Top 10 Content Writing Tools For Responsive Websites

The small world of online marketing seems to be flooded with uncountable proves to point out towards content being an effective source and weapon for business. Its far-reaching benefits make marketers spend a lot of time composing most creative pieces. According to the stats, around 60% of marketers have stated to create at least a single piece of content every day.

With content, you tend to generate optimum outcomes for your brand. You ponder on the possibilities of spreading awareness far beyond the regions. Moreover, according to McKinsey & Company, “the 3 Cs of customer satisfaction” are “consistency, consistency, and consistency”. The only way to achieve that consistency is by adding content into your arsenal.

Much like every other field, there are advanced tools to compose content as well, which you can use, on multiple platforms. So, learn about these tools from the list mentioned below and bring efficiency in your marketing campaigns.

1.   Ideaflip

The most important factor that determines the success of your content is the idea behind creating it. To help you generate the most amazing idea for your content here is the best tool, which you can use without getting caught in any hassle. The tool Ideaflip will provide a virtual visualization to map al your ideas and select the best one.

2.   HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

You know you have to search for some cool and trendy topics for your blog. Therefore, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator comes to help you out with it. Here you simply have to type in your search query and the tool will generate most interesting titles for you. Each title will be unique and engaging.

3.   Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is the most appropriate tool for marketers who like to upload optimized content. It not only gives you an idea of the topic but also guides you about the ways you can rephrase or edit it to make it sound more enthralling. The entire idea is to garner more attention by creatively presenting your title.

4.   Grammarly

Grammarly comes with a bundle of features where some of them are locked away for premium users. The free version is too helpful as well. You get to know about the basic grammatical issues and suggestions to fix them. Moreover, the premium version has advanced error and plagiarism indication.

5.   Hemingway

Hemingway is a great editing tool for newbies and professionals. It provides a convenient form to edit and improve the quality of your content. You can improve the writing style and edit of the grammar to enhance the readability. The tool is seamless and encouraging. It helps writers to improve the content without facing any hurdle.

6.   StackEdit

With the help of StackEdit you can convert your text into .html font. You can copy content from any platform including WordPress, Word, or Google. You do not have to get involved in any formatting. It provides a number of layouts, themes, and shortcuts that makes using the tool easier. It provides the opportunity for the users to easily post the articles. You can access platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, Dropbox, and WordPress.

7.   Ilys

Ilys is the right tool to help you create the most compelling content to be used for any purpose. This tool is best for those who either cannot keep a track of their word count or always fail to reach their target count. It will display your last typed word and the rest of the content will stay hidden. You keep on writing until the cursor stops moving further ahead indicating completion of your word count.

8.   Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer provides you with a platform that is so sleek, neat, and simple that it brings your focus directly on your content. It stops you from getting distracted and helps your writer effectively and properly. It is a great alternative to Word. You can format your blog professionally using subheadings and short taglines. You can add colors to your content and enhance its readability with different formatting tools.

9.   Copyscape

Copyscape is a professional tool used at all the giant firms and organizations where the content in bulk amount is generated. The tool provides the most detailed and accurate plagiarism report. It mentions each source from where the content is extracted and what the percentage of the copied content is. The tools is used by many writers and professionals. It’s most helpful when you plan How to create a Wikipedia page for business . It will guide you about your writing errors and will indicate the area that needs to be improvised.

10.                Power Thesaurus

You know how crucial it is to compose high-quality content and what lacking you find within your expertise that hinders you to achieve your goals. Therefore, the tool Power Thesaurus is here to assist you. It is a mega thesaurus that is full of a million words suggestions and has a bank of words. You get to learn a great variety of words for each expression and situation. You will be able to define a purpose more soulfully and appropriately, when you have the right term and vocabulary.

Wrap Up

Each of the above mentioned tools is competent enough to help you in major areas of content writing . You simply check the reviews of each tool before getting your hands in them.