Top 10 Best Sites To Buy Used Cars in 2021

The internet has made it easy for every car buyer to find suitable used cars. All you have to do is to search on the internet with name of the car you wish to buy – you will find tons of sites offering best pricing, listing and comparison of the used cars. However, not all sites on the internet are legitimate and some are filled with lots of complexities that would only makes it harder for you to decide on your purchase.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best sites to buy used cars in 2021 for you. Let’s get started with it:

Auto for Trade

Being one of the leading agencies, Auto for trade offers high-quality cars to buy at the most competitive price. This website is indeed a one-stop solution to all those people who wish to buy their dream cars. Their easily accessible interface and huge collection of cars have made them stand out in the market. Nowhere else will you find more listings in one place than this website! They not only offer their services of Auto For Trade in New Zealand, but throughout the world. Their website has a convenient used car search engine that saves you the time and the efforts. This site not only offers used cars to its audience, but also offers latest new cars with maximum efficiency. You can find any car here since they have the huge car collection of all models – be it a vintage car or a newly launched Mercedes.

Experienced dealers, car manufacturers and customers know that is one of the most reliable and credible car websites. Edmunds makes money by placing advertisements on the website and recommending cars and related products and services, so as to provide you with a simple, convenient and effective car buying experience. It provides car reviews, specifications and listings, customer reviews, etc. of new and used cars. Go to the site and you will also find a link to download the mobile application. Their mobile app is also quite a convenient way to access a huge car selection.

Technical characteristics of any car, all the pros and cons of operation can be found on this website. Users will be able to find any car models presented by the car industry on this easily accessible interfaced website. If the choice has already been made in favor of a certain model, another problem immediately arises – the search for advertisements for the sale of this very model at the required price. The Carsdirect website will allow you to find the required car in almost one click.

Autotrader is a relatively economical online publication specializing in car news. According to the site’s creators, the project aims to provide the reader with useful information about cars, spare parts, auto-laws and other auto-news quickly, efficiently and as soon as possible. Autotrader’s website pages allow any car owner or anyone who is going to become one to find useful information necessary for themselves in large quantities. The bulletin board for the sale of used and new cars is especially conveniently designed, where everyone has the opportunity to describe the car in detail by providing several photos.

Although the resource itself claims to be the leader in the used car segment, it is a rather modest site with a relatively small number of offers. However, this site has now become one of the first picks of the car enthusiasts when it comes to buy a used or a new car. Moreover, if you are interested in new cars, then here you can also find out the addresses of the nearest car dealerships. There are also updated announcements and relevant information regarding cars and technologies – it seems that the administration of the website pays enough attention to the content of the database in working order. If you wish to get a car sitting on your couch without worrying about any fraud, this site most certainly is the right choice for you.

Negotiating a price with a seller can be tedious. But if you love to haggle, is the automotive site for you. To strengthen your bargaining position, the site primarily provides information on the dealer’s reputation and the market value of the vehicle. This gives you a solid foundation when it comes to your negotiating position. It is one of the most popular platforms for car enthusiasts with a wide range of new and used cars. The service also provides auto insurance services and they try to keep their clients happy and satisfied. There is also a lot of reference data, informational content (from news to review articles and test drives).

On this site, along with offers of used cars, there are announcements of car dealerships, which indicate the popularity of the resource in the domestic market. Informational support is presented by a news section, as well as review articles of various car models. It is worth saying that Autolist publishes a printed catalog of ads and a magazine of the same name, which has its own regular reader, and is quite popular among publications on automotive topics. Another reason this site is so famous is because of the information it provides. Autolist shows vehicles in any price range. They also offer guides to assist with the buying process and reviews on specific models.


The website is an actual platform for the buy and sale of used cars, spare parts and consumables. The offers of car dealerships are presented in a separate category, which is quite convenient, since it allows you to view offers of the model of interest from different dealers at once, and compare prices. When selecting a model of interest, the site immediately offers statistics on prices prevailing in the market, as well as a collection of reviews regarding the features of the operation of the selected car.

A fairly popular website, Autotempest is confidently included in the top-10 of the most popular Internet sites for the sale of used cars. At the same time, there is a large number of offers of new cars from dealerships from all regions, which quite successfully use the opportunity to attract potential buyers through this site.


Carvana has a unique heading showing offers on car markets in different cities. In addition, the site has the most visited forum on automotive topics, articles and reports on the conducted test drives are published. You can use the site both through a regular browser and using a mobile application for smartphones or tablets. In addition, such a mechanism allows you to give the maximum guarantee to the buyer and testifies to the mutual respect of all market participants. Carvana mainly serves Atlanta.

Bottom line

Now that you’ve known about the best websites to buyers face a used cars, you have to make your choice yourself. You no longer need to switch from one dealer to another to search for specific vehicles. There is no need to bargain for a few hours. Buying a used car is not a hassle anymore. And, if you take advantage of the tools available on the websites listed above, you will definitely have some luck. Enjoy the fun of hunting and don’t forget to research before choosing a vehicle. 


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