Top 10 Budget-Friendly Firearms for Beginners – Buying Guides and Reviews

You probably know that the choice of weapons is perhaps the most important thing and must always be done with criteria and awareness. In this guide, we will talk about the top 10 budget-friendly firearms for beginners.

. Top 10 budget-friendly firearms for beginners


We will give you general tips to guide you and then recommend the best airsoft guns that you can easily buy from Amazon.

Types of Airsoft Firearm

The first thing to know, regarding airsoft guns or ASG (airsoft guns), is their distinction into three broad categories based on their operation of spring, gas, and electric.

- Spring (reinforced): these are the first ones that were used in Japan in the 1980s, where the soft air was born. They fire thanks to the compression of the air created by a spring. They have the disadvantage that the player has to load every single shot they are also called manual.

- Gas: the work here is done by a can of gas, usually CO2 or green gas. This gun requires a lot of maintenance and the separate purchase of cans to change, even if most use the same can. They fire automatically and enjoy the best power.

- Electric: they are a suitable compromise because the battery needs to be changed less often than the cans. But they have a limited range and problems with overheating if the weapons are of poor quality. Today, mostly electric weapons are used, particularly regarding shotguns because they allow players to focus on the game and not on the weapon.

How to Choose Firearms?

Now that you know how weapons work, you just have to choose one. If you are looking for an pistol gun, know that in the actual game we often use them only as back-up weapons. They are suitable for short distances, but they are very versatile. For this reason, we also use pistol gun a lot in target shooting, cosplay, and for domestic use such as hunting unwanted animals.

How to Choose Firearms?


We must choose an airsoft gun following very specific criteria. Being wary of suspicious offers is the first step to take. Then, especially for beginners, relying on guides, books, and reviews is the best way not to waste your money on products that you then risk not satisfying.

When a new player approaches the game, he still understands neither which weapon is most comfortable to use or what style of play he wants to adopt. Therefore, relying on experts is almost a must if you are at the beginning of this adventure.

Top 10 budget-friendly firearms for beginners

Beretta Umarex 92 FS

The Beretta Umarex is undoubtedly the pistol that over time has been most successful in the purchases of airsoft players. This weapon is a very faithful replica of the original produced in Italy and also used by the US army.

The Beretta production house has even existed since 1526, and it has been for years the flagship product. They have consecrated the fame of Beretta in the world. The design and reputation distinguish it from other weapons in the same price range.

Colt 1911 (Colt45) HPA

The Colt 1911 or Colt 45 was the service weapon for the American police from 1911 to 1985. We used it extensively during the First and Second World Wars, but also in Vietnam and Korea. So, we are talking about an important piece of gun history that this product tries to replicate.

The design is very minimal. It is all-black with white plastic writing on the side that shows the Colt logo and the serial number. The grips have a texture that makes them less slippery and easy to grip, even when it needs to be removed quickly.

Taurus PT247

We present the Taurus PT247, the airsoft pistol that competes for the top of the charts with the Beretta Umarex 0.6mm bullets. This replica has a lot to give.

The Taurus PT 247 is manufactured by Taurus Forge in Brazil and was used once again in the United States. This time, there is talk of a backup weapon, used by civilians and as a secondary weapon by law enforcement officers. This gun we present for recreational use is a replica.

Galaxy G15

The latest product of the low-end Galaxy G15 replicates the basic characteristics of the other weapons with a decidedly increased weight that reaches 1.1 kilograms. It happens because it makes entirely the barrel and slide of iron.

The design is faithful to the original in many of its parts, and the iron gives that good quality feel of the weapon you use. The appearance is very compact, and the handle is suitable for not too enormous hands.

Heckler & Koch P30

The first electric gun that we present for a very affordable price despite the sufficient quality to play Airsoft is the P30 from Heckler & Koch.

The power of this pistol is 0.5 J and the pellets are always 6 mm caliber. All features in the standard of most pistols, even the much more expensive ones.


CYMA's M92 is a very interesting airsoft pistol: it brings the power to 1 J, caliber always 0.6 mm, and expands the magazine to 29 pellets. The genuine note is the electric operation that this time, unlike the P30 by Heckler & Koch, can be fully exploited. The build quality also increases by adding metal parts, bringing the weight to 750 grams.

Cyma G18C

The Cyma G18C is a very interesting pistol for those looking for an electric pistol and want to take advantage of the burst and single-mode to the fullest. Built-in metal and with excellent plastic, the Cyma G18C reaches a weight of 800 grams, which gives a feeling of strength and resistance.

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro

The first CO2 gun we recommend is the Bersa Thunder Pro. It is the best gun of this type, at such a cheap price.

Cybergun Colt M1911 A1

Going up the level, we find this beautiful Colt M1911 A1. It is a pistol with an amazing quality and price ratio.

Cybergun Desert Eagle

The best among the CO2 guns are the Cybergun Desert Eagle. Although with a higher cost than the previous ones, it gives greater satisfaction without compromising.

Final Words

Looking at the various products, ask yourself what you like most among the top 10 budget-friendly firearms for beginners. Select some weapons, consult the technical datasheet. Then look at comfort and ergonomics to consult the reviews of those who bought that product.