Top 10 Common WordPress Issues We Are Facing in 2020

  1. Http image upload error in WordPress

While exploring the WordPress website and uploading an image, you might face HTTP error. This HTTP error is an Http image upload error in WordPress, and it is not difficult to solve. This is a frequent error, and plenty of users might have experienced it. 

If the WordPress website is declining in image upload activity, it is possibly because of the wrong file configuration. It may be chances that the image format is not supporting. The possibility of an Image editor of WordPress is not compatible with uploading images. The exhausted PHP memory of the website is also one of the reasons.  

Steps to rectify image upload error in WordPress 

Connect via FTP and go to the wp-content folder of your website 

  • You find the uploads folder in which all of your media and images are stock up.¬†¬†
  • Right-click on the uploads folder and choose file permission to carry out file permission conversation box
  • Arranger uploads file permission¬†
  • You need to establish the permission for your uploads folder and all subfolders into the 744
  • Elevate the PHP memory of your website as it can solve your issue
  • The default image editor is the GD library, and sometimes people use Imagick. Imagick always brings memory issues. Try to upload the GD library again.¬†
  1. 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

The WordPress 403 forbidden error code usually appears when the server doesn’t permit you to access a specific page. Multiple reasons are responsible for the 403 forbidden error. However, inaccurately coded plugins and wrong file permission are the chief reasons.

403 Forbidden Error

Solutions for 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress  

Fix your plugins, and it can be done through removing plugins. The incorrectly configured plugins are the main offender to bring 403 forbidden issues. Make inactive your entire plugins which also includes security plugins.

Reinstall plugins in a sequence until you find the error gain that displays the problematic Plugin.

If it is found that plugins issue was not the root cause of the error, then you can get into touch with WordPress engineers.  

  1. WordPress Memory Exhausted

In a situation, when you encounter an error that notifies WordPress Memory Exhausted error, then it could be a WordPress Plugin or a code that is compelling memory to exceeds its limit. This is very easy to solve. 

How to raise your PHP memory of the website 

Redirect to wp-config.php via connecting FTP login or Cpanel credentials. Write the code mentioned below before the sentence, ‚ÄėThat‚Äôs all, stop editing!‚Äô¬† ¬†

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );

This code indicates WordPress to boost the PHP memory limit to 64MB to 256MB. 

You need to save file after making such changes and upload the file into the server. We assume that the error is removed from your website.

  1. WordPress White Screen of Death

The WordPress white screen of death error normally appears as a white page with no error notification. That is the reason it is very infuriating because there is no error message the tells what went wrong.  

The error is generally due to PHP memory limit exhaustion or server configuration issue.  

Solutions for WordPress White Screen of Death (WsOD)

You require an FTP login to access your WordPress file. The search the wp.content/themes or wp-content/ plugins file and change their name to a different one. This would probably solve the white screen error.  

After that, restore the original names of every theme and Plugin integrated into respective folders until you find the specific one that is responsible for the site damage. You need to delete such themes or plugins that are detected as faulty. 

  1. WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

At the time when you are editing some changes in your site, and you receive the notification that says the site is going to the maintenance mode. 

WordPress can undergo the maintenance mode because of updating several themes or plugins and a WordPress update. 

 Solving WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

WordPress routinely sets your site into the maintenance mode at the time of updates so that your users don’t find the broken page. But if your site stuck in maintenance mode and your users cannot access your site. You can go to the WordPress folder through FTP login. Search the file named .maintenance, so remove this file, and you will get your site in normal.   

  1. Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

The Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress clearly means your site is not able to connect the database. This usually arrives when you have submitted wrong database details like host, username and password. 

How to rectify database connection failure 

Fixing your database is easy. Connect FTP client and go to your wp-config.php and write down the code mentioned below before the sentence That’s all, stop editing!’

define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);

Save your file and update it the webs server

This code is telling WordPress to allow repairing the database 

  1. WordPress 404 error 

The WordPress 404 error happens on the website when the requested web page is not available on the site. It happens because of incorrectly typed webpage address, maybe that page has been removed from the website, maybe that there is a defect in the .htaccess file, the permalink setting misconfigured. 

WordPress 404 Error

Steps to fix the WordPress 404 Error 

Fix the WordPress permalinks settings 

Go to the settings- Permalinks in your dashboard section and click the save changes option 

Create a new .htaccess file and update it to the server 

User 301 redirection code on the old URL so that you do not lose the visitors 

  1. Parse Error/Syntax Error

The WordPress parse error /WordPress syntax error refers to the coding error that mostly present in functions.php file. You can see that which line of code is creating the issue on the website.

Solution for Syntax Error

You can solve the issue by connecting using FTP. Do right click on function file and choose the view oblique Edit option. Here you find the code that is mistakenly written. Remove it or replace it with the correct code, and after that, save changes. Upload file to the server and the parse error is resolved.  

  1. Internal Server Error

The 500 Internal server error is another error that is frustrating. This error says that there is something wrong with the server. When the server is not connecting, and you are not seeing your website and see internal server error, then you can try to solve this error. 

Solutions of Internal server error 

The might be a problem is in your .htaccess file; therefore, you should recreate the file and upload that file into the server.

Website PHP memory is one of the reasons internal server error is PHP memory has been reached its maximum limit. Increase the website PHP memory and solve that file accordingly. 

  1. Connection Timed Out Error

The Connection Timed out Error comes when it fails to load after a while. It indicated that the server is unable to load the website, or it has surrendered. 

Solution for Connection Timed out Error 

Well, you should think of upgrading your hosting plan if you encounter this issue frequently. The great upgrade hosting plan makes your site loading faster. We recommend optimizing the speed of the website to avoid such errors. We also suggest raising the PHP memory of the website.