Top 10 best webtoon will be adapted into movies in 2020

Just like the world order established after World War II, or the multi-polar multi-center order since the fall of the Socialist regime in the Soviet Union, for every industry today  are also intangible in the form of multipolar order, and the comics industry is no exception.

 In Asia, there are three major comic books today, including Japan, South Korea and China.  Japan has Manga Hentai, Anime or Doujins.  South Korea has Webtoon Manhwa and China has Manhua.  Although it was born after the popular Free Manga series, Korea and China were not inferior to Japan in the race for this field, especially Korea – the country of entertainment industry.They made Free webtoon coins for readers who can active each chapter. With its far-reaching influence, read webtoon manhwa online in Korea has quickly asserted its position and increasingly brought great influences, encroaching into the field of film or television.  With no heat going down over the years, 2020 is a time for Korea to continue producing movies based on popular webtoon.  The following is a list of 10 web drama series that will be aired in 2020 (the list includes the unconfirmed webtoons)

 Webtoon created the genre of stories including: Action, fiction, detective, horror, mature, Romance, drama and especially Boys Love Webtoon.  Raw manhwa episodes are usually released every Wednesday.

 The film adaptations from webtoon manhwa have a different style from the doujins manga that are so familiar to global readers.  With the rapid development, more and more manhwa webtoon series are released and help readers read free webtoon manhwa with rich and new content and it will definitely be a source of content that is also broadcasted by Korean television.  National endless exploitation.

Visit the websites below to read great manhwa webtoon sets.

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 10 –


  1. Itaewon Class

 Itaewon Class is the story of a CEO of a leading food company and his son.  The main character in the series has lost his respected father because of the son of the tycoon family (According to the plot content).  The protagonist’s dream is to become a policeman, but because of the circumstances that happened in the past, he decided to go to revenge for his father by becoming very rich.  Every day, day by day trying to fulfill his dream of revenge, the protagonist was able to open his own pub and shortly after, he became the CEO of the company called IC  (stands for Itaewon Class).

 The movie was shot by director Kim Sung Yoon, the famous director who once hosted the hit film “Love in the Moonlight”.  Itaewon Class aired on JTBC starting January 31, 2020 with the participation of the famous trio of actors Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi and Yoo Jae Myung.  You can also watch this web-drama on the Netflix app at the same time.

  1. Mystic of Pop-up Bar

 The weird-looking webtoon set “Mystic of pop-up bar” will be adapted into a movie in 2020.  It tells the story of a happening in a bizarre sidewalk restaurant in Korea, often appearing late at night in a place that is equally … strange.

 With the participation of one of the best idols, BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae, and Bwang Jung Eum, this web-drama promises to explode the atmosphere of feature films.  JTBC’s first half of 2020.  The “Mystic of pop-up bar” is scheduled to air on May 20 if there are no problems.

  1. Meow, the secret boy

 A romantic webtoon series with the cute name “Meow, the secret boy” has been confirmed to be a movie adaptation from 2018 but it was not officially broadcast until the first half of 2020.  The love story of Hong Jo, a disguised cat and her beautiful Sol Ah, loves animals, especially cats.

 This adaptation of the webtoon was originally planned to air on tvN with another name, “The man baking bread”.  However, for some good reason, the webtoon series has made minor changes.  Instead of tvN, “Meow, the secret boy” has been broadcast since March 25 on KBS.

 The trio of leading actors includes INFINITE’s male idol Kim Myung Soo, also promoted under the stage name “L”, alongside Shin Ye Eun and Seo Ji Hoon.

 For more detailed information about the cast or synopsis content, stay tuned on our website.

  1. Memorist

 “Memorist” continues to be a thrilling, sensational, action-packed webtoon set for people prone to violence.  The Memorist tells the story of detective and police officer Dong Baek, who has the supernatural power of the Republic of Korea with the ability to read other people’s minds through direct contact with body parts or even just cockroaches.  Next, the opponent’s clothes and accessories.  In the movie, Dong Baek faces mass murder with horrific tricks.

 The drama is still airing from March 25 on tvN weekly.  The participation of Yoo Seung Ho and actress Lee Se Young, along with the staff and veteran directors such as So Jae Hyun or Kim Hwi, who are famous for dozens of hit movies.  like “Stranger”, “100 days Prince” or “Horror Stories”, … promises to turn Korean screen into this fantasy genre.

  1. Rugal

 Another action webtoon with fantasy elements, “Rugal” composed by Rel.mae was officially adapted into a movie in 2020.  The story “Rugal” brings to the reader is about a special organization called “Rugal”, which receives the most advanced weapons of mankind in exchange for special abilities through a method.  using biotechnology, from which fighting, competing fiercely with the world’s largest terrorist power of the ROK is Argus.

 This web-drama series has been airing since the end of March 2020 on OCN with famous action actors Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Sung Woong, Jo Dong Hyuk and other supporting characters.

  1. True Beauty

 “True Baeuty” is really a popular webtoon series in the land of Kimchi, especially for young people, in which the majority of readers are high school girls with an average age of 15-23 years old.  “True Beauty” is a story about a girl who, thanks to her makeup skills, becomes absolutely beautiful.  This webtoon series is so famous that it has been translated into 4 different languages ​​and ranked among the top webtoon series worth reading by readers not only in the country but also in the world.

 This webtoon adaptation will be shot by Studio N. The main cast casting stage and other schedules have not been decided yet.  As soon as it aired, “True Beauty” promises to storm the small screen when the topic of make up was first mentioned in the form of drama.  Although there is no official information yet, there are rumors that the male idol Cha Eun Woo, who starred in the popular adaptation webtoon “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, once stormed in 2018, is discussing the role.  this new.

  1. Backstreet Rookie

 The romantic webtoon called “Backstreet Rookie” was quickly announced to be adapted into an intriguing love film.  It tells the romance story with the story of the quirky, mischievous part-time female employee and the handsome but clumsy manager at a 24-hour convenience store.

 Fans will definitely look forward to a great re-appearance of Ji Chang Wook and beautiful actress Kim Yoo Jung with “chemical reactions” between the two.  The film will air in June if there are no major obstacles.

  1. Model Taxi

 “Model Taxi” is a webtoon set composed by Carlos and Lee jae Jin, confirmed to be adapted as a movie in 2020.  The story of strange taxis will somehow take revenge on its customers, promising to keep viewers curious during the movie.  Although there is no official information about the station that will broadcast the web-drama, but it seems that SBS will spend most of its ownership of the broadcast rights for the movie in the second half of 2020.

  1. Sweet Home

 “Sweet Home” is a webtoon comic series composed by Carnby Kim and Young Chan, and is confirmed to be among the webtoon adaptations by 2020.  This is an extremely popular webtoon series in the comics world with the soul of the thrilling action scenes with a bit of horror.  The story begins with the strange phenomena that happened to an isolated high school student in his own classroom, bullied by his friends by the problem of school violence.  There was no one left in the family of this student, which inspired him to leave his loving home.  In the world outside of society, he always tries to prevent humans from turning into monsters.  The film is mostly filmed in a room where the devil will kill humans.  This fascinating story is the way people view the social side of society.

 This web-drama series will be broadcast on Netflix with the participation of Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun, Le Si Young, Lee Jin Wook and other supporting actors.  The movie was “made up of shoes” by the famous director Lee Eun Bok, the talented hand who made hit films such as Descendants of the Sun, Goblin or Mr.  Sunshine.

  1. How to buy a friend

 The webtoon comic series “How to buy a friend”, penned by Kwon Laad, was announced to be made into a movie in 2020.  The series depicts the dark sides of love and society during the dawn of puberty, from the perspective of high school students Park Chan Hong and Heo Do Hyuk.

 The web drama was aired in early April on KBS.  The main producer of this drama is Yoo Young Eun, who is widely known to shoot recent works such as 2017’s “Queen of Mystery” or “Just Dance” in 2018. Lee Shin Young, Shin Seung Ho and  Kim So Hye is the main trio leading in this work.


 Above is a list of 10 webtoon manhwa that have been and will be made into films in 2020.  Stay tuned to our website for more information on the latest cast, showtimes and webtoon sets!

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