Top 10 best Korean Webtoon Manhwa websites threat to Japanese manga in 2020

Japanese manga comics are facing the question of change, when competitive pressure gradually increases due to the appearance of the webtoon online comic line.

Japan is proud to be the cradle of the popular manga series like Free Manga online ,hentai, anime hentai, manga doujins,manga hentai However, fierce competition from foreign rivals is pushing manga to the crossroads: continuing to be faithful to traditional print stories, or updating the online comics trend (webtoon manhwa).According to NY Times, the phenomenon of Korean webtoon manhwa lines emerging all over Japan is gradually obscuring the presence of free manga online in the world. In the past few years, some webtoon manhwa lines have even begun to attack the Japanese market.

Webtoons quickly embraced readers by catching the habit of using technology equipment from young people who are gradually leaving print publications.Korean Webtoon Manhwa was very creative when it launched boys love bl webtoon and that was the inspiration for the Japanese manga to produce yaoi manga.Many manhwa raw release on Wednesday everyweeks.

The NY Times said that public opinion in the manga industry is divided about whether to go online or not.For Alex Max, a former editor of Manytoon Comics, the leading publisher in Korean Mature webtoon manhwa, the Japanese manga industry should take the next step.

“Sales of comics magazines in Japan have long been on a downward trend. We don’t know how much further the domestic market for manga will be,” Alex said.Unlike Japanese manga, Korean webtoon is created to serve users of electronic devices, designed specifically for personal computers or mobile phones like Note 20+ or iphone12 pro.

Normally, webtoon readers only need to surf along the phone screen to see vividly colored story pages. This is completely different from how manga is ported to an online platform. Readers still have to read horizontally and the picture is still black and white.The effect from this difference is quickly promoted. Young Japanese were immediately attracted to the webtoon line when they flooded Japanese reading applications, according to the NY Times.

A special point is that webtoon penetrate the Japanese market from outside, are localized so that Japanese people do not know that it is “foreign goods”.

Lee Minho, a former editor of the Dark Horse manga magazine, said this is a very important marketing strategy for Korean webtoons. The reason is because Japanese readers are often very proud of their manga culture, and react strongly to the influx of foreign comics.

However, observers believe that focusing too much on the domestic market is the reason why Japanese publishers have lost their market share abroad.

While Japan did not notice, Korea and China are speeding up the development of the webtoon line.

Webtoon was developed by Korean comic studios and has impressed and conquered international readers. Content is extremely diverse and especially anyone can be an author, which allows comic artists to sell their stories on reputable webtoon sites like, the website. They also provide free webtoon stories for readers. In that movement manhwahentai is a special genre because content is a reality of life. It is very authentic and close to readers. is a free webtoon site like that.

However, many experts believe that Japanese manga should not give up their advantage, to follow the immediate wave of webtoon. They believe that webtoon is mostly simple, light, different from the depth content of the manga. We will see how exciting this war will be in the future. Now enjoy their works now.

You can read lot of Korean webtoon manhwa and this is a list of 10 best Mature Korean Webtoon Manhwa manufacturers and distributors that you can read excellent works with free webtoon coins and boys love webtoon. Teen love, girl love, action, horror, thriller, sci-fi … that you cannot ignore.

1 – Webtoon Line
2 – Toomics Comics
3 – Manycomic Entertainment
4 – Manytoon Comics
6 –
7 – Comics
8 –
9 – Tappytoon Comics
10 –

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