Top 10 Backyard Remodel Companies in USA

Landscaping is essential in complementing the overall value of your home or outdoor living space. It is the art of combining nature and design to create a friendly, luxurious, and functional environment. Landscape value extends beyond aesthetics. It’s a multi-faceted investment that pays out in a variety of ways. A well-landscaped property can raise the selling value of your home, making it more appealing. So, for those considering improving your property, we’ve gathered 10 of the most extensive landscaping or Backyard Remodel Companies in the United States.

Best Backyard Remodel Companies of 2023

1. Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces – Consult, Design, Build, Satisfy!

Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces – #1 award-winning company has built a reputation in the last 22 years as one of the best backyard remodel companies in the USA with 1200+ five-star reviews. Whether you are looking for patio design, backyard renovation, outdoor living room, or luxury backyard makeover, they got you covered. They have an overqualified team of landscape professionals dedicated to delivering a seamless, all-inclusive, and holistic approach to landscape and construction services, providing you with the ultimate outdoor living experience. From landscaping to hardscaping, including deck, porch, water features, fire pit, exterior, irrigation, mosquito control, lawn care, and tree removal, they offer a wide range of services to make your boring outdoors an attractive oasis.

Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces is your trusted partner in expertly managing insurance claims for roof damage in Atlanta. Their team is well-equipped to assist you through each phase of the claims process, ensuring that you receive top-notch support from the beginning to the end. Every year, many roof replacements are necessitated by harsh weather conditions, mainly hail and wind damage. The good news is that many homeowners’ insurance policies encompass the expenses for these replacements.

2. Ruppert Landscape

Ruppert Landscape is a landscaping company that operates throughout the eastern United States. Ruppert Landscape is known for its commitment, dependability, and affordability, having developed from mowing neighbors’ lawns in the early 1970s to becoming one of the industry’s leading commercial landscape contractors. 

3. US Lawns – Your Turf, Our Lawn

US Lawns is another landscaping firm that has been providing commercial landscape maintenance services since 1986. They are a wonderful alternative for property managers because they manage and maintain your property’s landscape. Landscape maintenance and renovation, snow and ice management, lawn upkeep, irrigation systems, and hardscapes are among the many services provided.

4. Yellowstone Landscape

Yellowstone Landscape is a full-service commercial landscaping company with a wide range of services. They have worked on initiatives involving neighborhood associations, commercial real estate, and public infrastructure. They specialize in various landscape services, such as landscape design, installation, and continuing maintenance, as well as critical services, such as tree care, irrigation, and pest control.

5. McHale Landscape

McHale Landscape Design specializes in residential landscape architectural design construction. Their tireless dedication is to creating great residential gardens through the entire design and construction process.

6. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is a well-known lawn care and landscaping company that specializes in residential properties. This specialized company excels in a wide range of lawn care services, such as fertilizer, weed treatment, and insect control. Lawn Doctor is also knowledgeable about tree and shrub care. With an incredible track record of over 50 years in the industry, their locally owned and operated franchisees are dedicated to keeping your grass in top condition.

7. TruGreen

TruGreen is a well-known company that offers lawn care and landscaping. They are well-known for their expertise in maintaining and improving residential and commercial outdoor spaces. TruGreen helps customers achieve lush, healthy, and vibrant landscapes by providing lawn fertilization, weed control, pest management, and tree and shrub care. TruGreen is a trusted brand in the industry, with a solid reputation and years of experience supporting clients in attaining their outdoor aesthetic goals.

8. BrightView

BrightView is a leading commercial landscape firm that takes pleasure in regularly producing exceptional outcomes for clients all across the United States. We’re a trusted partner with years of experience who can see you through the whole lifecycle of your landscape, giving intelligent solutions and an experience that is constant in quality and reliability.

9. Davey Tree

Davey offers complete landscaping, grounds management, and tree care services for business sites throughout the United States. Davey Tree has a long history of providing high-quality services and has a reputation for expertise in tree care, arboriculture, and landscape solutions. This company is dedicated to assisting residential, commercial, and municipal clients in preserving and improving the health and appearance of their outdoor spaces. Davey Tree has a century-long reputation for excellence in tree and landscape maintenance.

10. Mainscape

From Alaska, Hawaii, the Midwest, New York, and the Southeast, Mainscape annually delivers landscaping services to approximately 35,000 homeowners. It provides landscaping services for residential, multi-family, and military complexes. They can build a personalized plan for your property that matches your budget and goal. The organization also provides irrigation and water management, agronomy, and snow removal services to ensure that your landscape is well-maintained throughout the year.

Our Verdict

Because of the variety of services available, including landscape and hardscape installation and maintenance, Outdoor Makeover and Living Space is the top pick for Atlanta’s best Backyard Remodel company. They offer a comprehensive range of landscape and construction services that allow us to reimagine any outdoor space. Their team of expert backyard makeovers is dedicated to delivering a seamless, all-inclusive, and holistic approach to landscape and construction services, providing you with the ultimate outdoor living experience.