning, Data Science Lead,  Senior Security Engineer for Security Data Science, Data Science Manager, Product Manager in Data Science, Data Scientist, EM Prime & Marketing, Data Scientist II, Customer Behavior Analytics, Senior Data Scientist, Data Scientist Intern, Data Scientist, Amazon ML Solutions Lab.

5. PWC

Industry – IT, Supply Chains, Accounting, and Professional Services

Sample job roles – Data Science Manager For Performance Communications, Digital Manager Data Science, Strategy And Enablement Insight Associate, Advisory-Consulting-Data Analytics-Senior Associate, Data Analyst, Customer Transformation Data Scientist, Consulting Advisory  BIG DATA, Digital Upskilling Data Scientist Manager, Digital Associate Data Science, Data Science & Machine Learning Senior Associate, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist ML Manager, GCP AI & Machine Learning–Manager, Data Science Consultant.


Industry – IT, Software Development, Hardware, Cloud

Sample job roles – Data & Applied Scientist, Data & Applied Scientist Manager, Principal Data Science And UX Research Manager, Data Scientist Intern, senior Director Of Data Science And Strategy, Principal Incubation and Data Science Manager, Specialist-Data & AI, Investigative Data Scientist, Delivery Data Scientist, Principal Data Sciences Manager, Data Scientist-II, Principal Data Science Lead, Senior ML Engineer, Applied Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist.

7. IBM

Industry – Technology, Global Business Services

Sample job roles – AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Data Scientist, Associate Data Scientist (Commercial), Data scientist–Advanced Analytics, Watson ChatBot, AI and ML Architect, Data Scientist–Artificial intelligence, Brand Technical Specialist-Data Science & Data Governance, Cognitive/AI Senior Data Scientist, Data Engineer-Machine Learning, Data Science Developer, Mid Level Data Scientist, Lead Data Modeler-Data Warehouse, AI Applications Support Engineer, CPG/Retail Consulting Senior Manager-Analytics & AI.


Industry – IT Services & Consulting

Sample job roles –  Data Scientist, Analyst Data Science, Machine Learning/ Data Science Practitioner, Data Science Practitioner, Analyst-Data Science, ACN-Applied Intelligence-CC-Data Science, Team Lead/Consultant-Data Science, Data Consulting Manager, Junior Data Scientist, Data Science Lead, NLP Data Science Practitioner, Senior Analyst-Data Science, Data Science Application Developer, Senior Analyst-Data Science, India Market Unit-Data Science Consultant.


Industry – Tax, Financial & Business Advisory

Sample job roles – Consultant-Data Science/Analytics, KGS-Data Scientist-Assistant Manager, Data Scientist-Healthcare IT Consulting, Data Scientist–Assistant Manager, Consultant/AM-AI-Machine Learning, Senior Analyst–Research, Senior Analyst, Senior Consultant, Visualization, Data & Analytics, Management Consulting, Senior Consultant, Machine Learning Engineer, Technology Consulting, Junior Consultant Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, Experienced Data Scientist-ML Payment Risk.


Industry – Professional Services

Sample job roles – Business Analyst Data Science, Assistant Manager-Data Scientist, Manager–Analytics, Lead Consultant-Senior Data Scientist, Senior Manager-Forecasting data scientist, Assistant Manager-Data Science, Time series forecasting, BA–Analytics, Manager-Data Scientist, DG-Senior Manager-Data Scientist Collections, Manager–Analytics, Principal Consultant-Lead Data Scientist, Assistant Manager-Predictive Modeling, Senior Manager-AI/ML, Senior Analyst-Data Science, Manager-Business Analyst Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.


Data Science certificates boost your resume and train you with the necessary skill sets and tools. They help you get through the initial application tracking system (ATS) when you apply online, through LinkedIn or job portals like A great way to begin your job application process is by checking these top hirers in Data Science and becoming familiar with their business. Next, create job alerts and check out job advertisements. Understand the job responsibilities mentioned in the ad and whether you meet the criteria. 

Do you have the necessary qualifications? Does the job require AI and ML skills? Is it a senior position stating minimum work experience? If you tick the requirements, go ahead and apply in the prescribed format. And while you wait for that phone call or email, brush up on your skills and prep yourself to ace the interview.

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