Top 10 Ad Monetization Platforms for Your Android Mobile App

Each application accomplice needs to work together through their applications. However, prevailing in it isn’t as simple as it is by all accounts. You can utilize Android application advancement administrations for some administrations, including adapting. However, utilizing promotions is probably the most ideal approach to bring in some additional cash through your application. 

The volume of the advertisement business is going to significantly increase before the finish of 2021. There is a savage rivalry between the top promotion offices. In this way, here are the best 10 promotion adaptation stages set up for your Android portable application. We should investigate it. 

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) 

It is outstanding amongst other advertisement networks for applications and just as sites. Facebook has 2.7 billion dynamic clients for each month; thus, it is a pretty colossal stage for you to promote. 

It likewise permits you to promote your item among the clients who lean toward different stages. Also, you will bring in cash from Facebook advertisements. Installment is constructed each month, with a base measure of 100USD. It underpins standards, local promotions, advertisement cut-ins, and even video advertisements. 

Google Ads 

It passed by the name ‘AdMob’ previously. Google Ads is the most ideal alternative for individuals who don’t have a lot of involvement in adapting applications. It offers immaculate usefulness with simple application combinations. 

It underpins Native promotions, recordings, and even interstitial advertisements. You can target clients by area, OS, interests, and numerous different boundaries. The motivation behind why numerous individuals lean toward Google Ads is a result of its expansive reach. Google ads are the best module to generate business in digital marketing course in delhi.


InMobi is well known for giving the top ROI in publicizing and showcasing for portable. You can target clients with geological focusing on. It upgrades the probability to interface the clients to the applications of their decisions. It does this by biasing their past choices and applications with socioeconomics. 

For instance, if a client has numerous poker games on his/her cell phone, at that point he/she will see advertisements that identify with poker. InMobi serves an astounding 6 billion promotion impressions in a solitary day. You can make a respectable measure of cash from InMobi, and it bolsters a huge assortment of video promotions and Native advertisements. 

Solidarity Ads 

Solidarity Ads is viewed as outstanding amongst other promotion stages for applications as a result of its video system. It works in Native advertisements and video promotions for gaming applications. Moreover, it underpins interstitial advertisements and even pennants. 

You can run crusades like CPM and CPI on Android through Unity Ads. It empowers clients to target individuals by association and OS. Subsequently, it is the most ideal alternative for individuals who need to adapt their gaming applications. 


Leadbolt is one of the top portable advertisement networks in Australia. Moreover, you can run CPI, CPC, CPM, and CPV crusades through it. It underpins recordings, local promotions, and even interstitial advertisements. Besides, it permits you to target clients as indicated by area, interests, gadgets, OS, association, and stage. 

Millennial Media 

It is one of the biggest advertisement network stages for versatile applications, and millennial Media is in wild rivalry with Google Ads. It offers a simple mix of various types of portable applications. It underpins recordings, pictures, and just as interstitial promotions. Millennial Media is known to give exceptionally high income to designers. You can run CPI, CPC, and CPM crusades on the stage. 

It is a standard device in the USA, and designers can likewise assign impressions to outside organizations. It additionally permits you to promote a wide range of gadgets and working frameworks. 


Chartboost is probably the most ideal alternative for clients who use Android application improvement benefits and distribute games. It is a portable explicit stage, zeroing in on gaming applications. Chartboost posts promotions that urge clients to introduce gaming applications. 

Best of all, it offers a wide assortment of experiences and examinations for the publicists. Clients can even observe where your application is being publicized and by whom. It underpins interstitial, video, and local advertisements. Moreover, it is easy to coordinate with its SDK. 


Fyber is a monster in the Ad organizing industry, offering its types of assistance to practically a large portion of a billion clients for each month. It gives an Ad worker with trade and intercession items to its clients for producing cash. It is a full-stack SSP that smoothes out all advertisement adaptation systems. Clients can regulate CPC, CPI, and CPCV tasks. 

Moreover, it underpins flags, recordings, interstitial, and even offers divider advertisements. It is ideal for individuals who are using Android application advancement administrations. There is no requirement for engineers to control the promotion network in Fyber. It is because it runs different missions across networks that help out in finding the most noteworthy purchaser. 


Supersonic is the ideal stage for publicizing and advancing a versatile application just as it has an organization of an incredible 500 million clients. Supersonic has an immense arrangement of promoters for publicizing your versatile application. also, it has engineered to ensure that your advertisement arrives at the sort of crowd that the client is focusing on. 

It permits clients to run CPCV and CPI crusades and underpins the offer divider, recordings, and interstitial promotions. It is acclaimed among more modest engineers for adapting their applications. 


AdColony is popular for demonstrating premium quality promotions to clients. It additionally manages different Fortune 500 organizations. It empowers clients to run CPCV, CPI, and CPM crusades. Moreover, it upholds pennants, local advertisements, recordings, and interstitial promotions. On account of its worldwide reach, publicists can likewise target crowds by area effortlessly. 

AdColony has an exceptionally responsive crowd, which makes it simpler to isolate. Over 85% of the world’s best-earning distributors partner with it. It is, along these lines, one of the top promotion stages for Android application advancement administrations. 


Thus, these were the main 10 advertisement stages for Android portable applications with competitive programming. Approaching organizations for Android application improvement administrations is a savvy choice for building applications. It will exceptionally profit new clients. Likewise, there are numerous aces to employing firms for it.