Technology is now infused in our lives. We cannot exist without some sort of connection with technology. Just like for everything, it has proved to be a miracle for businesses. Improvements in technologies are launched almost every day, and there is always something new in the market to change the game of your business. It is essential for the success of your business to stay updated on tech trends. This is so because you are standing in a competitive market and your every goal has to be improving the productivity and efficiency of the work you put in your business. Technology is here to help you do that. So, here are the top 10 humongous tech trends you should be following in 2020:

  1. Become Mobile-friendly

Your website has to be mobile-friendly. It is so because social media is probably the way new customers are coming your way. Most of the people access their social media through the phone. If your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are they are not going to turn on their laptop to check your website out. It does not matter how good your website is. It is not going to attract as many customers as it would with a mobile-friendly app. Also, allow your website to have easy mobile payments. Even if you are running a physical store, make sure the payment method is swift and efficient. In 2020, laptops are losing their worth when it comes to shopping. So, become mobile-friendly right away to take your business to the next level.

  1. Smart 3D Printing 

Printing is seeing a shift this year too. The advertisements for your business are not just printed on one-dimensional paper now. There is technology now to get your advertisements printed three-dimensionally. This has changed the whole marketing game for many businesses. There is more variety of printers than ever which leads to the buyers being confused about them. Such as printer fleet management is another advanced type of printer that most of the organisations are using these days due to its innovative and quicker printing features.

  1. Robots are taking over.

It is a myth that robots are taking away jobs. In fact, more jobs are being created in the software and technical areas. If you own a physical store of building or office, you should be thinking right now to get artificial intelligence. As per the stats, the Al software is going to sell more in the upcoming five years, raising the revenue from 9.5 billion USD to 118.5 billion USD. Soon, the public spaces will be consumed with robots. To compete with the market, your too need one.

  1. Social media is taking another leap

 You do not just own your business account on social media anymore. You also have to collaborate with people who have running accounts to market your products. To do so, you need to hire social media managers to get the most out of that beast. You can trust your products for quality, but the truth is the market is filled with quality products the same as yours. You have to market right. For that, social media is your saviour.

  1. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is now being used more than ever. Police use it for crime prevention; healthcare uses it to keep the data of all the patients; office buildings are using it for security purposes. But now, it is has become a common feature in phones to unlock them. Also, businesses like Uber are using it for making the use of their apps easier both for employees and customers. Facial recognition is evolving fast. Your business might be in dire need of it for privacy, security, payments and/or employee input and feedback.

  1. Smart Data Management

 The hardest and most crucial area of any business is keeping track of all the data. It is difficult to sift through, analyze, and find a solution for everything on a daily basis. However, it has to be done. Thanks to modern tech, there are software, online websites, and independent freelancers to help you with that. You just have to hire a professional person to help you to manage your data smartly.

  1. Tech for Improved Collaboration

 As per the U.S Workplace Survey, 43% of the employees prefer a workplace which has enhanced collaboration and synergy among the team members. It is important for your business that you connect your employees with each other. This will not only allow them to enjoy their work but also be more productive. It is so easy to do that today through modern tech.

  1. Tech for effective marketing

Today, the only businesses that are booming are the business that was marketed right. You have to invest in the tech, which will let you market your business as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Apart from social media and posters, you have to reach out to the world through each means there is. Yes, go for the email newsletter, send out free samples, put out sales and contests, cross-promote through local businesses.

  1. Blockchain is the future

Blockchain has been the recent hype among businesses. The interesting thing about blockchain is that big businesses like FedEx and Walmart continue to invest in it. The small businesses must keep an eye on its growth and see if they can make use of it. By the end of 2020, blockchain would become the next big thing. After all, it is about currency.

  1. Business Telephones

As your business gets bigger, it becomes important to keep it organized for the sake of efficiency. Business telephones like VoIP are there to help your staff and clients stay connected among many other benefits through one smart technology.


Tech continues to revive the business industry. It is the businesses which need to keep on the track with it to survive the market. Following the aforementioned tech trends, this year will be a game-changer for your business. Good Luck!

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